August! A Fun Ride with Super Blue Moon Event


August starts with a Super Blue Moon event with the full moon in Aquarius rising on the  2 August at 4:31 am EST here in Australia. and culminates on Thursday, 31 August with the Super Blue Moon in Pisces

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August Horoscopes….by Rachel Lang



What a time to be alive! Orca whales and otters are expressing their frustration with ships and surfboarders. Parrots are swearing at zoo visitors. Here, we see models of boundary-setting and examples of resistance in the natural world. What interests are you protecting? We watch as Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Mercury, and Uranus give the appearance of moving backward in the heavens. On Earth, we see things in retrospect. We get the opportunity for a do-over.

On August 1, the Aquarius Full Moon highlights your social life. It’s an excellent time to plan a party or event. If you’re on a fundraising committee, expect a positive turnout around this time. With the Sun in Leo, you’ve got luck, and anyone you meet could become a good friend or benefactor.

Your creative visions could manifest quickly over the next few months. As Mars moves through Virgo, its influence grounds you in processes and procedures. Remember the proverb, slow and steady wins the race, especially on August 22 when Mars opposes Neptune, clouding our judgment about what’s physically possible. Mercury stations retrograde on August 23; you could have minor setbacks or delays. They will smooth over in time; try not to overreact.

Love and romance bring surprises as Venus moves backward through Leo. Keep that in mind if things feel more intense. Retrograde planets show us our illusions, and with Venus, we’re aware of love’s illusions. It’s time to get real with yourself and others. The Sun conjunct Venus aspect on August 13 shows a pathway to healing if you’ve had a recent heartbreak.

It’s a fertile month, too. The New Moon in Leo on August 16 offers creative inspiration and movement.


I heard the hooting of owls outside my window tonight as I started your horoscope. Is it a sign? In my world, everything is a sign. Owls represent wisdom, the ability to see light in the darkness. This month’s astrology urges you to open your eyes to what’s hidden from view. See in new ways, expanding your perception. With several planets going retrograde, you’re deepening awareness and fine-tuning your intuitive sensibilities. The Full Moon on August 1 helps with discernment.

You might feel a strong pull to gather with family members and spend more time relaxing at home. It could be a good time to start a home building or renovation project. Can your home be more like a sanctuary? Set intentions for the ideal, and work toward it with your current plans. On August 23, the Sun enters Virgo and adds encouraged discipline for any home-related projects. Decisions can be clearer at the end of the month.

A new routine begins with the Sun’s ingress into Virgo on August 23. Your back-to-school to-do list might be a little ambitious. Reevaluate and see what you can postpone for a later date. These times can amplify perfectionistic tendencies. Creative expression mediates rigidity. Dance, make art, meditate, take a vacation, or do something else to help release stress.

Mercury in Virgo stations retrograde on August 23, and this influence could inspire the final touches on a creative project. You might find the energy to finish a project on the back burner. Perhaps you want to write, paint, or do something else to express yourself. Indulge that desire, especially on August 30, when the Pisces Full Moon carries you into an altered state of consciousness.


This month feels like a retrospective of your life. You’ll catch glimpses of times past, and you may connect with people who’ve grown distant through the years. With several planets going retrograde, including Venus, you get to integrate past versions of yourself into your present-day reality. The Full Moon on August 1 brings up memories. Let yourself feel the waves of emotion as you reconnect with your past.

We have two Full Moons – the Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 and the Pisces one on August 30. These lunations amplify the emotional energy of the month, making it a time for transformation and renewal. What would you like to create? Set intentions and make space for the implementation of your vision.

Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, and you may feel more introverted. This cycle allows you to explore your roots and see what otherwise may not have been known. Be willing to challenge others’ expectations and lead with the heart in communication. The Sun enters Virgo that same day, making the end of the month a time for family and close friends.

The Leo New Moon on August 16 helps you think in poetry. Your words have more power and influence; step onto the stage and share your ideas. There could be surprise guest appearances or shocking revelations. Keep an open mind, allowing yourself to flow with the energy of change.

