Carbon-neutral Cereals and Climate Action


Is environmental consciousness on the rise? Discover how a new Bryon Bay initiative is helping us invest in our health and the planet.

When some of the brains behind three iconic Byron Bay businesses get together to launch a new initiative, the result is carbon neutral cereals that are good for your gut and the environment.

Co-founded by the makers of Byron Bay’s Brookfarm, We, the many*’ has launched a new range of NO CO2-certified carbon-neutral, nutrient-dense breakfast cereals formulated from functional ingredients to optimise personal health. Built on a sustainable business model, the business will invest 50 per cent of profits into climate-positive solutions including regenerative agriculture, wind and solar farms, recycling technology and forest regeneration.

Crunch with a cause

The founders of ‘We, the many*’ include the Brook family—Pam, Martin and their sons Will and Eddie—from Brookfarm and Cape Byron Distillery; and Brad Rogers and Jamie Cook, two of the co-founders of Stone & Wood.

“While all three companies have strong environmental ethics and credentials, we wanted to create a movement where climate change is a key business driver rather than an afterthought,” explains Will Brook.

Following initial seed funding to get the project off the ground, We, the many* launched an Indiegogo campaign to help underwrite its first project.

“Indiegogo gives supporters the chance to join the initiative at the ground level and enable us to make our first climate positive investment,” says Brook. 

 Getting to the guts of gut health

Gut health has become such a hot topic—and for good reason—as it’s critical for all aspects of physical and mental health.

 “Starting your day in the healthiest way possible is vital to optimising your wellbeing,” says Pip Taylor, a leading nutritionist working with We, the many*. Pip is also the Performance Sports Dietitian at Brisbane Lions FC. “I’m proud to be collaborating with three iconic Byron Bay brands to help Aussies invest in their health.”

“Diet plays a crucial role in our overall health,” she continues, “and while lots of claims are made in this space, there are few ingredients that really hold up to the promise of improving and supporting gut health as well as green banana resistant starch.

“Made from green lady finger bananas, it is rich in prebiotic fibre to promote growth of healthy gut bacteria, which in turn supports a healthy immune system and gut function; regulates digestion, blood sugar control and hunger – helping you feel fuller for longer.”

 The first range of gut and planet-friendly granolas and porridges will use prebiotic green banana resistant starch for gut health, antioxidant rich beetroot for sports performance and turmeric, with 95 per cent curcumin for anti-inflammatory properties.

Experts tell us it’s also a good source of 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), which works to increase production of serotonin— in turn critical for improving sleep and boosting mood, as well as a range of key minerals— potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese.

Research shows green banana starch can improve blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

“Green banana starch is a something so easy to include on a daily basis to reap all the health and cognitive benefits,” says Pip.

Make better choices for your health and the planet

 The creators of We, the many* are hoping to get people to start their day with day a carbon-conscious crunch. The full range of carbon-neutral cereals is on the way and you can follow the Indiegogo campaign and find out more about this initiative, which was born out of a movement to help Aussies contribute to climate action and make better brekkie choices.


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