Komorebi – sunlight through trees by Dueter   


Even though there has been a hiatus of several years since Dueter released his last beautiful collection, it has been well worth the wait for his new album Komorebi – Sunlight Through Trees as it is simply perfection over seven divine, refreshing and relaxing tracks.

Komorebi translated from the Japanese means sunlight through trees and symbolises those fleeting moments in time, unable to be captured; timeless minutes remaining ethereal, forever in the memory.

It also connects nature’s eternal dance of light and dark, which within his careful structure of each song Dueter has captured the delicate dance of light and shade, the soothing, peaceful time when a slow walk amongst the trees brings with it healing.

As a polymath, Deuter has used all his skills over a range of instruments, commencing with an enticing solo piano, insular, singular and perfectly portraying his firm belief that between the notes which form the music, there needs to be silence.

Komorebi is the beginning, followed by Komorebi – The Walk with the addition of violin, flute, harp and gentle synth to create a richer element of enchantment. And so the almost floating experience of walking through the trees, the forests of enchantment, the magic of those who live within, is being told in gentle strains of music.

Dueter considered as the Master of New Age Music began his career in 1970 blending electronic waves with a range of instruments to create a unique and distinct sound, that of gentle vibration mixed with vibrant elements created for meditation and healing. His music was unique for the times and reflected much of his spiritual journey.

He now lives within a forest from which he draws much of his inspiration, delivered in a wonderfully understated collection of work. Komorebi – sunlight through the trees, summed up, is simply divine. Buy a copy and if finding a forest or stand of trees to walk through is out of reach, put on the music and settle in for your very personal journey into a world of peace and relaxation.

Distributor:                  Curve Blue
Release Date:              May 2024
Website:                      https://curveblue.com/komorebi-sunlight-through-trees

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley



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