A Dream Becomes ManiFEST


ManiFEST – Conscious Creating & Dreaming Festival is W.A.’s pioneering festival exploring the profound possibilities of Who We Truly Are. A transformational weekend weaving inspirational talks, sound, dance, ancient wisdom and sacred ceremony into a journey of expansion, healing and magic.  Exploring our personal and collective power as Conscious Creators to dream in our highest visions for ourselves and the planet – To dream in a New World.

Grassroots Community Festival

The Festival took place from November 30 to December 2 on a large private property in Harvey, WA surrounded by bushland with a cool, clear waterhole, fed by three natural springs. Participants will bring their own camping gear and are encouraged to share their gifts of art, handmade wares, or wisdom within the Festival.

ManiFEST is the vision child of Tash Kelly who has been exploring the teachings of Conscious Creating for the last 4 years with results miraculous enough that she has dedicated her life to living and sharing the teachings.  Last year, Tash dreamed that she would be working with stunning musicians and the most powerful Shamans, Healers and Visionaries on the planet – and together they would create events to help shift consciousness.  At the time these dreams were pure fantasy.  Tash had no idea how they could possibly come true.  She was simply practising playing in her imagination with what brought her most joy.  Now, less than 18 months later her seemingly impossible Dream came to life with ManiFEST.

ManiFEST is itself being manifested.  There were no big company, no money or sponsors behind this event. Everything was paid for by tickets sales. It is a leap of faith Tash jumped in to showcase the power of these teachings.

Synchronicity of Creation

And showcasing it is: ManiFEST is surprising everyone involved with the miraculous synchronicity and Magic with which it is coming to life. In less than three months many passionate and talented souls from the Perth community have come together in joy, sharing their skills and to create a truly stunning weekend. Tash has no doubt that this is a multidimensional dreaming – that this event is wanted and supported by higher energies – calling all involved together for a greater purpose.  She describes it as a great life Mandala, with each person bringing their unique strokes to this work of art that is ultimately woven by spirit. “When everyone follows their joy, magic happens. Joy is the calling of Spirit.”

 Shamanic Speakers and Sacred Sound Musicians

Headlining the festival were some of Australia’s leading exponents of shamanic practices, sound healing and sacred music:

Jarrah Tree,  a well respected teacher and consummate musician who empowers others through facilitating a reconnection with their true nature.

DarPan,  a neo-shaman and urban mystic. He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts, sound healing seminars and shamanic retreats

Murray Kyle,  a renowned Northern NSW sacred song carrier.  The inner world of this profound artist comes alive on stage spanning Shamanic Soul, Conscious Roots, World, and Sacred Music genres.

Like Minded Souls Sharing their Highest Vision of Reality

The program of workshops covered subjects such as – Lucid Dreaming, – Gene Keys
– The Hof Method of Meditation, Breath-work, Innate Release, Sound Healing
and  Body Trauma Release Practices . The workshop presenters who are well respected  local community leaders and musicians include Tracy McFie and Larissa O’Neill of Wylde Tribe, John Whife, Julian Silburn, Jaya Penelope, and Allison Jared.

Throughout the 3 days there was yoga, meditation, tribal ecstatic dance, poetry, Tibetan Chanting, Group Energy Entrainment, Sound Healing, Art and a rare Aboriginal Ceremony led by respected elders as well as healing modalities and activities for children.

In a powerful process of manifestation, all participants were invited to embody the highest vision of reality for themselves and their life over the weekend  and to  share with one another as if  having lived that life for the last five years. That way everyone got to meet each other’s higher selves.

In a powerful field of many like-minded souls gathered together with similar intentions, the ripple effects were phenomenal.

For more information  visit  www.manifest-dreamingfestival.com