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2023 is racing to the finish line and we are in for a super ride, so lucky to live here in Australia where we enjoy peace and have our basic needs met. Everything else is a bonus.

The December full moon is sometimes referred to as Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, or Rose Moon. Int the northern hemisphere it is referred to as the Cold Moon.

Mid-month the new moon rises in Sagittarius which will bring the energy to pursue your goals and new opportunities, but patience is needed as  Mercury retrograde begins it next cycle in Capricorn.

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A Word from Rachel 

Welcome to the last month of the year. This month’s transits bring us back into the past, help us clear a path forward, and let our imaginations create the future. We start the month with Mercury moving into Capricorn, setting a more serious tone to the expansive Sagittarius season. Mercury will be in its pre-shadow phase, so plan extra time for holiday festivities and travel.

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4, and we can go deeper in experiencing love. We’re more aware of our emotional connections and won’t settle for less.

Mercury stations retrograde on December 12, hours after the Sagittarius New Moon. We feel compelled to set intentions under the influence of the expansive Jupiter-ruled Moon sign, but we have to let something go. The tension between the shadows and light reaches a crescendo, making us feel tired for no apparent reason. We may make last-minute changes to our plans or have delays that add to the adventures of the holiday season. It’s also a favorable time to reconnect with distant relatives or friends from the past.

December’s solstice and Capricorn’s ingress offer the right combination of practicality and hope. If you build it, they will come, which might be a good mantra for the start of this time. We’ve laid the plans for our dreams and need only to follow the blueprints. Venus is separating from her opposition with Uranus, and we move into this season unwilling to accept unhealthy relationship dynamics. We can say no to what we don’t want and make space for what we do.

On December 22, the Sun conjoins Mercury retrograde before it moves back into Sagittarius. This transit helps reveal to us what’s true and accurate. In a time when companies and individuals are using AI technology to write content and social media algorithms control what we see, we have to dig to know the whole story. Our personal lives are similar. We have grown accustomed to polarity. This Mercury retrograde cycle invites us to expand our perspectives and approach all conflicts with curiosity.

The Cancer Full Moon on December 26 feels foggy and nostalgic. The influence of the Cancer Moon draws us close to loved ones, but it could bring up feelings of loneliness if we feel disconnected from family and friends. We want to be reassured we’re loved while the Moon’s in this sensitive sign during the holiday season. Emotions could run high, and we don’t want to take things too personally.

Chiron stations direct that day; conversations with family members could reveal unmet needs or unexpressed pain. Be careful not to let resentment stew beneath the surface. Grudges hurt us more than the ones who initially harmed us. Keep that in mind as Mercury conjoins Mars on December 27.

Mars in Sagittarius enters a stand-off with Neptune on December 28, when it moves into a square aspect. We could misdirect our anger, or we may not feel justified in feeling it at all. This transit hovers like a haze, fogging our ability to know what we want. Arguments could seem unproductive, with people talking in circles. The way to best navigate this transit is to feel our way through, acknowledging our deep-seated emotions and allowing compassion to help us navigate challenging moments.

We kick off the New Year with one foot stepping forward and one lingering in the past. Jupiter stations direct on December 30, helping us dream up expansive plans and intentions for 2024.

December Horoscopes by Rachel Lang


Your free spirit and sense of adventure could reach an all-time high this month with the Sun shining in fiery Sagittarius. Plan mini-adventures or take one long excursion to make the most of this month’s astrology. You can close 2023 with optimism if you set your sights on new horizon lines.

Mercury is retrograde from December 12 through January 1, which could lead to intellectual ruminations of past conflicts or misunderstandings with loved ones. To engage or not to engage, that is the question. What is the best course of action – to fight or let things slide? It’s no time to pout about the past. You need your most highly charged, optimistic energy to plan for the new year.

The New Moon on December 13 could inspire faith in your work and appreciation of your skillset. Rather than start a new venture, nurture existing projects and finish tasks.

Now, youre life is another matter. Mars moves through Sagittarius, asking you to define what it means to be free and leading you into a questioning phase. If you are single, you might be more transparent about your desires, especially after the Sun enters cautious Capricorn on December 21.

If you feel lonely or frustrated this holiday season, trust those emotions are part of an unfolding process. Believe something remarkable is about to happen in your life; it is! It can be challenging to want so badly to manifest love while remaining optimistic even when disappointments occur. You have almost reached a turning point when miracles can happen. As Jupiter stations direct on December 30, allow love to surprise you. Open to receive bountiful gifts from the universe.



The holidays fall during Mercury’s retrograde cycle, which allows your sensitive side to be more open and attuned than usual. Heartwarming commercials and nostalgic holiday films warm your heart, offering mental replays of moments from the past. People from your past could come back into your life in surprising ways. Retrograde periods bring us into healing and reconciliation processes, and your efforts will have positive ripple effects.