Cognitive abilities soar, but not in the way you’d expect. Lean into your creative faculties. Address fears of success or failure, knowing that they’re all relative. What matters most is that you enjoy your life. Love big to help achieve that mission.


The Cancerian need for financial security runs deep. Financial fears could stress you to the core. Consequently, you’re attuned to wise decision-making processes. So, trust your instincts and listen to your favourite financial professions for strategic guidance. You have an innate ability to spend, save, and invest with discernment. With Venus retrograde in your financial sector, you could have the opportunity to revisit past financial decisions.

We have two Full Moons – one in Aquarius on August 1 and the Pisces one on August 30. Powerful lunar energies bookend the month, making it an emotional and revelatory time. We can see into the darkness, clarifying memories or gleaning meaning from past events.

Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, which could lead to delays in launching any new endeavour. For now, take inventory of your skills and experience, laying the groundwork. If you own a business or work in a creative field, market yourself to new audiences after the Sun enters Virgo that same day. Develop a new social media strategy to connect with your tribe online. It’s a good time to meet people.

We are all moving through a catharsis this summer, and so we need to be more compassionate and loving than ever before. (Compassionate toward ourselves, too!) You’re happiest when those you love feel safe and settled, but you don’t have to let your joy hinge on their comfort. Can you separate their longings from yours? Try attuning to your gut intuition, rooting your wants in your own awareness. Boundaries could be a keyword for your month.

Communication lets you glide through conflicts with ease. As Mars enters Libra on August 27, you can bring peace to your family. Your heart opens to discovering ways to receive universal acceptance and love.


You were born with a creative spark; your life purpose is linked to self-expression. If you don’t feel the fiery heat of passion for how you shine your light in the world, you end up in melancholy. So, this month, cast aside doubts – you have the celestial approval to take the reins and charge forward! The Leo New Moon on August 16 offers the invitation.

Your urge to shift aspects of your life may bring an unsettling discomfort. If so, let it lead you toward catharsis, helping you pave new routes along your path. So, if frustration, restlessness, or dissatisfaction burn from within, it’s your cue to change the narrative. As the Sun and Mars activate Uranus on August 15 and 16, you have the courage to claim a new direction.

As the Sun moves through your sign, it calls you to prioritize fun! Bask in its rays and learn how to relax. With Venus retrograde, what you lack in optimism, you make up for in devotion. We can have a more glass-half-empty mindset when the planet of pleasure moves backward.

We have two Full Moons this month – the Aquarius one on August 1 and the Pisces one on August 30. Full Moons can illuminate solutions to challenges, insights, and emotions. Be wary of drama between the Sun’s opposition to Saturn on August 27 and the Full Moon on August 30.

In matters of the heart, you could feel more self-reflective period, especially after Mercury stations retrograde on August 23. Personal realizations could have a profound influence on your relationships. Keep things lively in your love life by adopting a light-hearted approach and infusing as much fun as possible.


Because we are in a world of binaries, many of us learned to evolve and grow through contrast. When overcome with stagnation or discontent, we seek flow and peace. Difficult times allow us to catalyse change. This month’s astrology lets you stew in that polarity until you choose; you can dedicate yourself to happiness. As Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, it calls you to rest and reflect on these themes.

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1 and another Full Moon in Pisces on August 30. With this lunar activity, your emotions could be more extreme. Commit to a spiritual practice that allows you to feel connected to nature and prioritize community-building after August 23.

As Mercury weaves through your sign for most of the month, your words have power. Channel your energy into marketing, writing, promotion, or networking for your business. You could hear of professional opportunities from past associates. So, reach out, schedule coffee chats, and evaluate options.

The Sun enters your sign on August 23, reminding you of the importance of unconditional self-love. Let your inner editor have time off as we celebrate Virgo season, especially on August 27, when the Sun opposes Saturn, the planet of rules and guidelines.

Venus is retrograde for the whole month, helping you re-establish contact with people from the past. Love can spark a spiritual awakening, even if you fear committing to relationships. We are all learning lessons in trust; yours are about trusting your gut. Think of the times you’ve ignored it. Did you have stomach aches or headaches? Those types of physical sensations can signal that it’s time to reinforce your boundaries.


