Eclipse of the Sun April 20 WA in the spotlight

Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking all or part of the light. Local communities in the northwest Pilbara region of WA are looking forward to welcoming a tsunami of visitors who are looking forward to seeing this once-in-a-lifetime astrological event. 

Excitement is brewing in Emouth as the sky is set for a hybrid solar eclipse to cross over the North West Cape on the 20th of April 2023. It’s also visible from parts of East Timor and the Indonesian province of West Papua. It kicks off a remarkable run of five total solar eclipses across Australia in the next 15 years.

“During a hybrid solar eclipse, the Earth’s curvature brings some sections of the eclipse path into the Moon’s umbra, the darkest part of its shadow that creates total solar eclipses, while other areas remain outside the umbra’s reach, causing an annular eclipse.” Hybrid definition timeanddate. 

Exmouth is located about 791 kilometres north of Perth and about 7 kilometres south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Perth and other towns on the west coast will see varying degrees of a partial eclipse. Keen astrologers will be heading to Exmouth for the event.

timeanddate will be streaming the event LIVE in collaboration with Perth Observatory.

Astrology for April 2023

A Word From Rachel We’re officially in eclipse season — time moves either too fast or comes to a standstill. We become suddenly awakened to truth we couldn’t see before, and we feel compelled to take action. We eliminate clutter, create distance in unhealthy relationships, and know answers to questions we’ve had on our minds. Does it sound intense? That’s because it is…

Welcome to a turning-point month with doors opening to beautiful pathways and radical decision-making. Our healing doesn’t require a concentrated reflection on the past this month. Instead, we can focus on owning our creative power and directing our energy in ways that support our intentions.

The month starts with Mercury in stable Taurus, and the phrase chop wood, carry water, could be a theme at the start of the month. Our spiritual practices are grounded in the experience of our everyday lives. Cooking, planting in your garden, or spring cleaning could be ritual activities to connect you to the physical world. We’‘ll need good grounding on April 5 when the Libra Full Moon activates healer/mentor Chiron.

This lunation features a quincunx aspect to Uranus, indicating subtle irritations in our energy fields like an itch we can’t scratch. Chiron’s influence suggests we have to move through emotional waters, feeling things we didn’t process before. The good news? We come out on the other side of those waters purified and renewed. Think of the creative possibilities!

On April 10, Venus enters Gemini for wordplay and friendly banter. It’s an influence that graces your social life. Our relationships enjoy spaciousness and freedom for a few days.

On April 11, the Sun meets Jupiter for our luckiest day of the year. Our fire signs benefit from this one (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)! Dedicate yourself to joy from the first through 19th.

The Aries New Moon / Solar Eclipse happens at 29˚ Aries. 💥 The last degree of a cardinal sign is a critical degree, and it’s action-packed. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:


KEYNOTE: The realization of natural boundaries.

This eclipse is in a square aspect with Pluto in Aquarius, and it can feel like the judge’s gavel banging down. It’s receiving news that leaves us in shock. We can’t believe it! Pluto wants to dig out the decay all the way to the root, like a dentist works on a cavity. (Ouch!) When Pluto’s involved, we often feel helpless over circumstances in our lives, but it’s an invitation to realize our power by becoming a vibrational match to what resonates more like peace, joy, and love.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20, and we’re in the two weeks between eclipses. The Sun squares Pluto, making it a day for uncomfortable realizations that can lead to new beginnings. We feel an inner fire that motivates us and aids us in setting boundaries.

Mercury goes retrograde on April 21, launching us into 3-weeks of reflecting on themes of financial well-being, material possessions, deservedness, sensuality, and how we balance aspects of our lives. Mercury in Taurus teaches us to think about our homes and things. What can we beautify? What have we outgrown? The end of the month offers opportunities to let go of stuff and open space in our lives.

Read Your April Horoscope


It’s your season and a time to move forward steadily. Jupiter shines in your sign, opening doors and opportunities. Are you bold enough to cross the threshold and act with courage? Take deliberate steps forward, keeping in mind your ultimate intentions.

Your ruling planet Mars has ended its seven-month journey through the talkative sign of Gemini, and some of those heated discussions can start to cool down. If you’ve been involved in legal or personal conflicts, expect a shift to occur. As the warrior planet moves through Cancer, it will pave the way for compassion and understanding.

On April 5, bask under the full moon with someone you love, conjuring romantic conversations that help form a path to future commitments. We could be talking about committing to loving yourself enough to have a better health routine, or we could be talking about relational commitments like engagement or marriage. The point is to invite a more structured experience of love.

With Mercury in stable Taurus, you can even gracefully have emotionally charged conversations. You can master the art of negotiation without self-sacrifice by leaning into your soft side. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21. This influence might put a damper on communications and travel. Go with the flow, as delays are likely to happen.

