Mindfulness Meditation Christmas Voucher


Mindfulness training can have immense value in  many areas of your life. You will find it can heal your relationships, your work life, it can significantly benefit performance in study, work or sport and it can create far more peace for yourself and those around you.

Dr Trish Quinlivan is an experienced general practitioner now focusing on psychotherapy and mindfulness/spirituality workshops. Trish often accesses enlightened states of love during meditation and aims to guide clients towards healing with compassionate honesty and love.

Give the gift of a Mindfulness workshop voucher worth the special Christmas rate of $20.

Contact Trish  – Ph 0419 896 373 and let her know you received the Christmas Offer from Conscious Living  to receive your voucher or send an email/message.

Website; www.livingmindfully.com.au

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/livingmindfullyperth/