We need a Venus retrograde support group, my fellow Libras! This planetary phenomenon can coincide with relationship mishaps, disappointing dates, or confusion about the past. So, it’s important to remember retrogrades are optical illusions. The situations that pluck our heartstrings or lead us into a daze will likely fizzle after September 3. The mind-blowing, heart-expanding growth will remain.

Two Full Moons bookmark the month. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 illuminates your social networks, casting you as a confidant amongst your friends. Your social engagements may feel obligatory, but you’ll likely feel enriched by the feeling of contributing. Don’t overcommit yourself or exhaust your energy reserves. You’ll need them for the Leo New Moon on August 16, one of the more exciting lunations of the year, thanks to Uranus. The Pisces Full Moon on August 30 pulls you inward for pre-birthday introspection.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 23, making the end of the month a great time to finish projects, declutter, or take some time away. This retrograde cycle brings out your mystical side, and your dreams could be more vivid and full of meaningful symbols.

Between August 13-16, infuse your romantic life with lighthearted fun. Struggling with the aftermath of a difficult relationship? Allow yourself to grieve, process the hurt, and step into the future with a sense of faith. If you’re caught in a loop of questioning your current relationship, stop seeking immediate answers. Instead, examine what aspects of your relationship you can heal. As a Libra, your ability to compromise is like no other. However, when Mars, the planet of individuation, enters your sign on August 27, you feel more resolved in your decisions and more confident in general. Know your no.


You’ve been weaving the tapestry of your life and discerning what new patterns to create. A spark of inspiration could motivate a new calling or sense of purpose. As it moves through your tenth house of career, the Leo Sun shines on new opportunities. Follow your joy and let passion be a guide. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 allows you to differentiate distraction from mission; be willing to let something go.

Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, and Uranus goes retrograde on August 28. These transits slow things down enough to let you catch your breath. Exercise patience and keep everything in perspective at the end of the month. It’s an introspective time, and you may need more rest than usual. It’s also possible that your family could call on you for help.

This month’s unpredictable energies might fuel creative responses to life’s events. The Leo New Moon on August 16 asks you to set intentions regarding how you want to be known. Try a new wardrobe or change up your personal brand to experiment with self-expression. You get to choose.

As Mars activates Neptune on August 22, consider a retreat. It’s a great time to get away and unplug—a real break. You might find it difficult to focus on details at the end of the month because your brain’s right hemisphere – the nonlinear side – is active. The Pisces Full Moon on August 30 amplifies your creative, mystical side. Plan a ritual or sacred experience to soak the energy of this powerful lunation. We have two Full Moons this month, which can be emotionally intense. Take care of your heart and be with people who lift your spirits.


La la la. It’s Leo season. I hope your mind thinks in poetry and your voice belts songs this month. Venus is making her retrograde journey in expressive Leo, urging you to bring more artistry into your everyday life. This energy peaks on August 13 when the Sun meets Venus and shines radiant light on you.

With the planet of pleasure moving backward, resist falling into a melancholic slump. You have to be more creative in love and more relaxed about finances. On August 1, the Aquarius Full Moon could be nostalgic with a twinge of bittersweet emotion. You’re letting something go, and it could feel empty for a while until you have a sense of what’s coming next. (Thank you, Saturn retrograde.)

The Leo New Moon on August 16 motivates a heart-expanding, mind-opening encounter with your higher self. What adventure are you being called to take? Listen for clues. The Sun forms a favourable trine to the North Node on August 19, opening your eyes to the truth in ways you’ve never seen before. Your spiritual catharsis could embolden you to teach, write, or speak.

On August 23, Mercury stations retrograde, slowing the forward movement in your career, which could be a welcomed relief if you want a break. You could be more reflective, but remember, regret is only valuable if it inspires dedicated action

On August 23, the Sun enters Virgo. Let its healing light guide you to discern whether the people you spend the most time with are serving your best interest. It might be time for a social reboot, and when Mars enters Libra on August 27, you’ll understand what this means.


