YOUR HOROSCOPE – December 2018 STARS with Francis Bevan

Full Moon – December 22nd Cancer.
New Moon – 
December 7th Sagittarius.

Mercury the messenger planet turns direct on December 7th in Powerful Scorpio then moves into philosophical Sagittarius on December 13th to January 6th, 2019.
During this transit it conjuncts The Sun and Jupiter, Squares Mars and Neptune, Trines Retrograde Uranus in Aries.

Squares and oppositions are traditionally known to be extremely difficult aspects and when Mercury the planet of thoughts and communication squares off against such powerful planets as Mars, it can make you feel exhausted, making it difficult to view life objectively. In the context of a relationship lack of communication is marring your partnership. It’s as if there is a wall between you, and even when you do try to talk together neither one of you truly understands the other. Confusing Neptune also joins the mix so be very careful of the deceitful and trickster aspect of Mercury.

Be very careful of your valuables as they could easily be lost or stolen. Also, be extremely careful whilst driving, as Neptune’s connection with Pisces makes you want to overindulge in your favorite beverage!! In a word do not drink and drive as you are sure to regret it. Also be wary of overindulging in chocolate and rich food as this will cause digestion problems. As long as you remember the old saying about taking everything in moderation you will easily come through these astrological aspects.

Singles – If you have met someone who attracts you, you should realize that this person may be unable to begin a relationship with you at this time. He or she could be a valued friend, colleague or acquaintance. Certainly, an attraction exists between you, but it could be imbalanced. There is a link between you, but as yet it is tenuous and unformed. Perhaps you are mistaking friendship for romantic interest.

Couples – Mercury Squares Mars indicating imbalance and disharmony at the heart of a relationship, such problems can be solved with love, commitment, and communication. Hanging on tightly to the past can halt future growth. Are you hesitating to make changes because you prefer security above all else? If you resist it too vigorously, you may find your life is disrupted by outside forces in the future.

Career and Finances:
Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and the Sun in Sagittarius, so you can count on luck being with you, as new contacts and stimulating experiences uplift and inspire you to reach for the stars. This is an excellent time to make plans, dream dreams and take a few risks. To make the most of this positive period you must step outside your routine. Remember that even though fortune is smiling upon you, that you must act positively to achieve the rewards she promises.

Mars in Pisces indicates that this may be a rather stressful month which is likely to create confusion and anxiety. Your challenge is to bring your feelings to consciousness now, look fear in the face, and realistically assess what must be done. As Pisces rules the feet you are warned to be very careful when playing sports or exercising so that you don’t overdo things and cause injury to your feet or sprains and strains.

ARIES: March 21st – April 20th

Gather your resources, big tasks and big asks this month will push you to the max! A social first will break fun ground but it may cost a pretty penny. A simmering conflict or old frustration with another could fire up so keep your cool to work through it positively and avoid a clash. Confusing issues may cloud the picture with a long-term endeavor. Take it one step at a time and your questions will be answered. The new Moon on the 7th indicates that socially, this will be a most memorable month. You will meet people who really impress you, who have a position or expertise you admire, and who are charismatic and a joy to be with. This is the ideal time to connect with loved ones who are far away. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates turbulence in personal and family relationships. Also with so many planets in water signs there may be a need to call your local plumber.

TAURUS: April 21st – May 21st

Travel arrangements or a long-distance relationship will need patience as there will be questions and plans to sort out. Going back to a place with special meaning for you will touch a nostalgic chord. Pushing to achieve something you want will test your resolve and sudden requests will also stretch your energies. A friendship may be changeable so try to let the points of accord you share rise to the surface. The new Moon on the 7th indicates that major financial business could arise this month. a project or deal involving a large sum of money could go ahead. There may be a contract or legal issues to organise and important background research to be done carefully and thoroughly. The Full Moon on the 22nd warns you to be careful on the roads as accidents are possible, but can be avoided if you concentrate when driving.

GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21st

Financial loose ends and a matter of long standing will need diligent efforts, dotting every “I” will serve you. Diversions that take you off at tangents will interrupt your plans but they’ll bring encounters and experiences that whet your appetite for more. A career or personal goal will be a challenge calling for a personal best! Don’t let differing ideas from a colleague rev up conflict; seeing both sides will benefit you. The new Moon on the 7th indicates that if you are single, there is such a strong accent on the partnership sector of your chart this month that someone new and attractive should make a sudden, dynamic appearance in your world. If you are already committed an important event for a family member will involve you closely. The Full Moon on the 22nd warns you to be careful with your valuables as there is a possibility that you may lose them or have them stolen.

CANCER: June 22nd – July 22nd

Getting to know the associates or world of a loved one may be a slow process but there’ll be rewarding emotional dividends. An awkward moment or exchange with another may touch a nerve so pause before you respond. A getaway or travel plans will rev up, while it will take a burst of energy to explore any new places. Learning experiences will break down preconceived ideas. It’s time to move forward. The new Moon on the 7th indicates that you will be expressing your talents or work skills in a very different way. Money owed to you should come in. Also, your partner may have some good fortune which will provide more funds to share and enjoy. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that there will be an emotional confrontation to handle diplomatically and patiently.

