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Conscious Living is leading the way in 
Inspiring Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle Choices that make a Difference .

Health & Wellbeing
Natural health treatments, products, therapies and wellness programs

Organic Food & Nutrition
From organic gardening and farming to nutritious food recipes and diets,

Eco Living
Earth friendly ways of living, sustaining our planet. Community housing, Eco Tours & Retreats.

Growth and Education
From education to coaching – courses and services for personal and professional development.

Heart Conscious Business & Enterprise- Combining the science of business with authentic purpose driven and heart centred approaches.

Spirituality and Consciousness  Psychic and Spiritual Development

Creative Arts  Authors, Musicians, Artists who provide direct experiences of the infinite nature of life on Earth and the universe.

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Expo|Online Magazine|Print Program|Radio/Video Podcast | Social Media| Newsletter

#1. Face to Face Exhibiting Presenting

Conscious Living Expo has a loyal following of over 4,000 visitors in Perth since it has been established in 1988

Living Well in WA Expo now in its 3rd year attracts over 3,000 visitors who are seeking better health, food and wellbeing .

Showcase your business and grow your client list by exhibiting, presenting a talk or workshop and be featured in the Expo Program which has a print circulation of 15,000.  More Information

Enquire Here receive a FREE Guide to Exhibiting Success

#2 Online Magazine

Have an an Article / Profile / Event/ Editorial  published on website with links to your video / website /facebook.

  • Your editorial is featured on the Front Page of the Magazine website for 1 month  after which time it remains permanently within our article archives. Your biographical and contact details, web link and email will be included in an info box at the end of the editorial. A teaser to your editorial is included in the e Magazine . Your editorial  remains on the Magazine website boosting your links on google. See Sample   

Editorial  300-500 words  + Image and live links to website and facebook page with contact details . Included  Shared on social media and to our e Magazine Readers

$295 + gst    ORDER HERE

Featured Event Profile  250-300 words  + Image + contact details featured in What’s On on the Front Page and included in the e Magazine – + facebook post shared with our social media groups.

$225 + gst  ORDER HERE

Advertise your course/business/book/retreat with a Banner Ad 

  • You can link  your product or service with a particular article or run a campaign on the front page of the website.

Horizontal Header Ad –  On front page (600 pixels wide x 140 pixels High ) $125 per month  ORDER HERE

Square Banner Ad  (300 x 300 pixels) displays on the front page of the website $75 per month ORDER HERE

Horizontal Leaderboard (720 pixels W x 90 pixels H) displays  on all pages of the website $195  per month ORDER HERE

In Article – MINI Advertisement – displays below a particular article $95  ORDER HERE

#3.  Radio/ Video Interview

Here is an exciting opportunity to present your personal and business profile. Engage the Living Well Radio audience with a 20-30 minute interview professionally recorded and broadcast on Living Well Radio. The podcast of your interview is shared on social media and posted online. Click here to listen.

OR a Video interview which is recorded and broadcast on the Conscious Living Show You Tube Channel with links published on the Magazine and Expo Websites .

$300 + gst  Order Here

#4. Social Media

Your editorial will be promoted via Conscious Living Magazine’s Facebook, + and Twitter accounts and shared with Conscious Living Expo FB followers – 7500 + people. We also share our posts in our online groups which reach beyond our own data base.  Click here    to view our FB page.

#5. e Newsletter

Your editorial will be promoted via Conscious Living Magazine’s e-mail newsletter recipients, with image and descriptive text to 8,000+ subscribers.

$225 + gst  ORDER HERE

#6  Expo Program 15,000 in Print!

Your advertising reaches all of our Expo visitors and is circulated throughout the Perth Metro area to health food shops, bookstores, libraries, health clinics and by direct mail to our database. We publish 2 Programs a year – for Living Well in WA and Conscious Living Expo.

Program ADS

Exhibitor Special Offer Advertisement 1/6th Page with FREE Artwork Production  + Bonus FREE  iLead Capture APP                  $195 + gst  ORDER HERE

1/8th Page Advertisement 65mm w x 45 mm      $375 + gst ORDER HERE

1/4 page Advertisement  70mm w x 90mm h       $495+ gst  ORDER HERE

1/2 Page Advertisement  140mm w x 90 mm h    $695+ gst ORDER HERE

Full Page Advertisement 140mm w x 180 mm h   $995 + gst ORDER HERE

Business Marketing Strategy Workshop to hone your offer and lead generation with our Business Mentor and Marketing Coach, Rochelle McDonnell. This workshop is a 1 day event and includes a workbook and a 10 minute one on one coaching session with Rochelle.

#7 Multi Media Editorial Packages

Online Magazine Editorial + Radio   Interview  + Image and live links to website and facebook page with contact details . Shared on social media. An in-depth radio or Video interview broadcast on Living Well Radio . The Podcast is published online and shared with social media.

$595 + gst  ORDER HERE

Online Magazine Editorial + Print Program AD + Radio/Video Interview 

An article or editorial with Images and live links to your website and facebook page with contact details . Shared on social media . An in-depth Radio or Video interview recorded and broadcast on the Conscious Living You Tube Channel or  podcast on Living Well Radio  with links published online and shared on social media.  A 1/8th page advertisement in the Expo Program Print Edition – 15,000 circulation in WA.

BONUS we will also include your editorial or coming events or seminars in the  Magazine e Newsletter – circulated  to 8,000 people normally $225

$895 + gst  ORDER HERE