On December 12, Mercury stations retrograde, reminding us of our resilience. We’re laying the groundwork for future successes when we face apparent setbacks. If you feel disheartened, imagine you’re a race car driver going in laps on the track before speeding towards the finish line. No matter how long those laps seem, you still progress toward your life’s purpose.

The New Moon on December 12 initiates a period of financial consideration and research. You may explore new investment options or reassess your overall portfolio. Though it’s not always optimal to make changes during Mercury retrograde, for now, you can focus on seeking advice from trusted sources.

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4, making it a favorable time for collaborative relationships. Partnerships take on a more serious tone, leading you to question whether to redefine a relationship. With Uranus moving through your sign, anything is possible, and you’re balancing the urge for freedom with your commitments. These are themes for this period of your life, though they become heightened this month. How can you please yourself and show your partner you care? It’s a balancing act that will come into focus after the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21. However, if you’re single, the right person might enter your life in time for New Year’s Eve. Under the earthy Capricorn Sun, the end of the month offers intimate, cozy moments with your lover and a deeper connection.


GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is gearing up for its final retrograde journey of the year. Are you ready for its tests in agility and flexibility? As an adaptable Gemini, you have mastered the art of going with the flow. If plans change at the last minute, colleagues forget to respond to your email or your flight gets delayed, take a deep breath and relax. Mercury can be playful, reminding us to lighten up and not take things too seriously.

With next year’s astrological forecast, you’re on track to reach your goals, especially if they involve writing or publishing. Make December a time to recharge before 2024. Several planets are transiting through Sagittarius, your opposite sign. So, you could feel more tired or not as excited about maintaining your usual fast pace.

The Sun’s entrance into Capricorn on December 21 brings financial matters to the forefront. The Cancer Full Moon on December 26 helps you recognize beneficial changes to make next year. Holiday spending could catch up with you, making the end of the month a time to pull back and reprioritize.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 12 indicates a turning point in your love story. Will you contemplate disappointments or celebrate your current state of affairs? The holiday season can bring our shadow sides out of hiding, making it easy to question others’ motives or feel confused about something someone said. Never underestimate the power of appreciation. One heartfelt affirmation of praise could shift a troublesome dynamic. Try it and see if there’s a shift. Oh, and remember to appreciate yourself! Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29, suggesting a romantic New Year’s Eve celebration.



The holidays were made for Cancer; the sign meant to feel the full range of emotions. Think of the word sentimental, a word often shown as a descriptor of your Sun sign. The word is rooted in Latin. Sentire, “to feel.” The Moon, the luminary ruler of the subconscious self, rules your sign. As Mercury stations retrograde on December 12, it requests to you. Make your heart available to feel love. Infuse laughter into your memories, and let beauty take your breath away. Feel it all.

Along with Mercury retrograde, the Sun enters your seventh house of relationships on December 21. If you have been wanting to take your relationship to a whole new level, this transit could bring great news. The spotlight on your willingness to be in a partnership could test your dedication or your partner’s willingness to grow.

Mars moves through Sagittarius and lends energy to health matters. If you have had nagging issues, consider having them checked by your medical professional. Maintain your wellness routines, prioritizing body, mind, and spirit, especially at the end of the month. Mars challenges Neptune on December 28, making your aura more porous and your body more sensitive to stressors.

Enjoy romantic nights from December 4-29 as Venus moves into sensual Scorpio. You and your lover might enjoy getting out of town or breaking free from your routine for a few days before Venus dances with Neptune on December 25. Being single might make you feel more open to love’s possibilities. Setting an intention is the first step of a love manifestation process. Keep believing, and you will call in the one.


LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

As the Sun moves through Sagittarius this month, it inspires optimism for 2024. The dark clouds that have overshadowed the past few years are dissipating, and though we still face uncertainty about the future, the Sun shines on a bright future ahead. Can you feel it? If you don’t feel hope as you read your horoscope, consider the message as a signal for things to come.

On December 12, Mercury stations retrograde the same day as the Sagittarius New Moon. The Moon’s image is a child and dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses. This lunation asks us to attune our eyes to see possibilities we couldn’t make out before. It’s a time to merge your playful spirit with your intellect to conjure future outcomes. Gather with allies to initiate dreaming ceremonies. Mercury retrograde from December 12 – January 1 means it’s not time to act on new insights, but the time’s right for consideration.

On December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn, allowing us to ponder the positive aspects of our cultural and familial traditions. Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on December 22, so you cull through ancestral patterns and beliefs. You may also find yourself thumbing through old photos, discarding ones that stir up sadness or disappointment. You might consider making videos or photo books to organize your emotional experience under the Cancer Full Moon on December 26.

Mars moves through Sagittarius, activating your passion and willpower all month. It also shines on your personal life, inspiring courage to make a move or more boldly express your feelings. The Warrior Planet could help you feel more confident in social settings. Let yourself be a magnet for friendship, respect, and love.



