Mindfulness Meditation Guinness Book of Records


Imagine 600 people sitting in a place of mindfulness, open, connected, aware and intent on sound mind and sound body. 

To celebrate Conscious Living Expo’s 30th Year Anniversary the organizers are hosting a Mass Mindfulness Meditation Session to achieve a World Record for the greatest number of participants which will then be listed in the Guinness Book of Record.

Participants will  be guided to  find a place of centred being, thought and emotion to bring clarity, calm, and presence in the moment.  Eric Harrison as the founder of the Perth Meditation Centre is well qualified to lead this event having trained over 40,000 meditators in the practice of mindfulness meditation in Perth WA .

The live event will be held at the Claremont Showgrounds Exhibition Centre in the Silver Jubilee Pavilion and will be a first of its kind as all activities will cease for 30 minutes from 11am to 11.30am including exhibitors trading.  Around the world many more people will  simultaneously participate in this Mindfulness Meditation as it is being streamed live on facebook.

The founder and director of Conscious Living Expo, Patricia Hamilton conceived the idea as a way to bring the many spiritual, meditation and yoga groups together with the wider community in Perth WA  to experience connectedness to one another and to create a positive vibration of peace and harmony that benefits all who participate.

Meditation has been proven to lower stress, improve health and when conducted en masse to lower the rate of crime.

When: Sunday 21st October 11am – 11:30am

Where: The Silver Jubilee Pavilion at the Claremont Showgrounds – Entry into the Conscious Living Expo is free for registered participants

Children are welcome.

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