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According to the creators of The Astrology Collective, this online learning platform is aimed at people who wish to access their higher love, wisdom, and intuition through a deeper understanding of astrology. This site hosts courses, talks, and other tools for self-development that can be enjoyed by users on a variety of levels. By providing community among like-minded individuals who share a passion for learning about astrology, The Astrology Collective aims to help people to overcome their life’s challenges and grow.

It brings together astrologers offering differing perspectives such as archetypal, Jungian, mythological, and medical astrology as well as esoteric astrology. There are monthly talks, articles, and courses available from beginner to advanced levels.

The Astrology Collective is the brainchild of Lynette Malone

Lynette has been practising as an astrologer since the age of 16 years when she quickly learned how to cast a chart and the simple meanings of signs.  But she knew there were deeper meanings yet to be found. She developed a passion for esoteric astrology which is all about exploring the soul self in relation to universal consciousness, through reading the works of Alice Bailey. Lynette realized that she too was aligned with the Path that works with understanding the energy that takes us to greater light, clarity, love, and right relationships with our fellow beings.

As a teacher and a writer Lynette has also been inspired by the books of Liz Greene, Richard Tarnas, Steven Arroyo’s: Astrology, Karma and Transformation, and the many Jungian thinkers and speakers of our times.

Lynette has a B. A Dip Ed.  She is also committed to supporting other astrologers, has a Diploma of Astrology with the FAA, and is the secretary of the FAAWA.  She considers life her greatest teacher, describing herself as someone who has have lived, loved, lost, fallen down, gotten up again, looked into the dark, and struggled to the light – in short, a person like everyone else

Lynette’s partner in co-creating the platform is Zane Stein .

Zane says that he made the most important discovery of his life through astrology: when he realized that he is much more than just this mind and body but is also a soul, connected to, and one with, the larger soul of all humanity.

Zane sees astrology as a valuable roadmap, showing how he can be of service to the whole of humanity, and in doing so, share the deep love of the Creator.

Zane is known for his pioneering research on the minor planet Chiron and is considered the astrological authority on it.  He published the first book on Chiron, and in 2020 he published “Chiron, Healer and Wholemaker” which has been called “THE Chiron book for the 21st Century.  He has given talks throughout the US and Australia, as well as in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Mexico.


The focus of the Astrology Collective is on integrating body, personality, and Soul.

In these times of intense challenge and change, the co-creators of the Astrology Collective feel there is an urgency for the work needed to heal, individually and collectively. In order to be unified in hope, love, and wisdom it is first necessary to clear the veils of our personal and collective illusions that prevent us from standing firmly in the light.

The aim of the Astrology Collective team, therefore, is to provide such a space where participants can explore astrology as a tool for self and soul development. Beginners to advanced are all welcome. A membership is planned to be available soon and Lynette is holding Meetups in Perth and Online. There is also an active Facebook group.

An exciting program of monthly webinars is already scheduled from April to November.

The topics featured are the Esoteric Significance of Easter, Astrology, and the Spiritual Ascent, Planets in Solar Returns, The Deeper Meaning of the Fifth House – A Jungian Perspective, The Saturn Experience, Lunar Lords and the Fractal Nature of Esoteric Astrology, Pisces to Aquarius: Wisdom Traditions and Transformation of Consciousness, Elemental Ruminations: Alchemical Fire and An Introduction to Archetypal Astrology.


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