Children of Conflict


Children of Conflict is a powerful, classical work of music. Over six movements it touches the very soul, as it brings home the senseless, destructive hopelessness of War, of conflict; the wider effect, the long term grief, despair and tragedy which eventually changes nothing.

Born into life by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra the suite, all be it a short suite, is coupled with images which are powerful, poignant and not easily forgotten. People, who before the destruction of Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine began had very different lives, families, homes, tell the story all too well.

The faces of the orchestra as they create each piece reflect the true emotion of the songs being performed. Very real emotion is written on them for all to see. For them, it is more than just music. It is hope, a voice, reaching out through music; through the medium they know best to tell all who would listen a story of hope and despair woven together.

Prologue contains the the words Fear, Destruction, ‘it was clear nothing and no one would be spared’. Epilogue holds the spoken words Fate: Despair: for the present, are where the opportunities of the future, unwind’ . Hauntingly beautiful and immensely powerful words.

To truly appreciate the powerful message contained within Children Of Conflict, it is vitally important to watch the captivatingly haunting video’s while the music unfolds.

Peter Xifaras releases this work on August 5. Best viewed on a big screen or even a small screen the images create the picture, the music, full of sadness with hidden beauty, brings home the message.

Album Trailer :

SIX movements to bring attention to the plight of children of conflict around the globe.

Released               August 2022
Artists                   Peter Xifaras composer: Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

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