Seeing Without Eyes


After working with hundreds of people over the last years in her workshops in Europe, Dr. Katharina Friedrich has found that with dedicated training, EVERY person has the ability of learning to activate their brain’s ‘center of direct informational perception’, which makes seeing without eyes and reading blindfolded possible.

In 2019 from January 29  to February 25 Dr Katharina Friedrich has been invited by Stefanie Kleinhenz to present her workshops in Perth WA . These workshops will cover  Seeing Without Eyes for adults and children, Teeth Regeneration and Pranic Nutrition. They will be presented in English and German.

Since 2003 Dr Katharina Friedrich  studied Russian and Bulgarian healing methods based on original sources, among others at the Petrov Institute, Drevo Roda, Moscow. After research and teaching on radionic devices used by information field medicine (eg Oberon, Metascan, Timewaver, Quantec, cybertron), Katharina chose to pursue the unity of soul, mind and consciousness (rather than through technical aids) , as her heartfelt mission.  She focuses on teaching simple and efficient mental methods, which anyone can easily integrate in their everyday life.

After  a  serious  accident   in  2005,  Dr.  Friedrich   successfully  restored  her  health  by practicing  these   techniques  on  herself.  In  2010,  she  created  her  own   seminar concept:  the  Quantum  Harmony®  method;   in  2016,  she  developed  her methodology to  teach   adults  and  children  “Seeing  Without  Eyes”. She  established  BeTeWi-­‐Academy  in  Berlin  and   regularly  presents  her  seminars  in  German,  Spanish   and Bulgarian-­‐speaking  countries  (and  beyond),   teaching  these  effective,  easy-­‐to-­‐use Consciousness   Techniques  to  as  many  people  as  possible

 FREE Information Evenings (bookings essential)

Tuesday,  29th  January  2019    6.45-­9  PM

Venue:  A  Place  to  Just  Be,  East Fremantle

Wednesday,  20th  February  2019    6.45-‐9  PM

Venue TBC

Workshop Dates: 

 30, 31 Jan & 1st February 2019, three consecutive mornings, 9 AM– 12 PM
(This workshop is currently planned in German without translation unless this changes)

  21, 22 and 23rd February 2019, three consecutive mornings, 9 AM– 12 PM (Workshop in English)

For more information watch Katharina’s speech on ‘Seeing without Eyes’ at the 14th Anti-Censorship Coalition in Switzerland in November 2017

For more information about the complete Workshop Program  visit the website:     

or contact  Stefanie  Kleinhenz   M:  0403  763  860 [email protected]

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