Your imagination craves poetry, immersive experiences of music, and virtual reality. Enter into a multi-sensory experience with art and technology. Be open to daydreaming and meditation to facilitate change. Do these as dedicated spiritual practices this month.

In love, remember, rejection is protection. Mercury retrograde cycles show us what we could have if we dare to ask.



Mercury moves into your sign on April 3. Make art, carve wood, and use your arms to hug a tree. Your artistry is vital to your dedicated spiritual practice, and this month’s dizzying energies raise the stakes. Commit to art, which is to say, commit to your spiritual well-being. Go all in and let nothing distract you. We yearn for beauty to harmonize and balance our world. You must experience beauty early in the month before Mercury goes retrograde and the eclipses lead us into deep emotional waters.

Your mental focus might grow foggy after Mercury goes retrograde on April 21. You’re reconstructing your life after dodging a few curve balls thrown your way, and the process takes time. It requires healing. Mercury retrograde facilitates self-discovery, but you will want to take the time necessary to go deep and cull through memories. You may even embark on a clearing or decluttering project to help with letting go, especially around the time of the Solar Eclipse on April 19.

The Full Moon on April 5 emphasizes health. Plan a spa day or set a date with your trainer for self-care support. Mercury conjoins the North Node in your sign, helping you understand the relationship between self-nurturance and success. You can accept help from others; we’re not made to do life alone.

With Venus transiting through your sign until April 10, you could experience a heightened sense of love early in the month. Realize your beauty and inherent worth to magnetize more experiences of love in your life. The Sun moves into your sign on April 20, which amplifies self-confidence. As they say, shoot for the stars.



Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reminds us there’s a time for every purpose:

“...a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance….”

Astrologers follow nature’s natural rhythms and cycles, understanding that life works easier when we flow with those seasons. Plant when it’s time to plant, prune when it’s time to prune.

Life shows you vast visions right now, and you clearly understand your intentions. You have the momentum to accomplish anything, but Mercury begins its retrograde cycle on April 21, reminding you to pause. Don’t force an agenda item.

The Libra Full Moon on April 5 inspires amicable feelings with friends or lovers. Luna in the sign of relationships means you want connection, but the Sun in Aries strengthens the impulse to do your own thing. Be mindful of your boundaries. Spending time with others when you’re maxed out can be a law of diminishing returns.

Mars is finally out of your sign. (Phew!) You’ll feel less feisty this month (less frustrated, too). You now have a motivational force moving through your money sector to help you reach your financial goals.

The solar eclipse on April 19 could feel like a lightning bolt, energizing and awakening you. When the Sun enters Taurus on April 20, you can ground that electricity by working with your hands and making things. Venus moves into your sign on April 10, making the whole month ripe for creative expression.



We want to see your happy dance! Pluto moved into Aquarius last month, easing some of the tension you’ve felt since 2008. You can catch glimpses of the path ahead and sense a new chapter beginning. First, though, nostalgic feelings could arise to help you reflect on unresolved questions in your relationships. You have some work to do if you don’t feel peaceful about an ending. Healing comes without hardship after the solar eclipse on April 19.

Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, making the end of the month a time to connect with distant friends. You might encounter delays, communication mishaps, or technical issues. (Does anyone remember the Zoom outage of the past Mercury retrograde?) Don’t let minor inconveniences distract from what matters, and that’s being present to nurture those heart connections.

The Aries Sun asks for acts of bravery. In your work life, what can you do to face fear and lead with courage? On April 3, Mars in your sign forms a favourable aspect with the North Node, allowing you to call in a more expansive vision for your career. You’re like the butterfly newly emerged from the cocoon (thanks to Pluto), ready to take flight. Mars helps motivate you to keep going strong, even through tough times. On April 19, a powerful solar eclipse at the last degree of Aries could signal a sudden career shift. Be prepared to move if a good opportunity strikes.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20, reminding you beauty is an antidote for conflict and stress. Bring flowers into your home or bake something delicious to share. Venus in Gemini is a good influence for hands-on art making.



Your imagination has no limits, and all great adventures start there. As Jupiter shines in Aries this month, you stand at the threshold between comfort and magic. We know how comfort feels; what is magic calling you to do? Let the Libra Full Moon on April 5 bring any unconscious insights into the light. Ask for guidance and support to stay awake in your truth.

Your creative urges run high at the beginning of the month, but you may struggle to focus the energy for maximum fulfilment. Mercury shines in Taurus, making you concentrate on foundation-building in your career. When the messenger planet slows down and goes retrograde on April 21, it’ll be a time to revisit financial or professional decisions. You may get a do-over if you’d like to change course.

You’re craving knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, but you can only access these virtues through living life and being present in the range of human experiences – from sorrow to celebration. Travel can be a mind-opener. Spending time in nature can, too.

