New Paradigm Healing with Tony Norgrove


Learn how to release attachments and other controls that may be holding you back

In this workshop you will meet Zac, an informative yet playful Arcturian teacher of Tonys, with a direct voice channelling by Tony explaining How to Lift your frequency, to ‘Happy’ and how to subdue incessant worrying and tiredness! Zac will explain where this came from and when these deliberate controls appeared in humans. You will also be guided by Tony and Zac using a combination of classical and modern Shamanism to meet your Star Nation representative i.e. non Terra Firma, through breathing and drumming. You will be able to ask your teacher your questions within a direct personal experience. This is done sitting in a chair or you can lie down if you prefer. You will feel this Arcturian clearing method of the Aquarian Age. Previous symptoms from your Aura will vanish.

Tony will explain a permanent shielding process that can create a frequency fence around you.

This workshop is one of supreme importance now on Planet Earth, as it provides hope, and empowerment to stay clear enough to fulfil your very own Earth walk mission! If this message resonates, be ‘present’ with us at this workshop because it is your time to shine!

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