Dr. Etta D. Jackson – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


… with Rick Archer July 19 2023

Dr. Etta D. Jackson was born in Kingston, Jamaica and migrated to the USA as a student in 1965. For twenty-five years she worked in education and retired in 1994 to travel.

Etta has authored four books: Understanding Your Choice, Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle, The Role of Consciousness in Governance, and The Idea That Is the United States of America-Its Occult Foundation.

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In 1975, she received a divine message instructing her to write down the title of a book she would later write.  The title given was: ‘Understanding Your Choice’.

At the time, Etta was flabbergasted.  She was not a writer and had no intention of becoming a writer. She was convinced this was a mistake and ignored the message. Nevertheless, every five to ten years the title would pop up in her mind, but she still could not understand what the title was about.

25 years later, the same divine presence informed her: it is now time to write the book.  This time, however, she had no questions. Her own life’s journey had illuminated what the title was about and, nine months later she completed her first book: Understanding Your Choice.  As she approached the end of the writing process, the divine presence gave her another message: she would write two additional books.  The next book would be ‘Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle’ and, the third and final book of the series would be ‘The Role of Consciousness in Governance’.

She founded an international NGO non-profit organization, The Institute for Conscious Global Change (ICGC) in 2007 to assist the United Nations and Member States in eradicating extreme poverty through development. ICGC is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

Etta holds a BA in Biology, MS degrees in Guidance and Counseling and in Administrative Leadership and Supervision. Etta holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

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