Health & Wellness Activation Meditation Wed. 5th Dec.


by Rochelle McDonnell Transformation Coaching

Focusing on intentional breathing and thoughts, together we will raise our bodies’ sense of well-being, and activate health and wellness at a cellular level.

This is a simple guided activation to experience a greater sense of health and well-being. We will be guided to activate cellular health, and focus on the flow of life energy through our bodies, releasing pain, discomfort and unease..

You don’t have to have meditated before, there are no ‘must do’s’. You will be gently guided to focus on your breathing and to allow the flow of life giving energy to move freely through your body.


Venue: Art en Soul

237 Ocean Keys Blvd, Clarkson WA 6030, Australia

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Wednesday 5th December

Tickets: on Eventbrite