Were you raised to believe hard work is the only path to wealth? Venus says it’s all about relationships, beginning with your relationship with yourself. Venus is retrograde a financial sector of your horoscope, making it a time of financial and career reflection. With finances, you learn important lessons in the relationship between love and money. Do relationships feel transactional? Reimagine them according to what your heart desires – no less. Consider this at the Leo New Moon on August 16, and set intentions.

Opportunities flow as you let go of your need to know the outcome of confusing circumstances in your life. Mercury goes retrograde on August 23, meaning you don’t need specific answers; learn to enjoy the spaciousness of uncertainty. It’s a magical time.

Two Full Moons bookend this month, making it more emotionally revelatory. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 emphasizes finances, while the Pisces Full Moon on August 30 highlights intuition. Let your guiding inner light direct your steps through the fog of the retrograde season. The Virgo Sun is friendly and gives you the gift of organization. Your mind is sharp, and your words are poetic. Share your creative vision with others.

It is a month for planning and preparation. It is also a favourable time to finish projects. The Leo New Moon on August 16 asks you to do some soul-searching. Explore the library of your psyche to file through memories and glean insights about relationship dynamics in your present-day life. You could stumble upon a lost-and-found section there and reclaim an aspect of yourself you thought you had lost. Happiness? Innocence? Freedom? The only way to know is to turn within.


The waters are rough where the ocean meets the sand, but only if you resist the ocean’s pull. If you let your body relax, the water carries you like a buoy to where it’s smooth. Keep this in mind this month as the Leo Sun shines (until August 23). The fixed-sign influences could lock you into a stubborn resolve. Be willing to let go, relax, and flow.

Rebel Uranus starts its retrograde journey on August 28. For part of this month, you might feel like you’ve entered a different dimension. Uranus joins Venus (retrograde from July 22 – September 3) and Mercury, which stations retrograde on August 23. Expect unpredictable and wild news, the reemergence of old friends or past lovers, or afternoons with old photo albums. We’re going through a time of major introspection, especially by the Pisces Full Moon on August 30.

Research shows we can influence our past and future; perception is everything. Keep this in mind between August 22-27, when memories flood your mind. How can you reframe them?

On August 1, the Aquarius Full Moon highlights the urge to change up your look or redecorate your space. What could make you feel more authentic and free? With Venus retrograde, be careful to make slow, conscious changes. Give yourself a “you” day if you can or at least a few selfish hours.

This month offers both challenges and opportunities for your love life. The Leo Sun shines on partnerships and commitments, making it a time to express your desires with your significant other. Remember, healthy, supportive relationships can feel liberating. You don’t have to resist romance if you fear losing autonomy. On August 13, the Sun meets Venus and shows you it’s possible to have both.


Cue up your favourite old-school playlist and have the tissues handy. It’s a retrograde season, with Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury giving us the appearance they’re moving backward. Retrograde periods take us on journeys into the past, where we recruit past versions of ourselves to play a role in our lives today. Integration is the keyword, especially at the Leo New Moon on August 16.

Surprises abound around the Leo New Moon on August 16. As the Sun and Mars both activate Uranus. Find your inner pressure-release valves before that lunation to balance the energy output. Your heart needs more nurturance and compassion.

As the Sun enters Virgo on August 23, consider planning romantic date nights, get-togethers with friends, or taking a chance on a blind date. Your focus shifts from professional growth to personal freedom, and you might join friends for a vacation. Take time off from August 22-27; the break will be a welcome reprieve from an overall busy time.

Saturn has been transiting through your sign, symbolizing a shift in how you express yourself. The planetary parental figure emphasizes responsibility and commitment. You’re growing in so many ways. Keep going! o volunteer for your favourite cause or accept more responsibility from friends and family. Astrological Saturn is a great teacher with important lessons to impart. But it’s like that teacher who gives pop quizzes and exams to ensure you master the material.

It is your time to shine. Saturn is retrograde this month, allowing you to reflect on past career decisions. Hold yourself to a high standard and walk confidently toward your dream.

Rachel Lang studied astrology under the mentorship of some world-renowned astrologers and dedicated herself to the craft. She received certification from the American Federation of Astrologers and is a member of ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. Rachel is the Vice President of the local NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Los Angeles chapter. To read more go to Rachel’s website 


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