Joy of Business


Sarah Watt knows how to turn what brings her joy into a career. She is a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator.  Listen to the Interview below.

Join  her in Perth on the 5th October for Create More Time More Money

6th of October Joy of Business Class

Sarah travels the world coordinating translation and live-stream events as well as creating her business and her future!

Sarah knew if you were to create the life and future you desire, you need to get to work. It’s about everything you choose in small increments that creates the change you really require to see in yourself and the world. Not one big choice!

When she started working, she was aiming towards a corporate job, which once she succeeded at she found corporate wasn’t what she truly desired to create…there must be more, right?!

More questions lead her to working with animals (one of her true joys in life) and she took a role with the RSPCA in Australia! Kind of her dream job! Over the next 10 years Sarah moved around Australia learning more about her and what she truly desired to create in the world. She also studied and used qualifications to grow her career working in various business management roles and teaching at TAFE.

Still…there was a whisper that was always there teller her to keep looking, asking questions and reaching for more!

Next she found an online internship with two Joy of Business Facilitators which finished with Joy of Business, a Specialty of Access Consciousness hiring her. Within 6 months she was working full time for Access Consciousness, Simone Milasas and Joy of Business!

She now travels the world inspiring people to know that if something isn’t working for them, they can choose something different. Every time she gets to a certain level, she realised there is always more. She desires to get the tools that have changed her life out there in the world so if there is other people that want to choose them – they can. Do you know someone who would?

Sarah knows there are people out there that know there is way more to working and a career than this reality tells them. What she desires to facilitate in her Joy of Business classes is where they can see how they can start to create that. Having the practical tools to create this future you know you desire, knowing that there is information and tools here that if they are willing to choose them they can change everything in their life and business and have way more fun too.