Your Chinese Astrology for December by Michele Castle


Every month, the ever-changing landscape of Chinese Astrology shapes your thoughts, emotions, and overall well-being. Knowledge is a powerful tool in life’s intricate design, unlocking doors to understanding and guiding you through the maze of possibilities.

Turning the pages of time, let’s explore what December holds, embarking on a journey through the celestial currents of Chinese Astrology, unravelling mysteries, and arming ourselves with the wisdom to navigate the cosmos.

RATS can expect conflicts and irritations due to the Quarrelsome Star this month. Focus on solo hobbies, avoid unnecessary outings, and stay patient to prevent hurting others. Don’t blow minor issues out of proportion to avoid creating enemies. Business interactions should be minimised, as tensions are high. Love relationships may be strained, so watch your moodiness. Prioritise rest and incorporate meditation for balance.

The OX rides the waves of good fortune with cosmic energies favouring you. An excellent month for competitive situations but be cautious of rivals resorting to underhanded tactics. Focus on strengths, navigate risks wisely, and embrace opportunities for financial gain. Career luck soars with recognition and exciting opportunities; stay humble and avoid bragging. Innovative thinking propels you to the top of business, tapping into ingenious ideas and inspiring your team. Love relationships flourish with charm and optimism. Mental clarity boosts health, and talents shine in competitions and endeavours.

TIGER, find success with victory. It energises you for success, making it an auspicious time to pursue ambitious goals. In work, aim for big success, pitch ideas, and seize opportunities for advancement. In business, embrace growth with untapped opportunities and innovative strategies. Love relationships flourish with joyous gatherings and potential romantic sparks. In education, excel academically and explore various activities where your versatility shines. This triumphant month is marked by sharp judgment and the potential for significant achievements.

The RABBIT is prone to health risks and accidents, urging caution in activities. Minimise plans and avoid dangerous pursuits. Postpone extensive travel and, if necessary. In work, prioritise safety over ambition, and handle setbacks thoughtfully to avoid unwise decisions. Business ventures should proceed with caution, avoiding significant changes. Love relationships may face challenges, so postpone new connections. In education, balance socialising and responsibilities amidst lower energy levels.

The DRAGON shines with superb energies surrounding you, dissolving obstacles, attracting opportunities, and bringing the right people into your life. This excellent month is ideal for achieving goals, with mentor luck abundant to open doors and provide valuable advice. You receive goodwill, clear obstacles effortlessly, and may even achieve windfalls in work. Business ventures benefit from heavenly support, allowing you to explore new collaborations and sign contracts. Love relationships thrive, making it an excellent time for socialising and romance. In education, expect success in exams and guidance from mentors, contributing to your growth and experience.

SNAKE success with a boost to wealth, relationships, and success. Auspicious energies support goal achievement, attracting mentors and benefactors. Take risks, as instincts are sharp, and the month is favourable for investments, income boosts, and romantic advancements. In work, close the year solidly, achieving targets and enjoying support. In business, seize opportunities, sign contracts, and expand networks. Love life is vibrant, with social joy and potential for new connections. In education, energised and motivated, success comes easily.

HORSE success, despite low energy, few obstacles and potential success, is possible. Health risks stem from unnecessary risks, so celebrate year-end festivities with well-being in mind. Finish tasks systematically, work smart, and know your limits for a productive month. Enjoy smooth operations, healthy revenues, and swift project conclusions in business. Love opportunities arise, and married Horses can rekindle romance. Health-wise, pay attention to symptoms, and younger Horses should make responsible choices. In education, focus early to overcome challenges during this auspicious period.

Lucky GOATs have love-inducing energies, making you warm and charismatic and enhancing relationships with friends and family. Socialise freely, meet new people, and embrace love opportunities, but be cautious if attached. Money luck returns, allowing confidence in investments and business ventures. Enjoy a pleasant office atmosphere in work, forge new friendships, and focus on charm for promotion luck. In business, embrace social interactions, network, and consider hosting events. Love life thrives, and those in education benefit from excellent scholastic luck, encouraging exploration beyond the comfort zone.

The MONKEY shifts priorities towards happiness and fulfilment, harmonising personal and work relationships. Socialise freely, mend ties, and explore short-term romance, but be cautious if attached. In work, develop solid alliances, showcase talents, and embrace creativity. In business, strengthen connections, follow up on leads, and stay open to valuable opportunities. Romance luck is abundant but beware of temptations and infidelity risks. Enjoy scholastic luck with clarity and focus on education, making it a delightful month for young Monkeys in school and university.

The ROOSTER is blessed in December with positive energies, removing obstacles and accelerating success. Let the favourable energies work their magic in relationships and decision-making. In work, efficiency and excellence lead to career advancements but beware of jealous colleagues. Business flourishes with publicity, great returns in marketing, and persuasive negotiation skills for big contracts. Festivities bring happiness, making it a good time for single Roosters to mingle. Be cautious in relationships, avoiding unsuitable partners. For those in relationships, consider taking things to the next level, as it’s an auspicious month for weddings. In education, seize opportunities to hone skills, impress critics, and stay humble to benefit from elder advice.

DOG The holiday season brings delightful energies for the DOG, allowing relaxation and recharging. Wealth, luck, and harmonious relationships abound. Your career sees a turning point with promotion, luck, and appreciation. In business, revenues improve, making it a productive time for new projects and agreements. Love life flourishes with opportunities to enhance relationships but embrace the natural progression. Education thrives with steady efforts, and a sense of humour builds friendships, reminding the Dog to support friends in need.

PIG An excellent month lies ahead for the PIG, with recognition, rewards, and applause for your efforts. Wealth and relationship luck are favourable, making it a fortunate period. Prioritise tasks in work and career for efficient and productive outcomes. In business, choose a supportive team and focus on meaningful progress. The romantic side of you emerges, and family bonds strengthen. Achieve balance in education and explore diverse activities for a fulfilling life.

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