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December has arrived and expectations are high. It is time for family reunions and reflecting on the passing of 2023. Looking back on this year personally, it has been gentle and full of travel and reconnecting with friends. Yet the world has been in chaos. Life has mirrored 2 entirely different realities. We hope that you and your family are well and that you have had a happy 2023 without too much chaos touching your lives.

Developing conscious awareness, living and acting from your heart, and reaching out to others with love are some of the best ways to express yourself in the world. As you raise your frequency you send that frequency out into the world and on some level, it is received by others. It is a universal law.

Enjoy this issue as we send it with our love, Jacquie and Patricia

What’s Making News

Laughter Activates Our Happy Hormones – Research by Dr Mercola

Australia’s Great Southern Reef

Code Blue Emergency: Aussie Reefs and Oceans Are in Crisis

What’s Hot

Valerie Taylor Celebrates 60 Years of Underwater Pioneering


Joy Prosperity and Romance Written in the Stars – Rachel Lang

Making Time to Meditate Can Be Easier Than You Imagine! Tom Cronin


Christmas Treat – Gingerbread Truffle – Cabot Health

Tips to Help You Thrive from our Holistic Directory Consultants

Debbie Paull – Soulful Unveiling – The Inside Out Soul Energy Hack!

Antonia Ruhl – How to Fulfill All of Your Desires – Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart

Michele Castle – Your Chinese Astrology for December

Coming Events

2024 YEAR OF THE WOOD DRAGON Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology…

Braco’s Live Gaze is Coming to You Online

Rediscovering the Treasures Within Journey to Discover Your Heart’s Deepest Desires Master Class with Inna Segal

Complete Lifestyle Retreat Experience Feng Shui Experience in Bali with Michele Castle

Books and Music

Wild Love by Kiera Lindsay

Ultrawild: An Audacious Plan for Rewilding Every City on Earth by Steve Mushin

Rags & Ragas by Charu Suri

Desert Meets Ocean by Micheal Martinez & Sherry Finzer

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