Her Name is a Whispered Lullaby


“Who is She?
She‘s the city, she‘s the quietness,
She‘s the traffic, she‘s the calmness,
She‘s the chaos, she‘s the purest peace,
She’s the life we’re fighting for.”

This beautiful piece of poetry is well served to introduce the latest release from Lorenzo Bracaloni and man who has, like many overs the past year, spent time in pursuit of the reason why life is the way it is and with these simple words, creates a sense of yin and yang, the pulse of life.

This is reflected on her name is a whispered lullaby, an autobiographic album that sees Bracaloni otherwise known as Fallen, seeking and searching for a place that is his to call home; a spiritual home as well as a physical place where he can simply be; a place of calm, of nurture and tranquillity. This place is a place we all seek.

Each of the seven tracks contains an element of tension representative of modern day life, where everything is fast paced, far from peaceful, cacophonic with an ever decreasing sense of peace and familiarity absent. An insightful track is Shadows Disappear which celebrates a step along the journey, where the seeking is beginning to find a purpose and acceptance of changes that often need to be undertaken, is understood. A sense of calm and peace is very present in relation to the previous tracks.

The intensely beautiful Heaven Can Wait is a revealing composition and perhaps the most elegant of the story that unfolds, as it sooths the senses; flowing with a grace and calmness almost as an extension to the previous song.

As to the angel on the cover: Who is she? Is she you, is she me, is she Fallen. That is the question and one that does indeed ‘represent the life we are all seeking’, whatever that may be.

Her name is a whispered lullaby is a vastly different album to Fallen’s last release Ljos with a slightly more mellow influence gracing the carefully created blend of life, represented through the sound of electronica to create a fascinating perspective on seeking, accepting and beginning to understand a pathway which has been carefully tailored into the final track. Take A Breath (Exit).

Website https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/her-name-is-a-whispered-lullaby
Distributor      Shimmering Moods Records
Released          June 2021
Artists              Fallen (Lorenso Brancoloni)


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