Intuitive Energy Medicine


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Energy Medicine Sessions – Tracking, Alignments, Education, Biofield imaging.
Also address Stress, Trauma and Nervous System Regulation with Strategies, Tools, and Techniques.
The work moves between the physical and energetic understandings of the human systems.
In person or online – distance is no problem.
30min $80 power call,  full sessions $180

Starting in February 2019 – Introduction to Eden Energy Medicine workshops .

The foundation of energy medicine is a self care system. Boost your immune system, increase vitality and improve your wellbeing. Gain practical techniques to instantly address the invisible stressors and regulate your Nervous System for physical and energetic health and wellness.

You will learn the relationship between subtle energy and the body via hands on demonstrations, and gain a collection of tools to balance and calm your stress reaction, promote wellbeing and reprogram your own body’s response to stress.

MSG Cynthia via the contact page at  or Email expressions of interest for classes and workshops to [email protected]
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