The Ripple Effect of The May Lunar Eclipse


A word from Rachel

Eclipse Season

Eclipse season is upon us!! My North Node is 3˚ Scorpio, and I’m feeling it – how about you?

Those who are born on the Aries/Taurus, Cancer/Leo, Libra/Scorpio, and Capricorn Aquarius cusps will feel the ripple effect of these eclipses over the coming months.

We experienced the  solar eclipse on April 19/20 and there will be a lunar eclipse on May 5. We will experience powerful insights and opportunities for personal growth.


Eclipses represent turning points and moments of change. They usher in new beginnings, can bring sudden endings, or reveal hidden truths. Solar eclipses are associated with new beginnings that come from external circumstances, while lunar eclipses symbolize closure and release. Lunar eclipses show us shifts that result from internal awareness.

Eclipses speed up the timeline of our lives. They rush us into circumstances that deepen our sense of purpose.


The lunar eclipse on May 5th happens in the sign of Scorpio, making this an eclipse for dredging up anything from the unconscious realm we need to realize and heal.

This eclipse highlights themes of emotional depth, power dynamics, and transformation. We can start to untangle unhealthy attachments, face our fears, and embrace change. We can also make peace with the past, learning from our decisions and integrating experiences.

The signs most affected will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Those with significant placements in these fixed signs may experience revelations and profound personal transformations.


To make the most of the astrological energy of these eclipses, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Reflect on your values: Use the Taurus solar eclipse as an opportunity to reassess your priorities and values. What truly matters to you, and are you living in alignment with those values?

  2. Embrace change: The Scorpio lunar eclipse invites us to let go of the past and embrace new beginnings. Identify areas of your life where you’re holding on to unhealthy attachments, and seek ways to release them.

  3. Practice self-care: Eclipses can bring about heightened emotions and sudden changes. Ensure you’re taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being during this time.

  4. Set intentions: Use the energy of the eclipses to set intentions for the coming months. Focus on what you want to manifest and the steps you’ll take to achieve those goals.

luna eclipse May 5ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19):

May it be a time of fulfillment. Jupiter has brought exciting twists of fate and new beginnings over the past year. On May 16, the beneficent planet enters Taurus, ushering in a year-long financial abundance and growth cycle. You can recover from losses and realize gains, healing your money mindset. It’s a time to know you deserve goodness and let abundance flow from self-worth. This transit may also bring new opportunities for you to purchase big-ticket items, like a new car or home.

The lunar eclipse on May 5 illuminates the fears of success or failure that motivate your financial decisions. Even if you, courageous Aries, have fears lurking in your subconscious. (Some of them may involve the relationship between love and money.) When you face them, you triumph and are open to a flow of goodness in your life. 

In your personal life, self-worth and confidence are primary themes. With Mercury going retrograde until May 14, you can reflect on the past few months, reviewing accomplishments and resolving to meet challenges head-on. You may experience the retrograde cycle as an overall slow-down, but don’t you need a rest? Self-worth is an inside job and not dependent on external evidence of success. 

Mars enters Leo on May 20, motivating you to reach out and connect. This transit inspires vitality and wakes up your desire for adventure. The Sun’s move into Gemini on May 21 shines favorably on your social life, making it a time to entertain. Say yes to invitations and dare to venture into new venues or clubs. Discoveries abound. 


May you shine! This month’s astrology awakens the creative urge within you. It’s time to revel in possibility and take the first steps of bringing a dream to life. Jupiter, the planet of bounty, moves into your sign on May 16. It shines its brilliant light on you, nourishing hope and inspiring faith. First, we move through a cathartic eclipse season, a time of introspection and awareness. 

The Scorpio lunar eclipse on May 5 brings up skeletons from the closet. Anything you need to see will be visible at this time of healing through the deliverance of truth. The Moon shines a light on your relationships, allowing you to recognize how you are either supported or disappointed. Navigate troubled spots before severing connections. Things feel more intense during eclipse cycles, but you don’t have to act. You can wait for more clarity.

The Sun shines in your sign until May 21, making this a time to celebrate your birthday season in style with sensory experiences — your favorite foods, lush surroundings, and time in nature. Stop and smell the roses could be a theme for your entire month. 

Because Mercury is retrograde in your sign until May 14, you may have communication mishaps or delays. Try not to take it to heart. If someone doesn’t call you on your birthday, their message may have gotten lost along the phone lines. 

