Precision Pyramids Christmas Special


Precision Pyramids is offering a 2m x 2m (base size) x 1.2m (high) portable copper pyramid for $499 until 24th December 2018.

Clients generally experience amplification of energy and a fast theta level meditation state.

Please use coupon ‘Meditation2018’ on the website checkout to apply the discount.

A Precision Pyramid maximises the concentration and alignment of cosmic and “earth bound” particles. When this happens, a magnetic vortex is created.

Some advantages that people have experienced are:

  • faster meditation state
  • deeper, more focused meditation
  • quicker healing
  • more restful sleep
  • reducing headaches
  • pain management
  • increasing mobility of joints
  • reducing stress
  • reduction of depression

Really, every household and business should have a pyramid to ‘harmonize’ common areas.



Contact: [email protected]

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