Perfection in every note creates a blissful journey into peace and healing with the glorious Illuminance from Sangeeta Kaur accompanied by acclaimed pianist Peter Kater, their talents blending together as if they are one voice; a voice with no beginning and no end, a classic circle or figure of eight in a journey filled with light and love.

Each of the songs simply segues into a continuum that reaches out and touches gently as in All My Love followed by the title track Illuminance, both pieces filled with love offered through the medium of wordless vocals.

Worlds Collide is a delicately sung piece accompanied by light and airy guitar played by Dat Nguyen forming a mantra like song which is elegant, charming and absolutely relaxing, offering timeout if only for short moment or two, to emerge refreshed once again.

Light of Love, Path of Light and Come and Find Me could almost be considered as one piece; an opus, with exquisite vocalisation leading into a prayer of simple words, with once again a delicate accompaniment.

Kaur’s operatic training  becomes very apparent with the rich Supernova, which takes the music on a completely different trajectory out into the vastness that is space, a place of mystery and intrigue, a space where questions a can be asked and often answers provided. The deep voice of the ‘cello played by Tina Guo adds a depth to the piece with is very grounding, creating a fitting introduction for a up tempo Stardust, once again a piece filled with magic, enhancing the continuum of love and the everlasting life flow born of pure love.

Concluding an album of light and love is the intricately structured mantra Dedication, an intimate piece encapsulating everything the album has been created around, that of the strength and purity within us all which allows the spirit to survive life’s adversities to rise again, refreshed.

Illuminance is a beautiful gift to mankind in a time when the normal is no longer, the present as it is, the future, still yet to be discovered.

Distributor             Domo Records
Released                August 2020
Artists                   Sangeeta Kaur


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