February Chinese Astrology by Michele Castle


In the cosmic ballet of Chinese astrology, the month of February unfolds its intricate dance, weaving a rich tapestry of fortunes and destinies for the twelve zodiac animals.

As the Rat scurries into this celestial spectacle, it finds health in a robust state, poised to embrace vitality. Furthermore, wealth endeavours are met with favourable winds, ushering in financial abundance. On the front of relationships, the Rat experiences a harmonious interplay, fostering deeper connections and social bonds.

As the diligent Ox ploughs through February, its health is fortified through resilience and stamina, ensuring a steady stride towards overall well-being. Financial pursuits prove promising, with opportunities for prosperity and stability unfolding. In matters of the heart, the Ox forges enduring relationships, benefitting from the grounding influence of its steadfast nature.

The Tiger, known for its regal charisma, experiences a surge in vitality and robust health during the month. Financial prospects shine brightly, offering avenues for increased wealth and material gains. Social and romantic aspects thrive as the Tiger’s magnetic presence attracts favourable interactions and positive energy.

With its gentle and intuitive nature, the Rabbit treads February with a focus on health and well-being. Financial prospects may require cautious navigation, prompting the Rabbit to exercise prudence in monetary matters. The Rabbit finds solace in nurturing connections and fostering emotional well-being in relationships.

The Dragon, a symbol of vitality and strength, basks in robust health and an energised spirit throughout February. Financial endeavours receive a boost, opening avenues for success and monetary growth. In matters of the heart, the Dragon’s magnetic charm attracts positive relationship dynamics, fostering romantic and interpersonal connections.

As the wise Snake slithers through February, it experiences enhanced health and well-being, aligning with its strategic and insightful nature. Financial prospects shine with promising opportunities, leading to potential material gains. Personal and professional relationships flourish as the Snake’s diplomatic skills pave the way for harmonious interactions.

The Horse, renowned for its endurance and stamina, traverses February with heightened health and vitality. Financial pursuits show promise, with avenues for increased prosperity and stability emerging. On the relational front, the Horse’s social adeptness leads to strengthened connections and positive interpersonal dynamics.

With a graceful gait, the Goat navigates February, emphasising holistic health and well-being. Financial prospects shine with stability, offering the Goat a foundation for material growth. In matters of the heart, the Goat experiences harmonious relationships and emotional fulfilment, fostering a sense of balance and contentment.

The Monkey, endowed with wit and intelligence, experiences heightened health and mental acuity throughout February. Opportunities mark financial endeavours for growth and success. The Monkey’s charm extends to relationships, creating a dynamic of positive interactions and strengthened connections.

As the Rooster unfurls its majestic feathers in February, it enjoys robust health and vitality. Financial prospects soar with promising opportunities, paving the way for increased prosperity. Personal and professional relationships thrive as the Rooster’s sharp instincts guide it through positive interactions and strengthened bonds.

The loyal Dog, marked by its unwavering loyalty, experiences enhanced health and well-being in February. Financial pursuits prove prosperous, offering avenues for increased material gains. Relationships flourish as the Dog’s steadfast nature fosters connections and positive interactions.

Finally, the compassionate Pig embarks on February, emphasising holistic health and emotional well-being. Financial prospects shine brightly, providing a foundation for material growth. In matters of the heart, the Pig experiences joy and fulfilment, fostering harmonious relationships and positive connections.

In the intricate dance of February’s celestial energies, each zodiac animal experiences a nuanced interplay of health, wealth, and relationship dynamics, unveiling diverse fortunes. As the cosmic symphony unfolds, individuals navigate their paths, embracing unique blessings and challenges tied to their Chinese zodiac signs. Simultaneously, prepare for the Year of the Dragon on February 4, 2024. Famed for fostering creativity and curiosity, this Year urges discovering hidden talents and exploring new interests. Feng Shui guides a shift in home energies, with some compass sectors becoming auspicious and supportive while others remain subdued. Seize the opportunity for fresh beginnings with tips to attract love and luck into your home.

Energise the Atmosphere: Welcome the dragon by ensuring sparkling clean windows and doors, then revitalise your home by regularly opening them. Banish negative energy by burning white sage or sandalwood incense or ringing a bell in every room. Metal and sound prove potent cleansers.

Clear the Clutter:

  1. Break free from the past by clearing clutter before the February 10 new moon deadline.
  2. Tackle cupboards, declutter your pantry, and discard broken items or those with negative associations.
  3. Donate or sell unworn clothes, packing them away unopened for the next Year.

Attract Good Fortune: From February 4, the most auspicious energies gather in the southwest sector of your home. Begin by cleaning and decluttering, then enhance the area with flowers, lamps, crystals, bamboo plants, suncatchers, oil burners, candles, or red items to attract luck and good fortune.

Support Romance: Infuse romance into 2024 by energising the northwestern part of your home or garden. Enhance lighting, add romantic images, display rose quartz crystals (the stone of love), and introduce pretty flowers or fruit trees. Ornamental ducks, rabbits, or birds also work charmingly.

Side Step Trouble in 2024: Navigate potential challenges in health, relationships, and finances by avoiding overstimulating the western sector of your home, which may be discordant this Year. Use bells, metal wind chimes, and plant energy to harmonise the zone, or spend more time in supportive areas like the southwest.

Tip: Green is the luckiest colour in the Year of the Dragon. If green isn’t your preference, opt for shades like azure blue to foster growth and the energy of wood. Embrace these Feng Shui practices to usher positive energies, inviting prosperity, harmony, and love into your life throughout 2024.

Wishing everyone a safe and fabulous 2024! For deeper insights, join the Year of the Dragon workshop on February 10, where you’ll receive a workbook and personalised birth chart. Book online via Eventbritehttps://bit.ly/3E7Nubo


Michele Castle has been a Feng Shui practitioner-consultant for more than 2 decades. Trained by Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong at the Feng Shui Centre in Perth, Western Australia, she has also studied with Dato Joey Yap and Lillian Too. She is a published author of several books on Feng Shui and a Public Speaker. Michele teaches Feng Shui courses and workshops for beginners and practitioners alike, as well as offering Feng Shui Retreats in Bali and WA and consultations. For more information on Michele’s upcoming courses, retreats and products see her Conscious Living Directory Member Information: https://www.consciouslivingdirectory.com.au/australia/michele-castle/western-australia


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