You may hear from distant loved ones or people from your past, or you could receive a surprise birthday greeting that reminds you of a different time in life. You can always integrate past versions of yourself and, in doing so, experience more wholeness in the present.

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):

May the Earth show you her beauty. As an air sign, you’re comfortable in the realm of ideas. As the Sun moves through Taurus this month, the Earth wants your attention, appreciation, and love. See the daffodils bloom! Smell the orange blossoms! Lie in a hammock and listen to the singing birds! Be here. Now. In other words, Mercury is retrograde, calling you to take a break from problem-solving and data entry. Leave the detail work for another day and ground yourself at this moment. On May 14, the messenger planet goes direct, and the work pace slowly quickens. 

It’s a healing time through reading or writing poetry and listening to music. Let art pluck your heartstrings, especially on May 5, when the lunar eclipse opens the floodgates. You could cry tears that have been buried for years or roar with joy. Feel it all, letting the experience transform you. 

On May 16, Jupiter moves into Taurus and restores faith in the universe’s goodness. Your dreams will come back online, more vivid than before. You may have more access to ESP, and paranormal encounters could lead you to explore more of your spiritual gifts. The Taurus New Moon on May 19 leads you into a deep inquiry about mystical realms. Remember to stay grounded by eating wholesome foods and sharing insights with dear friends. 

The Sun enters your sign on May 21, and it’s your time to shine! The Sun immediately forms a trine aspect to Pluto, granting you an opportunity to step into the spotlight. The world is ready to receive and recognize your gifts. You are prepared to step into a more significant leadership role. 


May you belong. The Sun moves through Taurus until May 21, shining its light on how you build community. Reach back to the past to find your people and enter new circles in your local community. Spend time with like-minded people who love and accept you as you are. Then, go into the spaces where you stand out as different and know you belong there, too. On May 5, the lunar eclipse calls you to wrestle with the discomfort of drawing attention to yourself as a leader, a change agent. Shine forth! 

Mercury goes retrograde until May 14, making the start of the month a playground for your subconscious mind. It’s easy for your mind to be stuck in a story that’s just not true. You’re in tune with all the emotions and energies swirling in the atmosphere, but you sometimes need a context for what you are sensing. Trust your intuition; be skeptical of your inner narrator. 

Jupiter slides into Taurus on May 16, ushering in a year-long cycle of counting your blessings. You’re learning to stay grounded through rapid change but also stillness. Can you appreciate your receptivity? If so, you may receive gifts from friends or strangers. Benefactors could help expand your vision of what’s possible. This month opens the way. 

Venus adds pleasure to the mix when she enters your sign on May 7. She shines healing light on the troubled spots of your relationships and helps reconnect you with distant loved ones. Your relationships could undergo a makeover as you fortify your self-esteem. Mars stays in your sign until May 20, adding to this energy. Go ahead, radiate with confidence. 

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

May you lead with confidence. You feel its power when the Sun shines at noon on a summer day. It’s no wonder they build batteries to capture that energy! Your sign, being ruled by the Sun, suggests you have that kind of presence in the world, even when you least feel it. Others notice and may give you more authority than you feel able to accept. The lunar eclipse on May 5 helps you burst through insecurity with courage. After May 16, Jupiter in Taurus invites you to answer the call, accept the mission, and say yes to life’s next adventure. 

Now, let’s talk through the details. Mercury retrograde (until May 14) and the eclipse sequence (April 19-May 5) have been emotional, inspirational, and motivational. You’re more aware of what needs to change in your professional life, even if you don’t have a clear path forward. Eliminate what isn’t working to create space. Mental chatter requires so much energy, right?

Mars moves into your sign on May 20 and activates your Kundalini energy. Your passion is embodied and sensed. Allow eros to move through you as wisdom; it could draw you closer to your partner. Mars animates desire, but we don’t always get our way. Remember that on May 20, when Mars opposes Pluto. If conflict ensues, keep a compassionate heart. 

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, launching a year-long cycle of grounded hope. You may have to scale back at work to meet the demands of developing ideas in your mind. Remember to rest and recharge, especially after May 21, when the Gemini Sun inspires social engagements and light conversations. Discernment is key.  


May you laugh. Admit it, you’re funny! The Virgos in my life ought to be comedians. They have an acerbic wit that would shame a late-night talk show host. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, the playful planet, and with Mercury retrograde until May 14, we desperately need your humor. 

