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Discover our amazing natural salt & clay products, 100% Sourced and Made in Australia.

Mizzi’s have a licensed organic salt farm in the ancient paleochannel of Doodlakine WA, from where they make the best mineral rich salt flakes and amber salt. They make natural skin care products from ancient artesian brine, salt, clays, and organic wild plans. The brine and clay are around 18 million years old, so they are very pure and clean.

Mizzi’s was founded in 2019 by John Michael Mizzi with the aim of creating some of the best and unique gourmet salt in the world. Some of his ancestors from the island of Gozo, which is part of Malta, have been doing artisanal salt for many generations, so he believes salt is in his blood.

At Mizzi’s they work very hard to bring you beautiful, handpicked gourmet salt that is balanced in taste and texture. The same with the skin care products including gourmet salt and skin care products.

At the Doodlakine salt farm, there are salt pans set aside specifically to create the magnesium oils and jellies. This takes one year to form. Once the gypsum and salt have settled the last ingredient is the magnesium oil and jelly.

Magnesium Oil and Jelly – Nigari

Mizzi’s make natural skincare salt-based products. What makes our magnesium oil and jelly so special is that it is NOT chemically treated to get just the magnesium chloride out but it’s a mixture of minerals and trace elements mainly magnesium but also some potassium, calcium, and zinc.


Come and have a chat with John at Booth E6 at the Conscious Living Expo. Read more www.mizzis.com.au

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