Dare to Vision


Transformation Coach Rochelle McDonnell addresses the question of why we hold back from daring to dream and achieve our wildest visions.

“Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.”   Shiv Khera

To have vision, purpose, a desire for something more than what is in the moment, is not new, and yet we are often amazed or have a moment of envy when we see others creating the reality of their vision.

So I have to ask the question…. Why?

Why do we have that moment of jealousy?

Why do we hold others in a place of admiration and wonder when they achieve what we believe we cannot?

And, why do we place conditions on all that we desire to have?

Is it because you consider yourself to be ‘less than’ others. To not have the same opportunity or skill, the charisma, the looks, the money and ‘the good luck’ they obviously have?

Everything you desire to have is waiting for you. What holds you in a place of lack or denial are conditions (real or imagined) that you have made truth for you.

It is when we see beyond the conditions, the restrictions and the can not do’s, that we are able to believe that it is possible to have what we desire.

In allowing all to be and flow and connecting to the beauty of who we are in the fullness of all that is Source, God, the Universe (whatever word is comfortable for you to use) that we begin to see beyond the conditions and experience what is considered impossible.

Seeing beyond the conditions is a moment of trust, trust in you and your higher self, trust in the energy that is all things and becomes all things.

Trust that you deserve to have and to hold all that is beautiful, all that is filled with abundance and life.

To live life beyond the what is seen and held as truth in this moment, knowing that your tomorrow begins with a thought today.  To have vision is to have life.

Rochelle McDonnell

Transformation Coaching – Intuitive Life Patterning.