Reversing Chronic Inflammation


with Deb Nye-Chart

Deb Nye-Chart talk looks at how our gut health is linked to chronic inflammation  We hope that you find her talk informative.

We apologise – Simon Cairns Video is unavailable.

How to Reverse Chronic Inflammation Inflammation is a natural and healthy defence mechanism in the body. Acute inflammation is generally the result of acute trauma or infection and results in Pain, Redness, Heat and Swelling. Everyone with chronic disease displays high levels of inflammation hence many …itis; Arthritis, hepatitis, gastritis, dermatitis and so on. The process of healing any chronic disease involves identifying the underlying cause, healing a damaged and very likely leaky GUT and addressing chronic inflammation to quickly reduce many of the very uncomfortable symptoms which may include, swelling, pain, reduced mobility, fatigue and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and a brain fog. Deb Nye-Chart, has a special interest in GUT health, as a wellness consultant.She works with people with auto immune diseases, particularly thyroid issues, to reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep and resolve that terrible lethargy. Deb is passionate about food as medicine and the power of real food to improve health for everyone of us. (Filmed at Living Well in WA 9th May 2018)


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