The Sun meets with Jupiter on April 11 for the luckiest day of the year. Say something bold, or send your manuscript to a publisher for consideration. It’s a time to be proactive in achieving your dreams, especially career-related ones.

On April 19, the solar eclipse ushers us into a two-week period of sudden insights or life changes. Stay confident, trusting your ability to say no to thoughts or activities that drain your precious energy. When the Sun enters Taurus on April 20, rekindle friendships. The Sun shines in Gemini after April 10, gracing your social gatherings with extra charm.



April might be your magical mystery tour, but instead of exploring new places, you’re delving into unchartered territories within your psyche. The Sun meets Jupiter on April 11, creating a pathway to self-discovery. You could encounter forgotten talents, suppressed memories, or malnourished dreams. Go into the deep dark and see what wants to come into the light.

It’s time to identify what makes you most happy and lean into those attitudes or activities. As Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, clear and declutter everything you can, from your storage unit to your computer files. This influence helps you reevaluate your schedule to determine what to eliminate. Create space for ideas to flow.

On April 19, the Solar Eclipse may bring sudden insights and innovative solutions to financial matters. It could mean a time to address debt. It’s an excellent time to reassess your budget, investments, and financial goals. Thanks to Jupiter’s influence, you may be overly optimistic. Ensure your decisions are grounded in reality. On April 20, you could rethink a new direction in your career. You’re not on the wrong path, but you could refine your current path. Education could be an answer. As Venus moves through Gemini at the end of the month, share your words and ideas with others.

Venus moves through compatible Taurus until April 10, guiding your love life through a more peaceful period. Everything feels more intense around the time of an eclipse, and this month is no exception. Bond with your significant other through laughter, travel, or outdoor activities early in the month to fill your energetic bank account. Then, you’ll have reserves of kindness stored when times are hard.



The word Zodiac means a band of animals, and animals or people represent all other signs. Yours is the only inanimate object among the twelve, suggesting your ability to detach from drama and find the middle ground. With this month’s astrology, you may feel incapable of intellectualizing difficulties or staying balanced. You don’t get to be inanimate – you must be human and feel everything. Remember, you’re fierce and unstoppable. At the Libra Full Moon on April 5, find grounding in embodied practices like yoga, breathwork, or martial arts, and you will soar to new heights.

The Sun meets Jupiter on April 11 for a day of luck in love. Libra is the sign associated with partnership, and occasionally, you may make compromises or bite your tongue to keep the peace. However, you don’t have to default to old patterns. As the Sun shines in Aries until April 20, accept that, at times, outer conflicts can lead to inner peace.

On April 19, the solar eclipse exposes the cracks in the foundation of your deepest relationships, allowing you to repair any damage. It’s a time for collaboration instead of competition. See how you can work through your resistance to working with others. Does it have anything to do with boundaries? Hard lessons ahead; proceed with care.

On April 20, the Sun enters Taurus and calls you outside for a nature walk. Let beauty inspire art. Mercury goes retrograde on April 21, allowing you to reflect deeply on life. Journal, work with oracle cards, or invest in therapeutic modalities. Your heart is calling for attention, and it’s the gateway to mysticism.



Do you hear the people sing? If you’re a fan of Broadway musicals, you’re likely familiar with the first line of this marching song from Les Misérables. Since Pluto entered revolutionary Aquarius on March 23, I’ve heard this song in my mind, and it appeared again as I started your horoscope. What are you called to rise to in your life? The Sun moves through Mars-ruled Aries until April 20, activating your courage to take a stand.

Busy work and responsibilities fill your schedule at the beginning of the month, especially at the time of the Libra Full Moon on April 5. You’re ironing out the details of projects and organizing a crew to handle the extra duties. Open to joy by celebrating small successes in your everyday life. You’ve been hard at work, but it will pay off. On April 11, the Sun meets Jupiter, and you could receive favourable news. It’s a lucky day, indeed.

Your unwavering determination and fierce spirit are your saving graces at the end of the month. The Solar Eclipse on April 19 rocks emotional waves for everyone in your life, but you could feel pressure to remain others’ lifeline. Be willing to decline invitations or delay plans if you need rest. Your health is a top priority in the middle of the month.

Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, pulling you inward for self-discovery. With an emphasis on your sector of relationships this month, especially after April 20, you’re forging new pathways to love. However tough it’s been, remember you are not alone. There are many ways to receive support, including letting a friend accompany you on a weekend getaway.



Mark April 11 as the luckiest day of the year! The Sun shines on Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in compatible Aries. Want to know a funny thing about Jupiter’s transits? They often portend good news and favourable activities, but we don’t always recognize those blessings at the time of the transit. Months from now, you might run into the person who helped fix a flat tire, strike up a conversation, and enter a business collaboration. Or a trip to the grocery store may set into motion a series of events that leads you to meet the love of your life. We can only judge whether events are lucky or unfortunate once we have the gift of hindsight. To be on the safe side, consider everything a blessing this month.

