I Am NOT Fine, Thanks


I Am NOT Fine, Thanks has been described as “Part memoir, part manifesto, and all comedy.” This is quite true. Wil Anderson uses his dry and acerbic wit to outline his life from the beginning of Covid. He shares how the daily routines and patterns of work have changed. For a performer, who faced many people in a confined area there was just no middle ground. It was the end of his performing days.

Wil made a very good point when he suggested that many of us are not doing so well, but are unable to reach out for help. He tried many things but kept coming up with inspirational car stickers saying things like “Never forget you are a warrior.”  Well, he felt he was more of a worrier than a warrior, in fact, he could have been the Australian Champion worrier.

One of the many things he tried was to write a script and record it at home. This required a deal of skill and after getting halfway through the recording, he realised only part of his body was being filmed. Having a beer or two before he tried again seemed to take the edge of his nerves and settle his butterflies; so there he was, a little drunk on a Monday morning having recorded a show for no one.

In his spare time, Wil discovers the myths that people believe in and share. He discovered that a homeopath was convinced that vaccines caused autism, that Bunnings has issues with spirit levels, and that many people thought that Covid vaccines contained tracking devices.

For a fun, light reading chuckle, you can read about many up-to-date issues as seen through the eyes of an out-of-work comedian in I Am NOT Fine, Thanks.

Author                                               Wil Anderson
Publisher                                           Allen & Unwin
ISBN                                                  9781760878948
Website                                             https://www.allenandunwin.com
Distributor                                         Allen & Unwin

Review By Grasshopper2

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