Have you written a holiday wish list? If not, ritualize the experience by sending your requests to the universe. Magical processes often start with intentions, and the more consciously we set those intentions, the more we aim our focus to fulfill them. Dream big and let the universe conspire to assist.

On December 12, Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde. During this phase, our shadow sides come into play, making misunderstandings feel more personal. Our sensitivities are heightened, which could lead to hurt feelings at the end of the month. You don’t need to worry, however. If you keep a lighthearted approach to the season, you can breeze through with more laughter than tears.

The Sagittarius Sun shines on your family life, making this a sacred time to reconnect with distant relatives or show your loved ones how much you care. The Sagittarius Sun amplifies our generosity, making it a time when giving feels more joyful than receiving. Born under the sign of service, you’re a giving person. How can you be more generous with yourself this season? Embrace your self-love language by saying positive affirmations, spending quality time doing something you love, or treating yourself to a massage.

On December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn and shines light on your creative endeavours. Dedicate at least five minutes daily to feeding your ideas and dreams. The Cancer Full Moon on December 26 asks you to remember the importance of humour and play. This lunation heightens our emotions at the end of the month, and you can be the one who lightens the tone, helping infuse holiday memories with laughter. This message is crucial if you’ve felt stuck or had a creative block. Return to the innocence of your childlike self and experience the world anew.



This year has been eventful, engaging, and even marvellous at times. As it draws to a close, take a moment to celebrate all the life you’ve lived in these twelve months. Give three cheers for your resilience through the ups and downs, acknowledge your progress, and pat yourself on the back for the achievements that exceeded your expectations. For 2024, consider narrowing your focus. Set three attainable goals, but stay focused on how you want to be and feel rather than what you want to do. Let your state of being – your spiritual essence – be your driving force.

The Sun shines in Sagittarius until December 21, making this a time to express your ideas in writing. If you feel so moved, consider sending heartfelt holiday cards to friends. Your words have depth and meaning, and you could be moved to share them through social media. Now’s not the time to be shy. Let your light shine! The Sagittarius New Moon on December 12 allows you to hold the microphone and let your words boom out to an audience. The curiosity of the Sagittarius Sun could inspire you to learn how to become more engaged in your local community.

Mercury stations retrograde on December 12, making the last two weeks of the month feel incredibly foggy. Conversations with family members could bring up unresolved feelings from the past. If so, you could say what you couldn’t articulate before. Mars in Capricorn poses a challenge – will you fortify your boundaries to protect your energy, time, and resources? You have the gift of discernment with Venus in Scorpio from December 4 – 29. You know your priorities and can align your daily activities with what makes you feel alive.



December wraps up a roller coaster ride of a year, and you survived. Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate the adventures, laugh about the mishaps, and commit to your well-being in the next year. Venus shines in your sign from December 4-29, filling the holiday season with delight. Venus is the planet of beauty and relationships, but self-love lies at the root of all Venus themes. Do you love yourself enough to relax and enjoy time off for the holidays? Can you listen to your body’s cravings and needs without judging them? Make it your mission to let your heart lead you into the new year.

Mercury is retrograde from December 4 to January 1. The communication planet offers a retrospective of the life experiences that led to exponential growth. Retrograde cycles let us reexamine the past, which can mean running into distant friends or relatives. Relationships that begin during Mercury retrograde have a fated quality. When we reconnect with an ex-lover or distant friend, we don’t want to build expectations for the relationship’s future. We want to go with the flow and take things slowly.

Your finances are a priority for the first part of the month, and the Sagittarius New Moon on December 12 tills the soil to plant new seeds. Tie up accounting, pay down debt, and finish financial tasks before adding anything new to your workload.

Thanks to Venus in your sign and Mars in compatible Capricorn, your love life heats up all month. You may be drawn to online dating or social events to meet other singles. Create heartwarming holiday memories with your partner if you’re in a relationship. The Cancer Full Moon on December 26 gives you access to various emotions; keep your heart open.



Your destiny is understanding freedom’s meaning and balancing your urge for independence with life’s responsibilities. Consequently, life will show you its limits. People in your life will set expectations and rules. You’ll have deadlines and meetings. We can’t know freedom without experiencing restraint. What is your challenge this month? Make subtle mindset shifts to transform limits into liberation. Then, celebrate your birthday season with the gift of spaciousness, quality time with friends, and laughter. You might realize freedom through gratitude, appreciation, and loving what is.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 12 invites you to contemplate life choices and say “yes” to new opportunities. However, with Mercury stationing retrograde, you first have to finish the business of 2023. On December 22, Mercury retrogrades from Capricorn to Sagittarius, letting you uncover deep-seated truths. You’re embarking on a personal journey that might have your loved ones feel out of the loop. Reassure them you’re in a self-reconstruction phase to prepare for expansive growth in the year ahead.