Can I have a drumroll to announce the Libra Full Moon on April 5? Ta-da! It’s a time of fulfilment for a work project, and you’re venturing on a path to success. You’re having more fun as Venus moves through Taurus (until April 10). Give generous praise to your employees or anyone assisting you at this time. The positive energy you share with others will boomerang back threefold with Jupiter in Aries.

Mercury goes retrograde on April 21, days after the solar eclipse in Aries on April 19. You may have to break free from a restrictive routine, even if it’s a temporary break. Permit yourself to rethink any commitments you’ve made this year. It’s not too late to change your mind.

On April 10, Venus enters the flirtatious sign of Gemini, bringing more belly laughs and witty banter into your love life.



Do you find it challenging to be the practical one who takes care of the business while everyone else is having a good time? While some strive for lofty goals, you aim for what may be a stretch but is still within reach. Celebrate your strengths this month by going at your own pace. The rest of the world is turbo-charged until April 21, but your mantra is: slow and steady wins the race.

The Libra Full Moon on April 5 spotlights professional direction and leads you to think about success in new ways. Follow the flow of energy and don’t force any project.

The Sun meets Jupiter on April 11 for a lucky day on the home front. You could be inspired to begin a home project or commence spring cleaning. After April 21, nostalgic feelings lead to cravings for connection. You could reflect on creating a more nurturing home environment for your children (and your inner child).

The solar eclipse on April 19 spotlights your relationships, and you could have defining conversations about cohabitation, real estate investments, or family dynamics. It’s time to bring any fears into the light and have the strength to work through them. Eclipses catalyse change. A shake-up in your home could prompt the question of needing more security. Be proactive. If you’ve had concerns, take action early in the month.

Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, pulling you in deep for reflection. How are your goals aligned with your true heart’s desire? Be willing to change course if you feel out of sync. Acting with integrity is the only way forward; be true to yourself.



Let’s talk about Pluto, the most feared and beloved dwarf planet in our solar system. We recently discovered it has a large patch of ice in the shape of a heart – a heart so big we can see it from here. It’s apropos; Pluto is the bearer of tough love. It facilitates personal evolution through the painful process of letting go. Pluto entered your sign last month, and you’re being initiated into a new consciousness. Will you step up and accept the calling? On April 20, we’ll find out.

The Sun meets Jupiter on April 11, shining abundant light on your brilliant ideas. You could share your writing with others or sign up to speak at an event. It is a time of manifestation – a full-circle moment – the intentions you planted two years ago are starting to blossom. Balance your urge for freedom with your commitment, and you can soar through the beginning of the month.

The Full Moon on April 5 inspires optimism. If you’ve been uncertain, know everything will work out, and you have to trust your decisions. Let faith be your keyword. On April 19, the solar eclipse reminds you of the value of connecting with others. Deepen ties with friends and neighbours.

Romantic interests could captivate you as Mars moves through Gemini. Resist being swept up in a fling if you suspect things could get messy. With Mercury still in shadow until April 16, your heartstrings could keep tugging you back to the past. Examine the relationship patterns that keep showing up. You have the chance to do things differently this time.



Make awe an everyday spiritual practice. Allow yourself to be inspired by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Observe the intricate patterns in a leaf, the vibrant colours of a sunset, or the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves, and let these marvels awaken your curiosity and sense of wonder. Stern Saturn entered your sign last month, and it needs to be balanced with beauty and buoyancy.

The full moon on April 5 shines a clarifying light on financial matters. You could strategize how to access resources for purchases you desire. Attend to issues regarding taxes, investments, and debt early in the month, before the solar eclipse on April 19. That eclipse raises money, beliefs, hopes, or fears to conscious awareness. After the Sun meets Jupiter on April 11, you’ll be ready to have a new relationship with your worldly possessions and finances at the end of the month. You’ve outgrown lack-minded thinking to know your worth. Attract goodness by deciding life doesn’t have to be complicated.

Mercury stations retrograde on April 21, and you’ll need a plan for completing projects. Retrograde cycles swing us back to the past, and it’s easy to let nostalgic feelings distract us. Focus, instead, on specific ways to work with memories. Keep a journal or talk with a therapist. It will help your mental well-being to hash out unfinished business at the end of the month.

In love, you may review a past relationship during Mercury retrograde or connect with a past teacher or mentor. You can learn something new or bring unclear aspects of your life into context.

Rachel Lang studied astrology under the mentorship of some world-renowned astrologers and dedicated herself to the craft. She received certification from the American Federation of Astrologers and is a member of ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. Rachel is the Vice President of the local NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Los Angeles chapter.

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