October Astrology with Rachel Lang


October is one of the most dynamic months of the year and we can thank the relationship between dwarf planets Eris and Pluto for the energy being stirred up in the cosmos right now.

Last year, Pluto and Eris challenged each other several times, starting in January. They conclude their dance this month in an exact square on October 8, but Mercury and Mars will activate this ongoing storyline on October 1 and 21, respectively. So, this will be a big theme for the month.

Pluto is a planet of evolutionary change, and Eris is named after the goddess of discord. Astrologically, she represents disruption for social change. Together, these two symbolize some of the more significant societal shifts that we’ve been experiencing, especially with movements to end racism and white supremacy.

Between October 7 – 21, we have a build-up of energy between the Sun conjunct Mars transit on the 9th, and the Mars square Pluto, opposite Eris transits on the 21st. Because Mars is in the sign of its detriment, we need to release that energy intentionally. These transits could intensify any ongoing challenges or conflicts you are experiencing in your life or that we see in the world. Realize unwanted change can lead to freedom– there are gifts in it all. You could be motivated to take action or take a stand. Yes! Go for it! You can access the courage to overcome those fears this month.

Mercury is going retrograde until October 18. We are also looking at the past to revisit decisions that we made when we were more unconscious. 

After the 18th, Saturn Pluto, Jupiter, and Mercury will all be going direct, giving us the sense we can move forward on plans that we’ve had on hold.

Mars in Libra shows a stalemate in some of the more conflictual situations in our lives until October 30. Perhaps peace is the answer — Mars in Libra says it is! This influence emphasizes diplomacy, tact, and negotiation in our relationships and more public expressions.

The new moon on October 6 sets the stage for a new beginning in matters of love. Libra is the sign of balanced partnerships, but striking a balance takes effort in Libra season. Sometimes, we find equilibrium by going to extremes.

On October 7, Venus enters freedom-loving Sagittarius, and we crave social interactions. Love seems a little lighter. We can find enjoyment in simple everyday activities, and we’re not plunging the depths as we were when Venus was in Scorpio.

Because Mercury is retrograde in Libra, the sign of relationships, we’ll feel this in our love lives, friendships, and interpersonal communication. We want to be honest with ourselves, knowing our limitations. We want to be honest with others and avoid people-pleasing or behaviors that compromise our integrity.

On October 15, a Sun trine Jupiter transit fills us with a sense of hope in the middle of the month’s intensity. Then, on October 20, the Aries Full Moon brings us lessons in self-love. After Mercury retrograde, we will have new insights about ourselves in relationships. This Full Moon punctuates all of that growth and fires up our inner warrior. During this Libra season and Mercury retrograde, one of the big challenges will be setting healthy boundaries for yourself and within relationships. This Full Moon can punctuate all of that and help you be clear about what you need to eliminate in your life or how you allow others to limit you.

The moon will conjunct Eris and activate the Pluto/Eris square hours before it opposes the Sun on the 20th. So, expect it to be a day for powerful words and dedicated actions.

On October 22, the Sun enters Scorpio, and we enter a new solar season. Toward the end of the month, Mars also enters Scorpio. As we head into November, it’s time to integrate all of the shifting, growth, and healing October has to bring.

Your Horoscope for this month

Aries (March 21-April 19): 


Eris is a dwarf planet named for the goddess of discord. The astrology of Eris represents disruption for social change. On October 8, Eris and Pluto challenge one another, closing a storyline they started in January 2020. Because Eris is shining in your sign, your inner warrior is on guard, ready to advocate for others or speak out against injustice. 


With Mercury going retrograde in your opposite sign until October 18, communication is a theme in relationships. If you feel misunderstood by someone close, try to see things from their perspective rather than engaging in a contest of wills. During Mercury retrograde, it’s helpful to be transparent, honest, and open-hearted. This cycle affects romantic relationships. If you are single, nostalgia could inspire you to reach out to an ex or contemplate past decisions in relationships. Resist blaming yourself for choices you made when you didn’t know what you know now.

With Chiron moving through your sign, you could also recall past hurts in a way that allows you to forgive and release the energy. The Full Moon in your sign on October 20 highlights the potential for healing on all levels– body, mind, and spirit. After the Sun enters Scorpio on October 22, you can deepen healing through therapeutic processes. By then, you will feel more relaxed as we head into the last part of the month. On October 30, your ruling planet Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio, a sign that’s much more comfortable for you, offering a burst of energy and passion as we head into November.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): 

You’re earning your vacation days as Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, challenges your sign. With Mercury going retrograde in Libra, you might feel bogged down by duties, schedules, or other details of life. All of this means your time might not seem like your own. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by it all, see those strings of connection as expressions of love that make your life rich with meaning.