Mercury retrograde cycles remind us not to take things (or ourselves) too seriously. We can have social mishaps, crossed wires, or glitches that disrupt the smooth flow of communication. Don’t let it get you down. Minor upsets often mirror our fears, beliefs, or insecurities. They require us to be brave, open-minded, and trusting. Keep this in mind on May 5, when the lunar eclipse offers personal revelations. 

With the Sun in Taurus, it’s a month to enjoy nature. On May 9, the Sun meets Uranus and asks what it means to feel free. Open your heart and mind to see what’s available on the other side of doubt. The highlight of the month, if not the year, for you is Jupiter’s move into Taurus. The largest planet in our solar system shines brightly on your sign for the next 12 months. New pathways can gracefully open if you’ve been delayed on a project or in a creative lull. Don’t give up on your big dreams, and reach out for support during the Taurus New Moon on May 19.

On May 21, the Sun enters Gemini, and you could find yourself in the spotlight in a new way. Accept any invitations to speak, teach, or run for office. With Venus moving into Cancer on May 7, start conversations with strangers. They could inspire you with their stories.


May you be rich. My high-spirited grandma played the lotto. “When I win the lottery, I’m taking the whole family to Italy,” she’d say. She never lived to see that jackpot, but I loved her enthusiasm and ability to dream big. Maybe you have a dream – something that feels like a one-in-a-million shot. Commit to seeing it through and trust the details will work out. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck, moves into Taurus on May 16, and for the next year, it solidifies the ground underneath your feet, helping you attract more material success. Remember, your relatability is your number-one asset. This month, be a master of relationships to set up the right team of supporters and rally the crew who can help you accomplish your vision. The Sun in Taurus activates the potential until May 21. 

Mercury is retrograde until May 14, making the first part of the month a playground for your subconscious mind. All your insecurities and fears will come out to play, and your job is to maintain a playful spirit. It’s easy to take things too seriously during Mercury’s retrograde cycles, but Mercury is the planet of childhood. Give yourself breaks often, and make time to rest.

The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings relationship difficulties to a head, allowing you to resolve conflicts. Let’s be real; it’s an emotional time. Feel it all, and allow healing to move through the parts of your psyche that harbor fear and want protection. Tell the truth and let it set you free. 

We feel calmer by the end of the month, thanks to the Sun’s move into Gemini on May 21. Make the most of the social time, and host a party at the end of the month. 


May you be wild. Wildness is our earthy, embodied, and soulful wisdom. It’s grounded in passion and alive with feeling. The month starts with a Mercury retrograde cycle (April 21 – May 14) and eclipse season (April 19 – May 5). You’re becoming more aware of your life’s spiritual helpers and guiding forces. At the same time, unprecedented circumstances remind you how little you can control. Don’t even try! Bask in gratitude, and live with faith. 

The May 5 lunar eclipse in your sign awakens Kundalini energy. It’s powerful and magical; you’ll feel it in your relationships. This lunation portends surprises, especially for those born between November 5-10. What can you let go of to welcome a new beginning? As Venus enters Cancer on May 7, love feels more generous, sensual, and free. 

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, starting a year-long cycle of growth and expansion through partnership. You could begin discussing a business collaboration or join a strategic alliance to support your career. However, the most obvious manifestation of this transit is a commitment to love. Therefore, if you’re tired of being single, hang in there! If you are already in a relationship, you might experience a new beginning with your partner. 

On May 20, Mars enters Leo and motivates a shift in your public identity. Accept any applause directed your way, but think twice before entering a public brawl. Mars in fixed-sign Leo suggests we’re all more opinionated and not easily swayed from our points of view. Plus, with the Taurus Sun opposite yours, you’ll be wise to save your energy for the conversations and activities that matter most. 


May you trust. The Mercury retrograde cycle (April 21 – May 14) and eclipse sequence (April 19 – May 5) have stirred some intensity. The analogy of water skiing stands out to me. It’s exhilarating and a little dangerous. Oh, it’s also loud. You’re not in control of where you’re going, but keep holding on! The universe loves to remind us control is an illusion. We’re meant to trust our spiritual helpers like the skiier trusts the boat captain. Rest assured; you won’t be left stranded in the water.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into Taurus on May 16. You may have already felt the desire to reevaluate your priorities. Taurus is a stable, steady influence that wants quality, not quantity, in all areas of life. The planet of expansion will be in Taurus for a year, but the shift is a focal point of the month. The changes could manifest in your day-to-day life, including your work, health, and self-care routine. 

