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When you are in business or looking at launching a new product on the market place it is important to look at the Universal Vibrations, as they affect everyone one of us – ourselves along with it. It is a general trend that is determined by the calendar year. The character of this trend changes every twelve months and with the coming in of each new year, we have a different vibration to respond to.

September of each year, since it is the 9th month, begins to finish the influence that has prevailed since January 1st and to forecast the one of the new year; it is on the cusp – not quite through with the old, not yet assuming the new, but giving us a combination of both. From then on, until the 31st of December, the old vibration grows weaker and the new one stronger, until the old year is finally seen out and the new one ushered in on its own feet.

How To Find The Universal Year:

Add together the separate numbers of digits on the calendar year 2020.

2 + 2 = 4

The number 4 is associated with work, business and finance and It is time to get back to the basics and to create a solid foundation, after a general upheaval, affairs must assume their own level – slowly but surely, as a result of flying too high, things will fall hard and strike below the level. It is time to focus on creating stability and security in order to build lasting success.

It is time to get down to brass tacks, wages may not be quite as high as we would like as there may not be as much money available to pay them. – but then rental properties will be a lot easier to afford and many families may double up under the one roof and hang out the To Let sign on the old apartment. In the 21st Century, this may be an indication that Air BNB businesses will do extremely well.

Jobs may not be that easy to find and the boss maybe do a great deal of the work him or her self. The focus will be on education, manufacturing and the building of infrastructure. There will also be a welcome return to some of the beautiful handcrafts which get lost in the faster moving years. Renovations and handyman work will feature, those who have a trade will be doing extremely well as will our lawyers as everyone will want a guarantee in place before any business ventures take place. Psychics, psychiatrist, counsellors, healers and medical practitioners will also be busy as everyone will be focused on taking care of their well being both mental and physical after all health is Wealth.


When you are in business you must always consider what the Universal Year holds before making conclusions about your own Personal Year. We must all take the general direction of the Universe, but our own relation to it is a purely personal matter. Your numbers, like any other personal property, they belong to you and for your own personal journey. After all it is up to you to live positively and to create your own happiness and success.

To keep in tune with the Universe you must take the Universal or general direction and then do the things your personal vibrations indicate.

To find your own Personal Year simply add the number of the Calendar year to your day and Month of birth. As there are only 9 Personal Years all additions must come back to a number between 1 and 9.

For Example 2020 as we know is a Universal Year 4 to find your own personal year simply add your day and month of birth to it. For Example if you were born October 27th add 10 + ( 2+7 = 9) + 4 October becomes a 1 + the 27th becomes a 9 + 2020 is a 4 = 14 ( 1+4) = 5; therefore in 2020 your own personal Year is a Number 5.



Be independent and follow your own counsel – first making certain you are right then stand in your own personal power. Be assertive, not aggressive and individualize yourself in every way, hold fast to your own ideal and purposes. Don’t let others with stronger wills than your own hamper your progress. Make the changes you have long been contemplating. Be prepared though as the universe wants to test your courage on your career, business and financial fronts so don’t take any unnecessary risks or you will be paying for the consequences for several years to come. This is a stressful year so you must take the time to invest into your health, It will also be necessary to stand aside from like minded others and make your own decisions and choices.


Diplomacy, cooperation and the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes will all be necessary this year. Don’t expect miracles or events to move quickly as this is the time to stop and smell the roses. Changes will be taking place all around you and it is possible to at the end of the year you will be considering moving home, maybe even to another country, The focus will be on domesticity and on relationships with your loved ones and close friends. However, be very careful of forcing your ideas onto others, this is meant to be your year behind the scenes helping others achieve their goals and objectives. A spoonful of honey is going to get you a good deal further than a spoonful of vinegar. The emphasis is on love, friendships and professional partnerships.


