Balancing Emotional Labor and Self-Reflection: Navigating the Path to Inner Growth


As most people know I’m a big proponent of emotional work. I definitely believe that if you don’t feel you can not truly know what’s going on within you and heal.

But feeling work without an awakened sense of self or a strong I am – can be a never-ending pit of emotions.

Your feelings must give you access to wisdom, and wisdom how I see it – is your capacity to think, evaluate, understand, grow and change.

So what is the biggest gift that this time offers us? It’s to strengthen our thinking and start to self-reflect.

Most of us live our lives through a particular point of view. That point of view has both great benefits and great limitations. We have to move beyond right and wrong and stretch ourselves to enter into new perspectives. A great question to ponder is, ‘What if I could truly see something of great benefit from my partner’s or child’s perspective?’

In the last several weeks I have consciously been practising truly listening to my children and my partner and then going away and giving myself time to review how I have responded to them – not just now but over the years. How my response has helped them and how it has limited them.

It has been very revealing and incredibly humbling.

In slowing down my busy life I’ve had an opportunity to begin to become conscious of so many old, unconscious ways of behaving.

The other day I was acknowledging a lot of things that I have observed in myself that I’m ready to work on with my son.

Of course, he said that he has been trying to bring my attention to those things for years. I told him that in certain areas I have been slow and very resistant to grow but I’m stronger now and more ready. As it takes sooo much time and willingness to honestly look at your whole biography again and again. Not to judge but to identify where you have stunted your growth and then to use your will to grow.

In this honest sharing – I was able to hear him more. And then in sharing my struggles give him a possibility to see his own from a new perspective. It was not the easiest experience but it was a profound step forward.

I have noticed that many people want to find an end date for their growth. And there isn’t one. This conversation didn’t heal my son and I. It gave us more possibility of honesty, getting to know each other and keep moving towards openness, lovingness, kindness, and maturity and in that deeper healing.

If you look at my book, The Secret Language of Your Body – I’m not just describing thoughts, feelings and actions that cause a particular ailment. I’m describing how certain personality traits harbour and create a home for physical, energetic mental and emotional conditions. Your job is to strengthen your sense of Self – your I am and to enter into the process of self-honesty and face the traits that have caused you to be sick and then transform them into those that make you well. This has been my lifelong exploration.

I share a lot of my struggles on social media because I want you to feel like there is always more to discover and no one has worked it all out – no matter how many books they have written. We are all in the process of growing and evolving. This journey is a profound one and needs to be embraced with all of your inner being as it leads to the most beautiful inner riches you can imagine. But to find your truest beauty you must be willing to face your ugliness.

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