Evensong: Canticles for the Earth by artist Meg Bowles


Imagine if you will, an island in the middle of the lake; a house high on the hill, overseeing the perfection that is mother nature and the earth, offering daily, beauty to please the eye, sooth the soul and cheer the heart.

The setting sun, the long drawn out shadows of the night, the soft rising of the dawn and the ever-present changing of the seasons, each season bringing something new, splendid and to be enjoyed. Seasons beginning and ending as the world turns. Such is Meg Bowles little piece of paradise: a place where she blends alchemy of sound created on synthesiser.

 A leader in the ambient music field for several decades Meg Bowles draws on the beauty of walking around the lake in the evenings, a stranger walking steadily over the hill to slowly disappear from sight, the wind creating waves which lap gently on the shores of the lake and the water birds moving on to settle safely for the night, to blend the delicate balance required when creating the ancient form of thanksgiving in music, Canticles.  

She also has a deep and abiding sense of gratitude for the gifts of Mother Earth, the gift of beauty ever present and the solitude and healing that can be found simply by stepping out into nature, enjoying the perfection and magnificence to be discovered.

Evensong; Canticles for the Earth is not an album to be dissected into various tracks, as each one smoothly blends into the next to create a soundscape of spirituality similar to a chant, or what could be considered as a hymn sung by many at evening prayers, a practice thousands of years old and used to give thanks at the end of the day.

‘How do we want to express our creativity in the World?

In her work as a psychoanalyst, she specialises the fields of dreams, trauma and creativity, which often finds her posing the question, ‘How do we want to express our creativity in the World?  Her answer is that both music and philosophy blend together to create a holistic view of reconnection, of meaning. This is what she offers in her healing, reflective music.

As always her music holds something deep, rich and almost mesmerising, allowing the mind to settle and relax, to become centred once again, offering freshness so very often sought in today’s frequently troubled world.

Title:     Evensong
Artist:   Meg Bowles
Web:     www.megbowlesmusic.com

Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley 

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