Mercury is retrograde until October 18, suggesting it’s time to prioritize managing the logistics of your schedule. If you have been less disciplined about your physical routine, this would be a good time to get back on track. 

An “all work and no play” mindset comes with a few perks. With the extra attention you’ve put towards achieving professional pursuits, you could solidify a business relationship, secure a new client, or launch a project. Anything you endeavor to start could take time to launch. Still, once it does, it will produce successful outcomes, especially around October 15, when the Sun aspects expansive Jupiter in your career sector. 

The Sun enters your opposite sign of Scorpio on October 22. Rebel planet Uranus will also be in your sign, meaning you’re looking for the me in us. Enter cautiously into any new romance, especially on October 30, staying in integrity and true to your deepest desires. As the month begins, you might reflect on what kind of healing you can do to have healthier, more satisfying relationships. Developing self-love is the key to all lasting relationships.

Gemini (May 20-June 20): 

In the 1988 movie, She’s Having a Baby, Kevin Bacon’s character says, “You’ll be happy, you just won’t know it, that’s all.” I often think of that line when nostalgia sets in, and it could be a mantra for you this month. We can look back and idealize the past, forgetting that things were less than ideal at the time. This reflection takes place in the area of love this month, especially if you think back to times when you felt freer than you do now. The solution? Bring back the Joie de Vive— playfulness, fun, and romance. The New Moon on October 6 opens a portal to creativity and inspiration. While it might not be possible to start something new, gather information. 

Mercury is Retrograde until the 18th, and this cycle facilitates healing because it allows you to face repeating patterns. As you encounter circumstances similar to ones you’ve experienced before, you can make more conscious decisions. 

On October 18, life moves forward again after a retrograde pause. New beginnings abound. All you have to do is allow them in. Luck is on your side with Jupiter in a favorable aspect with the Sun on October 15. From October 10-18, you could reach completion for any initiatives you’ve had in the works.

On October 22, the Sun enters Scorpio and awakens your inner investigator, helping you uncover the keys to health and wellbeing. Creative inspiration runs high all month long. Feel your deepest intention with your whole heart. Align your mind, body, and soul. Then, trust. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22): 

Have you ever watched a crab at the beach? They’re fascinating– the way they tuck themselves into crevices of rock formations along the shore or bury themselves in the sand. Borrowing from this symbolism, we might similarly think of your sign this month. With Eris and Pluto challenging one another and Mercury Retrograde, the currents of energy moving through the atmosphere could feel like ocean waves rocking against the shore. Where do you feel most safe? Lean into the stable forces in your life like home and family, friends, and creature comforts, especially around the New Moon on October 6. 

Home renovation projects could be underway until October 22. What can you do to make your space more adequate for your needs? October is a favorable time to close a real estate deal but wait until after October 18 to put your home on the market.

Mercury Retrograde until October 18 conjures nostalgia. This year, we have been reimagining beliefs that have become limiting forces in our lives, and in doing so, changing patterns. You might rethink some of your early experiences with more clarity.

The Full Moon on October 20 calls you out on stage, and you could learn of a career opportunity. On October 22, the Scorpio sun illuminates pathways to happiness. What keeps you from feeling joyful in the everyday experiences of your life? Throughout the last part of the month, your playful enthusiasm will be contagious to those you love.  

 Leo (July 23-August 22): 

“What are you going to do about this?” Does it feel as if the universe is presenting you with new puzzles to solve? Your decisions will lead to actions, and taking those steps will help you resolve any uncertainty in your life. Surround yourself with people who cheer for you, especially on October 6, when the New Moon highlights creative problem-solving. 

Mercury is retrograde until October 18, helping you refine self-expression. Does fear of judgment keep you from speaking from your heart? Is your inner editor working overtime? If so, try ways to make peace with your uncensored self. You have so much to say, and your words have meaning for this time. 

The Aries New Moon on October 20 lights up the possibility for travel. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a longer journey, stepping away from your routine can help you shift patterns in your life. 