You are going to be at your most creative and imaginative during the coming twelve months. There is a theme of expansion and growth and you will want to polish up your own self – image in order to make a big impression. This is a good year for stepping out into life, for travel and expanding your horizons. Social and artistic developments should be interesting as well as profitable and this will help to promote happiness. There will be a strong urge to improve yourself, either your image or your reputation and your mind, so you may well embark on a course at your local Tafe. Your popularity soars through the ceiling and this delight you. Involving yourself with something creative brings success plus a good deal of satisfaction. It is a good year to launch something new on the market place, to invest in property or to renovate.


It is back to basics this year. Do not build on shaky foundations. get yourself organized and be prepared to work a little harder than you usually do and you will come through without any great difficulty. It is imperative this year that you have a grand plan. Do not simply rush off without considering the consequences and avoid gambling of any kind. It is likely too that that you will be gathering more responsibility and on occasions this could lead to feeling unappreciated. , claustrophobic and perhaps overburdened in some way. Although it is true that this Personal Year brings you a certain amount of limitation, whether this be on a the personal, psychological or financial front, you now have the chance to get yourself together and to build more solid foundations. Security is definitely your key word at this time.


There will be many opportunities for you to get out and about, and travel is certainly going to be playing a large part in your year. Change also must be expected and even embraced – after all, it is part of life. you will have more free time and choices so all in all things look promising. It is possible that you tried previously to get something off the launching pad, but for one reason or another it simply din’t happen. luckily, you now get a chance to renew those old plans and put them into action. You are certainly going to feel that things are changing for the better in all areas of life. You are going to be more actively involved with the public and will enjoy a certain amount of attention and publicity. You may have failed in the past but this year mistakes will be easier to accept and learn from. You will be more in tune with the universe than ever before!


There is likely to be increased responsibility and activity within your domestic life. There will be many occasions when you will be helping loved ones and your sense of duty is going to be strong. Activities, for the most part, are likely to be centred around the home, property, family, loved ones, romance and duties to others. Your artistic appreciation will be good and you will be drawn to anything that is colourful and beautiful and possessions that have a strong appeal to your eye or even your ear. Where domesticity is concerned, there is a strong suggestion that you may move home. This is an excellent time too for self-education, for branching out, for graduating, for taking extra courses – whether simply to improve your appearance or to improve your mind. When it comes to your social life you are going to be a real social butterfly.


A year for inner growth and for finding out what really makes you tick and what you need to make you happy. Self – awareness and discovery are all emphasized during the Personal Year 7. You will be provided with the opportunity to place as much emphasis as possible on your own wellbeing. There will be many occasions when you will find yourself analyzing your past motives and actions, and giving attention to your own personal needs, goals and desires. There will also be many occasions when you will want to escape any kind of confusion, muddle or noise; time spent alone will not be wasted. This will give you the chance to meditate and to also examine exactly where you have come from and where you want to go in the future. This is a karmic year and there is often a loss this year whether that be on the personal, financial, career or business front it is important that you learn from it!


This is going to be a time for success, for making important changes and moves, a time when you may gain power and certainly one when your talents are going to be recognized. This Personal Year gives you the chance to Think big; it is a time when you can occupy the limelight and wield power. You will develop greater maturity and discover a true feeling of faith and destiny, both in yourself and in events that occur. The focus this year is on your career, business and financial affairs. However, debts from the past will have to be repaid before you can go forward in your life. An old responsibility or obligation that you have avoided in the past few years may appear to haunt you. However, whatever you do with these 12 months, aim high – think big, think success and above all be positive.


A time to tie up loose ends. wishes are likely to be fulfilled and matters brought to swift conclusions. inspiration run amok. Much travel is likely. The number 9 Personal Year is perhaps the most successful of all. It tends to represent the completion of matters whether this is in business, work or personal life. Your ability to let go of habits, people and negative circumstances or situations, which have been holding you back, is strong. The sympathetic and humane side of your character also surfaces and you learn to give more freely of yourself without expecting anything in return. Any good deeds that you do will certainly be rewarded, in terms of satisfaction and perhaps financially too. Travel features strongly and on the personal front, you will be getting involved with members of the opposite sex who may be outside your usual cultural or ethnic group!

Francis Bevan – Celebrity Psychic Author and Columnist

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