Deduct Your Home by Frank Genovesi


Why a Home Business Offers So Many Significant, Immediate and Lasting; Business, Taxation, Wealth and Lifestyle Benefits.

Did you know that ongoing deductions can easily amount to tens of thousands per annum on your swimming pool, stunning gourmet alfresco, dream kitchen, luxury bathrooms, home theatre and more?

Frank Genovesi has re-set the playing field so you can allow the seemingly impossible to become your new everyday reality and thereby to have you Set Up For Life®. 

  • Get A Partial Or Full Tax Deduction For Your Home Loan Interest
  • Get A Partial Tax Deduction For Your Other Property Expenses 
  • Pay Little Or No Capital Gains Tax At Sale
  • Wipe Out Your Mortgage 
  • Reduce Business Costs 
  • Cut Personal Debt 
  • Build Wealth 
  • Slash Tax


Frank Genovesi is a Visionary financial, taxation and real estate practitioner who has an exceptional grasp of Australia’s relevant intertwined legal, financial, taxation and various governance and regulatory systems. In this book, he reveals many opportunities for simultaneous wealth and lifestyle enhancement. He explains how to Navigate Australia’s Business, Financial and Tax Systems and live in the best house in the best area possible, at the lowest possible cost!

For more information go to or call Frank 0410 283 211 The book is available here

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