Financial stability is a theme for you this month, with Venus moving into Cancer on May 7 and Mars in Cancer until May 20. These transits help you fine-tune your beliefs about love and money, especially on May 17, when you could have a financial decision to make. Consider taking a more conservative approach to your spending. 

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21 and shines a light on your relationships, meaning you can see trouble spots needing repair. Gemini is the sign of communication. Notice how you mentally leave or keep one eye on the exit door. Notice and celebrate your commitment to stay. Appreciate all of the ways you connect, love, and share. 


May you hear good news. We start the month in a frenzied swirl of astrological energy. The eclipse on May 5 has an intensity that could leave you with big questions about home, family, and the direction of your life. Mercury’s retrograde, too (until May 14), meaning all of our dreams, unmet longings, and fears are up to the surface. Deep breaths. Okay, I’ve let you in on the bad news. Are you ready for the good? Yes, things are intense for most of us, but the planets shine favorably on you, bestowing boundless blessings all month. See, your intentions are already being fulfilled! 

This month allows you to plant roots, nest in a new home, or nurture family relationships. You could enjoy a quiet or joyful time in your garden with distant relatives. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters stable, grounded Taurus on May 16 for a year-long cycle of coming home to yourself. You’re gaining a clearer sense of what it means to feel secure in your relationships and family dynamics. From May 17-20, you don’t have to take responsibility for generational healing – love yourself. 

Venus enters Cancer on May 7, shining its light on your love life. You could encounter a romantic interest from the past or reconnect with someone who intrigues you. Mars stays in Cancer until May 20, fueling a dynamic attraction. Follow curiosity’s pull, but be mindful of Mercury retrograde’s influence. It can cloud our perspective, allowing us to overlook complicating factors. Still, love is a theme throughout the month. Life may feel like a scene from an Italian opera, but you will live wholeheartedly. 


May you be home. Mercury retrograde cycles offer us reminders not to take things too seriously. When our computer glitches or we accidentally send an unedited email, all we can do is shrug our shoulders, take care of the issue, and move on. Don’t sweat the small stuff, or so they say. 

This Mercury Retrograde asks for your flexibility. It wants you to step outside and shift your attention if everything feels stuck. In communication mishaps, reframe the situation and see where there is room for grace, remembering that sometimes the most gracious thing you can do is walk away from a contentious situation. It’s a time for healing and rebalancing relationships that have been strained, but you do not have to be the one making all the concessions. 

If you are thinking about making a move, a surprise could come your way with the lunar eclipse on May 5 – a lunation that shakes your comfort zone just enough to allow for change. Home is your focal point, especially after Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, and you may need to upgrade appliances or make repairs. 

Mars moves into Leo on May 20 as a coach motivating you to go for a win, which is incredible energy if you have considered entering a contest or running in a race. It could be more challenging if you are in conflict. Your wisdom will let you know whether to fight or let go. 

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21 and lights up areas of your life that have been dormant for some time. Playfulness, lighthearted social interactions, and wonder are three possibilities for the end of the month. What an excellent way to start the summer.


May your roots be nourished to grow. My spouse has a theory; our gardening habits can symbolize ways we live our lives. Let’s consider that water stands for emotions, soil represents grounding, sunlight is fire, the roots symbolize our ability to receive support, and the fruit represents how well our gifts are received. My planting mistakes happen because I need to use more soil, which makes sense. I have almost no Earth in my chart. What about you? This month, nurture and tend to yourself as you would care for a seedling: balance body, mind, and spirit. Remember to stay hydrated! 

We start this month during a Mercury retrograde cycle (until May 14) between eclipses (April 19 – May 5). These signify deep feelings and change. The loved ones in your life could be lost in personal drama or on edge. While it’s not your responsibility to problem-solve or fix others, you can lend support if it feels rewarding. 

The Sun in Taurus until May 20 shines an encouraging light. Stay committed to the projects and people that most energize you. Follow your bliss to determine how best to focus your energy. Life will move fast, but it will not be unmanageable.

Venus shines in Cancer after May 7, cheering you up for parties and social events. Thanks to Saturn, you are headed for a summer of reevaluating commitments in all areas of your life. Rest as often as you can, and enjoy lighthearted fun on a regular basis. When the Sun enters Gemini on May 20, it shines on your home, ushering in a time to create sacred space in your home.


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