Things feel more confusing at the end of the month when Mars in Sagittarius challenges Neptune on December 28. You don’t have to commit if you need clarification despite Saturn’s pressure. You may need more information, which could come after Jupiter stations direct on December 30.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 22, pulling at your heartstrings and prompting a re-evaluation of priorities. Revel in the discipline that doesn’t equate to deprivation, maintaining focus on future goals. Venus enters your sign on December 29, making everything more enjoyable. The Full Moon on December 26 centres on love, encouraging you to break through barriers to intimacy. Expect miracles in your relationships, and choose to love yourself.



Does your birthday often feel overshadowed by the holiday season? It’s a common experience for Capricorns, with birthdays falling during or after the festivities. You likely grew up feeling like you had to share the spotlight, but this month’s astrology encourages you to claim your right to celebrate yourself! You might throw a party or plan a birthday vacation. However you do it, make the end of December the season for you.

On December 12, Mercury stations retrograde in your sign, activating your sentimental side. A trip down Memory Lane could be in order. Don’t be surprised if you end up thumbing through old photos or watching home movies to relive some of those past moments. Mercury retrograde cycles often reconnect us with friends from the past or revitalize interests in lost hobbies or forgotten talents.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, reminding you of how your cultural or familial traditions helped shape your identity. On December 22, Mercury enters Sagittarius, helping you dig beneath hard-wired beliefs to discover your truth. This process could result from heartfelt conversations, journaling, or self-reflection. Insights abound as the Cancer Full Moon on December 26 stirs emotions and pulls you toward loved ones for deeper connections.

The Cancer Full Moon also shines on your love life, allowing you to appreciate the positive aspects of your partner you may have overlooked. If you’re in a rough patch in a relationship, your intuition could guide you to resolve anything unsettled in your heart. The end of December shows you how to remain open to love without anxiety or fear. When Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29, love is synonymous with freedom.



Divine timing. Ugh! Those two words can be frustrating when we’re waiting and longing for a deep-seated desire to manifest in a tangible form. At the same time, divine timing is magic in action. Research tells us anticipation is a valuable emotion, and some studies suggest it makes us feel happier than the actual event. Consider this as you look forward to celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year. The Sun in Sagittarius inspires hope and invites us into wonder.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 12 challenges our beliefs, allowing us to break free from self-imposed limitations. Be open to seeing your life from different perspectives. Imagine how fellow Aquarius Oprah would view your life. Imagine seeing your life from a child’s viewpoint… or God’s. Consider making this exercise your New Moon ritual.

On December 12, Mercury stations retrograde, but it reminds us we are never stuck. We keep moving forward, even if life seems to reach a standstill. Mercury retrograde cycles allow us to reevaluate our lives, gain valuable insights about the past, and dance with our shadow selves. From December 12 – January 1, you’re in a spiritual metamorphosis.

Mars courses through Sagittarius, awakening your urge for freedom. How can you carve time for yourself amid a social holiday season? Let each check-out line, traffic jam, or delayed plan be an opportunity to take a deep breath. Practice your favourite mantra or let your mind wander.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, showing you the value of tradition—the Cancer Full Moon on December 26 tugs at your heartstrings, awakening sweet sentimentality.



The magic of the holiday season draws us into wonder. It’s a time when we set expectations for the new year, aware of the possibilities that await our yes. As we age, we aren’t encouraged to believe in magic, much less experience it in our everyday lives. Remember, you are magical and the one to awaken the supernatural in those you love.

Do you want to know how magical you are? Seconds after I wrote the line above, I heard what sounded like a music box playing a lullaby. My heart started beating faster, as it does when I feel something mysterious and unexplainable. My household was asleep – I write best late at night – and the song stopped before I could find the source of the sound. It remains a mystery. Do you see how powerful you are? You can create the experiences you most desire.

The Sagittarius Sun reminds you to dream big as you set intentions for the new year. The New Moon on December 12 illuminates professional opportunities, which could lead to new collaborations. With Saturn moving through your sign, any ideas will take time to culminate; stay focused and committed.

Mercury stations retrograde on December 12, ushering you back to the past to reconnect with distant family and friends. Remember to be patient with others when making plans. Our shadow sides come out to play during the holidays, and retrograde cycles amplify our sensitivities. Maintain a lighthearted approach to relationships, especially romantic ones.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, encouraging gratitude for the traditions that helped shape your identity. As December ends, you could feel more peace about the past through an awakening of compassion.

Rachel Lang studied astrology under the mentorship of some world-renowned astrologers and dedicated herself to the craft. She received certification from the American Federation of Astrologers and is a member of ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. Rachel is the Vice President of the local NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Los Angeles chapter. To read more go to Rachel’s website




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