Film Review: The Son Directed by Florian Zeller


The Son, Florian Zeller’s adaptation of his play,  is a stark look at a divorced couple’s struggle to deal with their teenage son’s mental health crisis. Zeller does an excellent job of directing this film and really brings out the emotion in the couple’s relationship.

Plot When Nicholas starts skipping school and disappearing for long periods of time, his parents, Peter and Kate, are at a loss. As they try to deal with the boy’s troubling behaviour, the true nature of their relationships is revealed, and the film becomes a gripping psychological drama.

This is one of the best movies we have had the privilege to see this year. A very believable and heartfelt story that gives you a real insight into the mind of someone struggling with mental illness and the effects it has on all who love that individual.

Review Jacquie Walker Editor Conscious Living Magazine 

This film is currently showing at Luna cinemas

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