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Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit, whose docile and diplomatic traits foretell a calmer year ahead.

The Water Rabbit is a speedy creature, an animal of flight. It is also an animal of diplomacy often choosing the path of least resistance. In a situation of conflict, the Rabbit prefers peaceful negotiations to outright battles.

In comparison to the Tiger, the Rabbit is more agreeable, often preferring tact and negotiation over outright hostility. While the Rabbit is less fierce, it is also as cunning as a fox.

Chinese Lunar New Year

In 2023, the Chinese Lunar New Year falls on January 22, but the changeover of the ruling zodiac sign from the Tiger to the Rabbit year will take place on February 4 at 10:43 am. The elements that are present are those that dominate the year and in 2023 the elements are Water and Wood. This also means that there are three absent elements – Fire, Earth, and Metal.

The elements appearing each year are significant because these elements interact with each other and influence the growth of the economy, political situations, climatic changes, and general life.

Water and Wood

The two elements representing this year, are the Water and Wood elements. They have a productive synergy and are superficially deemed as auspicious. It is superficial because of the three missing elements and therefore the cycle of birth is not complete.

The absence of elements in the year chart of 2023 indicates another unbalanced year, suggesting continued instability and disorder. A need to bring things back into balance.  A lack of Metal and Earth, representing Resources and Power, suggests there is a lack of reserves and a deficiency in strong leadership. Respectively, present, ever-evolving challenges despite the year seeming more subdued.

According to the Chinese 5 Element Theory, the Yin Water is akin to raindrops, dewdrops, streams, and the still body of water in wells, ponds, and lakes. Yin is feminine energy. Water is wisdom in the Chinese Five Element Theory and is represented by the colour black or dark blue, and its natal location is the North.


The Water element acts as a resource for the Wood element and it symbolizes growth. However, the drawback is the three absent elements, which indicate that there will be a limitation to how well the economy can perform.

Some industries represented by the Wood element, such as education, horticultural, herbal, fruit, fashion, carpentry, and publishing industries, will have a busier time.

The Rabbit, is the fourth Chinese animal sign in the Chinese Astrology system, belonging to the element of Yin Wood and is represented by the symbol of flowers, grass, vines, and plants.


Based on the Chinese 5 Element Theory, each element also represents different parts of the body, and the Yin Wood represents the liver, the neck, and the backbone. With the absence of the Fire and Earth elements in 2023, illnesses that will be more prominent are those related to the liver, kidneys, veins, neck and back.

Home and Family

The year of the Rabbit is traditionally associated with the home and family. It is also associated with artistic pursuits, diplomacy and keeping the peace.

Feng Shui tips for your home

In 2023 the centre of the Lo Shu grid is occupied by the Flying Star 4. 4 becomes the dominant star of the year, which casts its influence over every person in every sector of every space, in every part of the world. As the Flying Star 4 is the Relationship Star, this suggests that people will get along better with one another and successful new alliances and partnerships can sprout up across the globe. After a year of grappling with power tussles and conflict that have brought on all kinds of problems, working together may be just what is needed for the world to move forward.

To make the most of 2023 you can…

  • Enhance the good luck potential of your home using colours and elements.
  • Place a red carpet or mat at your doorstep to usher in wealth and luck during the first 15 days of the Chinese Lunar New Year (22 January – 5 February 2023).
  • Hang 3 Chinese coins and/or bells on the door handle of your entrance to further attract money luck.
  • Place potted flowers or Chinese Oranges (Kumquats) near your main door or in your living and dining rooms from the 17th of January till the 15th of February 2023. Doing this will improve growth energy as well as usher in plenty of success luck!
  • If your main door faces Southeast, strengthen Fire energy with reds, maroons or orange décor items.
  • If your main door faces Southwest, place plants or use colours that represent wood to renew friendships and enhance networking luck.

Prior to the Chinese Lunar New Year, it is good to be prepared, start by cleaning your home and get rid of all clutter, and put away brooms and brushes. Old brooms and brushes are considered to bring bad luck and therefore new brooms and brushes are very important. Pay off as many of your old debts as possible (If any). Resolve differences with family members, friends, neighbours, and business associates. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, it is good to say Gong Xi Fa Cai to wish friends and colleagues a prosperous New Year. Colour is very important, typically bright colours are considered auspicious, especially red and gold.

Chinese Zodiac – Your Animal sign

While the imagery of the 12 animal signs is an integral part of Chinese Astrology Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi. It is a system that can identify what sort of opportunities and challenges each “animal” may face in the year ahead. Let’s take a sneak peek at how each animal is better to navigate 2023.

  • The Rat in 2023 should seek to be creative, adaptable and flexible. Stay active and optimistic.
  • The Ox should be optimistic, firm and decisive.
  • The Tiger needs to stay focused, optimistic, and avoid risk-taking.
  • Rabbits need to endeavour to be strong, firm and decisive; keep healthy and manage their relationships gently.
  • If you are a Dragon moderate your activities, keep healthy, and concentrate on personal growth.
  • The Snake should be patient, flexible, and creative; and try to stay away from conflict.
  • Horses need to be positive, flexible, and patient; and avoid impulsive actions.
  • If you are a Goat go with the flow, be open to new ideas, and work harmoniously.
  • The Monkey needs to manage emotions and be open to new opportunities.
  • Roosters lay low be consistent and vigilant with your money, and try avoiding impulsive actions.
  • The Dog needs confidence, to stay active and be open to new ideas and
  • The Pig must stay focused, be creative, confident and keep healthy.

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