“I cured myself”…. listen to Cynthia’s story


“I cured myself”…. listen to Cynthia’s story of health and healing.

Cynthia is an Energy Medicine practitioner, Therapeutic Specialist, counsellor and consultant for complex Trauma.

Cynthia’s goal is to assist people to live well, bringing together energy understanding, technology and the arts into new ways of knowing, offering a complete experience (mind, body, spirit) to enable transformative growth, unified education and unlimited possibilities to reaching your full potential. She seeks to understand ‘Why we do what we do’ and how we develop on every level, looking at the evolution of the human physically and energetically.

Cynthia has Degrees in Anthropology, Social Work, and Visual Arts, which has led her to look at the impact on the body when neglect and trauma are experienced. Using her expertise, she has developed interventions that resource the body to work the traumatic experience through the physical systems.