After October 22, you see your living space with a fresh perspective as you reflect on your childhood home and neighborhood. You might wish to make aesthetic or structural changes but proceed with caution. Ask whether your designs reflect the larger currents of change moving in your life or if they remind you of the past. 

Saturn in your opposite sign highlights commitment in relationships, but it could come with a test of faith around October 10. After October 18, most planets will be going direct, energizing you for love, career, and all areas of life. You’ll feel the momentum throughout the last quarter of the year. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22): 

Friction creates energy and facilitates change. The month activates your inner revolutionary as Mercury, Pluto, and Eris meet in a challenging configuration on October 1. Any tension you feel until October 6 helps spur changes in your life. You’re ready to drop all facades and deepen self-expression in your relationships and career. 

You can’t make big changes without a sturdy base. In your case, it’s a financial one. The New Moon on October 6 spotlights economic matters, and you could receive news about a business opportunity. Exercise caution in all money-related decisions as Mercury moves retrograde until October 18. If you wish to generate more income at this time, review past ideas and see if any of them could become successful endeavors. 

During Mercury retrograde periods, we make more in-depth observations, and this is the spirit that will carry you throughout the month. Realizations about your early foundation could help you gain insights into how your sense of self-worth affects the flow of income into your life. You’ll also see the interconnection of love and money in your life. 

Check in with your intuition and access guidance to help gain perspective. People from your past could come back into your life. Stay attuned to the present moment.

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22, highlighting communication. It’s also a good time to learn something new. Have your writing journal close by to jot thoughts, dreams, or visions. With a razor-sharp mind at the end of the month, take any skill to a whole new level. 

Libra (September 23-October 22): 

Let’s talk Libra-to-Libra. As you head into birthday season, you face a choice– to decide it will be an excellent year or cling onto the past and stay in a holding pattern. You can thank Mercury retrograde in your sign (until October 18) for this reflective start to a new solar year. With Mars moving through Libra, you are reawakening power and using it to direct the course of your life now and in the future. Mars is the planet of protection, and its influence helps you reinforce boundaries. So, self-determination could be a theme throughout the month, especially as you revisit themes of people-pleasing and indecision during the Mercury retrograde cycle. 

Leading up to the New Moon on October 6, you could learn of a professional opportunity, and see a financial gain after October 22. Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 7, indicating your words have persuasive power. Your mind is sharp and active, and you’re ready to express yourself in new ways.  

Mars moves through your sign until October 30, activating your inner warrior. Along with that, Pluto, the planet of evolution, challenges Eris, the planetary disruptor for social change, throughout the month. If you have something to say, speak up! Holding back or people-pleasing won’t be comfortable during this time.   

The Sun shines in your sign throughout the month until October 22, helping you feel radiant and alive. Because of this, you could draw new people into your life. Focus on appreciation and gratitude to preempt disagreements, especially around the October 20 Full Moon. 

 Scorpio (October 23-November 21): 

It can be hard to sit with ourselves when the waters aren’t smooth sailing. Mercury goes retrograde until October 18, pulling you back into the past to explore your heritage, childhood, and anything hidden in the subconscious realm. As emotions ebb and flow, rest and be still, pausing to take action. You may need to wait out the storm on dry land before setting off on your next adventure. As memories, realizations, and truth bubble to the surface, they engage you in a time of deep healing. 

The Full Moon on October 20 shines the clarity you need to gain perspective. Attend to your health and honor your body’s needs. 

Then, on October 22, the Sun enters your sign and signals the start of your season. The Sun shines a spotlight on you whether you’re ready for it or not. If others don’t find the same intrigue in plumbing their depths as you do, don’t let them stop you.

Financial arrangements in relationships could be a focus at the end of the month, especially on October 26, when life circumstances ask you to take a practical approach to fulfill professional goals. 

Mars is in the sign of its detriment, Libra, and you could be more indecisive in romantic relationships. If you meet someone new, keep the affair light and have fun. If you are in a relationship, revisiting a past situation offers clarity. Mars moves into your sign on October 30 to clear any uncertainty and fill you with vigor for moving ahead in all areas of life. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): 

Venus enters your sign on October 7 and encourages you to take life a little less seriously by making time to socialize, doing something just for fun, or enjoying a break from the routine. The Libra New Moon on October 6 highlights friendships and community, making this a favorable time to connect, collaborate, and join forces with others to achieve greater success than you could all alone.   

