Chinese Zodiac Astrology for the Month of March


March brings a shift in energy for each of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals.

As we transition into autumn, it’s a time of releasing the old and making space for renewal and growth, with each sign experiencing unique influences that shape their outlook and luck for the month ahead. Let’s explore the energy and outlook for each zodiac sign in March 2024, along with some exciting characteristics and luck predictions.


For the Rat, March brings a blend of productivity and potential challenges. While the energy is conducive to getting things done, navigating change carefully is essential, especially in the workplace. Disagreements with co-workers may arise, requiring a diplomatic approach. Financially, prudence is advised, as this may not be the best time for risky investments. Lucky numbers for the Rat in March include 3, 8, and 12.


The Ox may find March a time of slow but steady progress. Achieving success will require patience and a positive mindset, particularly in collaborations with others. Setting realistic expectations for yourself and your co-workers is critical. Balancing activities with lifestyle choices will enhance well-being. Lucky colours for the Ox in March include green, yellow, and white.


March brings a surge of energy for the Tiger, which can be stimulating and challenging. Emotions may run high, leading to plan changes and the need for flexibility. Relying on inner guidance and standing your ground in work decisions is advised, as others may need to share your perspective. Lucky days for the Tiger in March are the 3rd, 12th, and 21st.


For the Rabbit, March triggers shifts and transformations, particularly in the work environment. This may lead to a sense of unease, requiring a focus on the bigger picture and adaptability. Maintaining a healthy distance from co-workers is advised for now. Lucky flowers for the Rabbit in March include the plantain lily and the crape myrtle.


The Dragon can expect a month of solid and competitive energy. Practising fairness and impartiality in interactions at work, especially in a position of authority, is crucial. While financial prospects are positive, caution is advised with personal belongings, particularly while travelling. Lucky directions for the Dragon in March are east, southeast, and south.


March may bring a sense of slow energy for the Snake, hindering progress. It’s important to moderate expectations and address challenges openly, particularly in business partnerships. Improving connections and resolving lingering issues will be vital to moving forward. Lucky charms for the Snake in March include the jade pendant and the lucky bamboo plant.


The Horse can expect a month that requires more insight than hard work. Staying attuned to the evolving world and being open to necessary adjustments will be crucial in achieving goals. Lucky numbers for the Horse in March include 2, 5, and 9.


For the Goat, March’s energy may be intense, challenging ideals and aspirations. Finding moments of quiet reflection will be essential to recharge energy and regain focus. Trusting in abilities and having confidence in decision-making will be critical. Lucky colours for the Goat in March include blue, purple, and silver.


March encourages the Monkey to delve into ideals and passions, cultivating a deeper connection with the inner self. Through self-discovery, new insights and perspectives will be uncovered, shaping a life that resonates with the authentic self. Lucky directions for the Monkey in March are west, northwest, and north.


For the Rooster, March highlights the potential for new beginnings. Defining clear goals for the future and being aware of the lasting impact of business decisions is advised. Extending a helping hand to those facing challenges may be required. Lucky numbers for the Rooster in March include 1, 5, and 6.


The Dog may encounter obstacles in March that make them feel trapped. Maintaining a positive mindset and being flexible will be important in overcoming challenges. Despite difficulties in implementing changes, social life and health are expected to improve. Lucky flowers for the Dog in March include the rose and the chrysanthemum.


March brings optimistic energy to the Pig, with life flowing harmoniously. While work energy remains stable, there are better times for significant changes. Managing finances wisely and enjoying relaxation and social activities will be critical. Lucky numbers for the Pig in March include 4, 6, and 9.

In conclusion, March presents a variety of energies and outlooks for the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. By understanding these influences, individuals can navigate the month ahead with greater awareness and make choices that align with their goals and aspirations.

Michele Castle has been a Feng Shui practitioner-consultant for more than 2 decades. Trained by Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong at the Feng Shui Centre in Perth, Western Australia. She is a published author of several books on Feng Shui and a Public Speaker. Michele teaches Feng Shui courses and workshops for beginners and practitioners alike, as well as offering Feng Shui Retreats in Bali and WA and consultations. To connect with Michele click on this link.

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