LEO: July 23rd – August 23rd

A domestic or family endeavor will inch forward and there’ll be wearing aspects to this, but joy in your progress and results. an unusual request from a relative will put you on the spot, while family plans could also twist and turn. Special purchases for your home and family may come from the heart but stress the budget; Know your limits so you don’t overreach. Exploring a different social scene will be an adventure. The new Moon on the 7th indicates that romantic vibes will echo through December. Apart from the magic of ultra romantic dates and the tender togetherness, there could be a solid development in your relationship that takes it to a deeper level. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that you are likely to be feeling a little under the weather which will make you rather moody.

VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rd

Developments in a growing relationship will delight you, while a romantic turn of events will be a joy and a surprise. There will be an introduction to a fun group socially. An issue you feel strongly about could put pressure on an already challenging relationship, to make progress, curb a tendency to overreact or be defensive. You’ll have to think outside the square because of an unusual task or problem. The new Moon on the 7th in the domestic area of your chart makes your home life buzz with activity. There could be new arrangements of commitments to adjust to because of unexpected occurrences. Household chores and family duties will be hard work and will set a fast, strenuous tempo. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that a confrontation with a friend or family member is on the cards, be sure to deal with this diplomatically!

LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rd

A slow-moving domestic project will forge ahead and pouring extra money into it will drive it forward. Something to celebrate will be a jubilant highlight, a romantic date will rev up your love-life and a labor of love may be quite emotional. You’ll go the extra mile with love in your heart to help someone or support a cause. Also, you’ll throw yourself into a health goal and a tough physical task will ask a lot of you. The new Moon on the 7th is the ideal time to buy a new car, a new computer or mobile phone. Romantic happiness will end this year on a high, you will revel in the closeness and intensity of your relationship, there will be social outings and fun occasions to share with your partner. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that frustrating conditions on the career front or a business undertaking will cause agitation and strain, a persistent positive approach will be called for to turn the situation around.

SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22nd

A learning experience will crown a drawn-out undertaking or explain a complex issue with a new understanding leading the way forward. Spontaneous family happenings and an unusual home situation will keep you on your toes. A caring gesture from someone dear will be meaningful, but prickly little differences will test your communication. A project close to your heart will forge ahead after modifications. The new Moon on the 7th indicates a thrilling success or breakthrough on the money front and an interesting business or work opportunity. There will also be numerous financial transactions to attend to. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates tempestuous romantic vibes with someone from a distance. There will be passionate, loving episodes with your partner, but be careful of allowing your insecurities of getting in the way.

SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21stHappy Birthday Sagittarius! You’ll gain something you’ve wanted for a long time, tidy financial details and lay a financial matter to rest that’s been on your mind for some time. An overdue conversation will be an opportunity to ask a nagging question, put an important message across and clear the slate. A family gathering will require thoughtful input, contentious family issues will need soothing and a string of household chores call for effort. The new Moon on the 7th indicates thrilling progress with work and personal undertakings. Extra, money will come in, but there will be large outlays and streams of small expenses that take funds out quickly. You may be a little amazed at how much money you go through and how fast you do so. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that relationships will be hard work this month and you will need to pour a great deal of energy into providing generous support to your partner, family members, friends and colleagues who come to you for counsel and requests for help.
CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20th

A get together too long coming will be a wish come true. The opportunity to shift a changing relationship onto a better footing will be a joy but resolving old lingering issues will take work. A hot debate could suddenly flare this month, don’t let it overheat. A special outing and spontaneous spending will put dents in the savings. Going further afield will push the pace. A new discovery or realization will bring home a lesson it’s time to learn. The new Moon on the 7th indicates that soul-searching will set a tone of serious reflection and analyzing. You will look into your heart, redefine what you want and your priorities, new desires and goals will take shape. You will learn a considerable amount about yourself, your relationships and also conditions in your life through contemplation and meditation. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that sensitive emotional moods are likely as additional family activities and commitments keep you very busy.

AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19th

Bringing plans made a long time ago to fruition will require staying power but niggling problems and uncertainties will resolve and joy and satisfaction will follow! A relationship will take an unexpected turn and keep you guessing. Spontaneous purchases, costs, and an expensive undertaking will be tough on the budget, while a challenging money issue will rev up stress. keep sight of the big picture to make your best decisions. The new Moon on the 7th ushers in a fascinating romantic development and a glamorous social affair. New social experiences bring interesting news and informative knowledge. The Full Moon on the 22nd brings tensions and hassles on the job owed to the stress of the work environment you may not be feeling in the pink health wise.

PISCES: February 20th – March 20th

A fun outing or activity you’ve been anticipating for a long time will be a sweet joy. A window of opportunity to clear up a problem with another will require a more thoughtful initiative, the Moon eclipsing Mars in Pisces may be emotional or stressful. Take time to centre yourself as it will help you take temperamental people, awkward differences with others and demanding tasks calmly in your stride. A new social scene will be an unusual challenge. The new Moon on the 7th brings strong advancement on the job and a thrilling accomplishment. December should be a progressive and rewarding month on the career front. There will be attractive opportunities that will advance your interests. The Full Moon on the 22nd indicates that children will be demanding just when you need some rest from a stressful work situation.