Your attention could be scattered if you’re not intentional about how you focus your energy. The key to meeting long-term goals lies in your ability to concentrate on the task at hand without running off to start something new. So, stand still and commit to one thing at a time, resisting the urge to divide your attention. As your ruling planet Jupiter stations direct on October 17, you can prioritize without decision-making pressure. 

On October 18, Mercury goes direct, leaving its three-week retrograde cycle. For you, this could mean clarity about challenging friendships and social connections. You could reconnect with someone from your past early in the month, which could spark romantic feelings. If you’re single, the Full Moon on October 20 could mean the start of a romantic possibility.  

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22, shining its light on hidden truth. If you have realizations about any aspect of your life early in the month, allow yourself to move forward steadily. By October 30, you will be ready to take more significant steps to implement change. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19): 

As the weather turns colder, it’s natural that we think back on warmer days and seasons past. Lean into that inclination now. You may need to review past decisions with Mercury retrograde until October 18. Life circumstances often repeat themselves, and each time they do, you have an opportunity to make wiser choices. 

Saturn stations direct on October 10, setting your work in forward motion. Professionally, you could receive favorable news at the beginning of the month, especially if you seek a change. The New Moon on October 6 highlights recognition and achievement. Be sure to soak up the spotlight and enjoy your moment. On October 15, the Sun and Jupiter aspect favorably, offering luck in pursuing professional goals. You could see the potential for new streams of income. 

While your career and public life steal the show this month, home will certainly pull your focus. The Full Moon on October 20 shines a spotlight on family matters, and you could feel a sense of obligation to your loved ones. The next day, a challenging aspect between Mars, Pluto, and Eris allows you to instigate positive changes in how you exercise boundaries in your core relationships. 

You focus on goals and work at the beginning of the month, but thoughts shift to personal connections after October 22. Keeping with Mercury Retrograde’s theme of review, look to your existing networks for new beginnings rather than forging new friendships. Acquaintances could become better friends, and love connections could evolve from friendships. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18): 

With Jupiter, the planet of faith, moving through your sign, you can manifest more opportunities in work and life. Jupiter inspires us to adjust our beliefs to shift our consciousness, and that’s when real, lasting changes occur. Sometimes, though, you have to travel through doubt to arrive at faith. On October 17, Jupiter starts moving forward after being retrograde. Allow yourself to question your limiting beliefs and let your intuition guide you to a brilliant new beginning. 

The New Moon on October 6 inspires your sense of adventure and travel. You are motivated by freedom, and this lunation could bring you in touch with what that means. If guilt or shame weighs you down, set an intention to free yourself of it by practicing radical acceptance of yourself and your past experiences. 

Mercury is going retrograde until October 18, highlighting communication in relationships. If you find conflict exhausting, do you sometimes resist speaking your mind? Have you been avoiding a difficult conversation? If so, engage with courage and speak up. You can gain more awareness about your patterns in all relationships, and this is the first step in shifting consciousness toward real, lasting change in your love life.

The Full Moon on October 20 encourages self-expression, which paves a path for career opportunities at the end of the month. After October 22, you have an expanded capacity for accomplishing goals. With Venus in Sagittarius, the key to success in any endeavor will be collaborating with others and being open to their ideas.

 Pisces (February 19-March 20): 

In mythology, Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fate, directed the course of events in life by spinning a wheel. Our mindsets have evolved since ancient times, and today, we understand the power of choice and free will. Still, unexpected circumstances lead us to wonder about the interplay of fate and destiny. This month draws you into these mysteries and invites you to take a deeper look, especially on October 6 when the Libra New Moon pulls you inward for self-reflection. 

Mercury is going retrograde until October 18, making this a time to renew promises you made to yourself long ago. Pay attention to your dreams or any internal messages early in the month, offering a chance to let go of fear. During Mercury retrograde, your mind may be preoccupied with finances. You and your partner could have discussions about how to strategize future projects and plans. If you have had any recent financial stressors, take steps toward economic freedom with the Full Moon on October 20. It illuminates financial opportunities and shows a time for brainstorming earning, investing, and saving strategies. 

After October 22, life feels like one grand adventure, and travel is possible at the end of the month. If you’re involved in a relationship, you could decide on a trip to change your routine with your partner. In doing so, you could also discover ways to shift old patterns. Be open to changing any expectations you have of your partner; allow them to surprise you.


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