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What does your Sun sign say about your relationships with your family and friends?

Do you value family far more than your friends, or do you have the sort of family that makes you glad you can choose your friends?  Read on to discover how you relate to those important people in your life.


Being born under the sign of Aries makes you affectionate, enthusiastic and impulsive, and you bring all these qualities into your relationships with family and friends.  You adore children and make a special effort to get on well with them.  You’re perfectly happy romping around on the floor with them or taking them on long walks and teaching them about nature.  You’re alway’s prepared to think the best of people and you’re ready to give them the benefit of the doubt if there are any questions about their behavior.  You are essentially trusting which means you can be badly hurt when people betray that trust.  Yet you don’t seem to learn from your mistakes and you’re quite likely to do the same things all over again, telling yourself that this time it will be different.  When it isn’t, you’re very disappointed.


Your family means the world to you and you’ll do whatever you can to support them.  Part of this support means providing for their daily needs, so you’re perfectly prepared to work round the clock if that’s what it takes to feed and clothe them.  You are extremely steadfast, so loved ones know they can count on you to be there when they need you.  In return, you need to be loved and appreciated.  Sometimes, an element of possessiveness may creep into the equation, making you treat your loved ones as they are your own personal belongings.  For instance, you may secretly feel as though you’ve been supplanted when your children are old enough to fall in love, or you might be rather worried if your friends don’t spend as much time with you as you’d like.  If you relax, you’ll realize that there’s more than enough love to go around.


As one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac, you have an instinctive need for kindred spirits in your life.  You need people to bounce ideas off and to chat to, and you won’t really care if they’re friends or family if you like them.  For instance, you may be best friends with your cousin, knowing that you would have liked him or her even if you weren’t related.  You enjoy keeping up with the latest gossip about all the people in your life, so family occasion can be great fun for you because you’re able to find out what’s going on.  Children are strongly attracted to you because they sense your own childlike nature, and you’ll happily spend hours playing with them or reading to them.  When you’re away from family and friends, you’ll do your best to keep in touch with them by phone, email or Sms.


If you’re a typical Cancerian, your friends and family mean the world to you.  You may not even have many friends; you may spend so much time with your family that you don’t feel the need for anyone else in your life.  In turn, you may be slightly offended when members of the family have outside interest because you think they shouldn’t need them.  Blood is definitely thicker than water, as far as you’re concerned.  If you don’t get on well with your relatives or you’re separated from them for some reason, you’ll create your own family group from friends and colleagues.  You’re very warm and caring, and are always concerned about other people’s welfare.  Sometimes this can seem rather claustrophobic to others, even though you’re doing it from the best of motives, so try to avoid smother love.


You’re very family – minded and you love surrounding yourself with all your nearest and dearest.  You adore being with children and will play a lot of attention to their upbringing, encouraging them to express themselves and be creative.  Yet you are also a stickler for good manners so will teach them to behave properly and not let you down.  You’re strict when you think the occasion demands it but try to be as loving and affectionate as possible.  Friends are another essential part of your life and you enjoy making a fuss of them.  You place a lot of importance on loyalty and trust and will be bitterly hurt if a loved one betrays you or is harshly critical of you.  You may forgive them once or twice, but it will be a different story if they continue to do it.


It may not always be easy for you to show your feelings but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them.  You can be very loving and affectionate, but you often aren’t very demonstrative.  In fact, you can feel quite uncomfortable when you’re with people who are very lovey-dovey because it just isn’t your style.  You’re very discrimination, even with close members of the family, so you may find that you love them but don’t really like them very much.  If you aren’t keen on a relative, you’ll be polite but will try to restrict the amount of time you spend with them.  When it comes to friends, you choose them wisely and well.  You won’t squander your affections and are unlikely to be chums with anyone who’s boring, lousy company or a complete numbskull.


Harmonious relationships are essential to your well – being, no matter who they’re with.  It’s important to you that you get on as well with your family as your friends, and you’ll feel quite churned up when you have a disagreement with anyone.  You don’t enjoy spending a lot of time on your own, so you’ll like it if your family can give you plenty of company.  You’ll do your best to instill courtesy and good manners in your children.  When choosing your friends, you’re attracted to people who are bright, witty and great company.  It’s very easy for you to make friends because you’re naturally charming and outgoing.  The difficulty for you may be in managing to keep up with all your chums because you’ve got so many of them.


As with every other area of your life, you take your relationships with your friends and family very seriously.  You may not be enamored with all your family but you will treat them with respect and consideration, hoping that they’ll never guess your real feelings about them.  Yet you’ll be ultra-loyal to the members of your family that you really care about, and they’ll know that they can rely upon you completely when the chips are down.  When you have children, you dote on them but you are very strict with them too. As for friends, you tend to make them for life.  You may still be in touch with friends you made you were very young.  However, if someone betrays you or seriously displeases you, you will sever all connection with them if needs be and never give them another chance.


You’re so outgoing and gregarious that you can’t imagine not having lots of friends.  They probably come from many different walks of life and cultures because you aren’t interested in race, religion, sexuality or any other social divisions that tend to separate people.  However, you won’t spend much time with anyone who is narrow – minded or deeply negative, and they also won’t be a great companion if they’ve got fluff for brains.  When it comes to your relatives, you like seeing them but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of your existence.  It’s a different story if you have children because you’ll lavish tremendous amounts of love and energy on them, and will adore teaching them all about the world.  If you can transmit some of your optimism and enthusiasm to them, you’ll be very pleased with yourself.


Blood ties mean a lot to you and it will be a source of great sadness if you aren’t as close to your family as you would like.  Even so, you will do your best to keep in touch with everyone because, deep down, you believe that stable families are the bedrock of society.  When bringing up your own family you will do your best to teach your children to respect their elders and will be happiest with a traditional family unit.  If you are separated from your family, you will establish a strong network of friends who feel like family or the next best thing.  You’re a very faithful, loving and dependable friend, although you’re a very faithful, loving and dependable friend, although you’re a lot more sensitive than people may think.  You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve but you’re still easily hurt.


Friendships are one of your greatest gifts.  You excel at making friends and you attract people from all walks of life and all ages.  You can see nothing odd about a forty year age gap between friends, nor are you interested in choosing influential or wealthy friends because what they might be able to give you.  If you like someone, you like them, and that’s all there is to it.  This can sometimes cause problems if your partner doesn’t understand or is jealous because they consider your best friend to be competition for their affections.  As far as family is concerned, you enjoy seeing them every now and then but aren’t overly family – minded.  You make a point of keeping in regular contact with relatives you like but aren’t too worried if you can’t see much of the others.



You enjoy developing strong family ties because you like the sense of continuity it gives you.  It’s great to be with people who you’ve known for most, if not all, your life.  You would be very fortunate if all your relatives were lovable and likable, but you do your best to tolerate the ones who you aren’t so keen on.  You lavish a lot of love on the ones who are your favorites and will find ways to let them know that you think they’re special; yet you’re so sensitive to the plight of lame ducks that you’ll feel sorry for the people you don’t like, probably because you realize they aren’t  very popular with anyone.  You choose your friends carefully, preferring people who are on your emotional wavelength and who share your view of the world.


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