YOUR HOROSCOPE – November 2018 STARS with Francis Bevan



Mercury is Retrograde in Sagittarius Sunday 18th November to Friday 7th December, it sextiles Venus in Libra, Squares Mars in Pisces, trines Retrograde Uranus in Aries and Squares Neptune in Pisces.

Well here we are having just come through Halloween on October 31st and All Saints Day on 1st November however, I am certain that many of you may feel as though you are still doing Halloween owing to so many strange planetary changes. Many of us still have the ghosts of the past to let go and even unresolved energies from our past lives or issues from our ancestors which affect us on a daily basis. The planets have risen like specters waiting for acknowledgment, reclamation and release.

Mercury, ruler of our mental body enters the sign of higher consciousness of Sagittarius the sign of learning, divine truth, justice and expansion. Just what we all need as we discover just how much transformation has happened during Mercury’s stretch in Scorpio.

New ideas will emerge out of the clouds and chances are we will be considering some new ventures outside our usual thinking.

Whilst Mercury is Retrograde you will be journeying over your past and making connections from long ago. Friends you have not seen for ages may all of a sudden reappear.

This would be the ideal time to book a trip overseas for 2019 especially if it involves catching up with family, friends and loved ones you have not seen for some time.

However, whenever Mercury turns Retrograde we must expect glitches with technology, automobiles and local transport. Unfortunately, documents may get misplaced and other items could be lost so be very careful to keep an eye on your valuables


Full Moon – November 23rd Gemini.
New Moon – 
November 7th Scorpio.Mars in Pisces Squares, The Sun and Mercury Retrograde, Squares Jupiter, Sextiles Saturn, and Uranus and Pluto and conjuncts Retrograde Neptune –
November 16th 2018 to January 2nd, 2019.

Mars is the “God of war” and he is extremely uncomfortable in emotional watery Pisces. Master of illusion Neptune also adds to the mix and ushers in a time of deceit and deception. Everything will become distorted and confusing especially when Retrograde Mercury joins the group on November 18th. Trying to perceive the truth in any situation is going to be difficult. Thankfully, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto helps us to discover the truth and to bring much needed clarity. Resist the temptation to experiment with drugs, ask your Dr for sleeping pills or to drink more than you should. Your fantasies are misleading at this time. Rest, and submitting to reality are the best antidotes when Mars journey’s through Pisces. Vivid dreams, learning to meditate, enjoying art, music, and dancing will all inspire you. Enjoying the water’s edge or going sailing will also be very therapeutic.

Singles – This month is all about independence! Don’t be afraid to assert yourself in situations where need be, especially when it comes to your family. Your desire to stand out and pursue your aspirations may cause some tension between you and your loved ones, but it will be all worth it in the long run.

Couples – Stay true to your principles and it will pay off. Your relationship will be a key tool in bringing a plan to fruition, so use your time with your partner wisely. Saturn will help to bring your relationship structure. You will be both seeking a deeper level of union, because of the profound spiritual influence of Mars in Pisces.

Career and Finances:
Jupiter in Sagittarius is a profound significator of success and completion! Your unique creativity is reaching a wider audience and your loved ones and colleagues are extremely pleased by the progress you are making and wish to share it with you. This will enhance both your personal and working relationships.

Tension springing from low self-esteem could be a problem for you at the moment. Such tension is very exhausting and causes tight muscles and an uneasy mind consumes your energy. The planets encourage relaxation and the company of positive people. Once you relinquish anxiety, your concerns may seem less like onerous burdens and more like challenging problems to solve.

ARIES: March 21st – April 20thWith Mars in Pisces, it is time to take a deep breath and relax! After the tensions of last month, you will soon begin to feel your energy return. Keep your loved ones close and let go of any past resentments. You may be unhappy in a relationship and not know why? Perhaps you are dreaming of a past lover or fantasizing about someone you cannot have. Such distortions cloud your appreciation of reality. Your relationship with your mother is likely to be an issue. What took place between you in the past may affect your current emotional outlook and behavior. The New moon on the 7th indicates that fun and social times lies ahead. A delightful and spontaneous get together will be fun for all. The Full moon on the 23d warns to be careful whilst driving and to be certain to be patient at all times whilst in traffic.
TAURUS: April 21st – May 21stThis month, your work takes second place to your wellbeing, with plans of serious pampering being a major priority for your own health. Romantically you may have the desire to throw yourself into the arms of a stranger. With Mars in Pisces, it is time to connect with nature, to listen to your intuition and to be more outgoing. If you are currently experiencing difficulties or have been depressed or unwell, then your energy will start to return and your ability to let go of damaging memories will be strengthened by contact with your true self. Socially you will need to keep your diary with you at all times to avoid double booking yourself. The New moon on the 7th ushers in a tender exchange between yourself and someone special. The Full Moon on the 23rd warns you to be very careful with your money or valuables because loss or theft is possible.
GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21stFeeling adventurous? Follow your desire to try new things, it could be just what you need. New opportunities will arise in your personal and work life, so make the most of it! Be sure to pay close attention to your relationship and give it the nurturing it needs. With Mars in Pisces, it represents a serious challenge. Here you are asked to consider murky issues of power, manipulation and control. They may surface as a sense of anger and fear which drives you on. You may be depressed or prone to anxiety about your financial or emotional status. However, this manifests itself, it indicates an inner stagnant situation which you are challenged to bring to the surface, and by consciously accepting it you will break free! The New moon on the 7th brings good news financially and creates an intense romantic mood. The Full moon on the 23rd warns to be careful of power struggles on the family front!
CANCER: June 22nd – July 22ndYour creative side will come out this month in your professional life. Whether you have been thinking of launching a new business or pitching new ideas at work, your efforts will pay off over the coming months. On the love front, you will start to find the stability you have been searching for. Mars in Pisces indicates that you are particularly drawn to groups at this time; socially and creatively, you benefit from spending time with others who stimulate you intellectually. You may become part of a new group of friends or colleagues. If you are single, one of them may come to mean something special to you in the future. The New Moon on the 7th indicates tempestuous romantic vibes and reunions will stir tender, nostalgic feelings. The Full Moon on the 23rd indicates that a frustrating change of plans is likely along with tension or hassles on the job front.
LEO: July 23rd – August 23rdPrepare to take a new stance regarding an awkward situation. It won’t be easy, and you will see old friends, relationships, or business partnerships change. Be open-minded, as this could see your life change for the better. On the love front, you will finally get some much-needed clarity. Mars in Pisces indicates that you may be feeling exhausted, making it difficult to see life objectively. On the relationship front, you are unable to decide what to do next. Your lover may press for commitment or ask how you feel. You will find it hard to respond to them as you are confused. The more you analyze this situation the less you are going to know. Taking a break is the most sensible thing to do and try not to force yourself into making a decision. The New Moon on the 7th indicates good fortune on the job front and an ambitious undertaking is likely to gather momentum. The Full moon on the 23rd indicates tension or hassles with friendships.
VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rdThere will be some big decisions to make this month in your personal and professional life. Take opportunities that will benefit you, but be mindful that some people may waste your time. Love is in the air! and you’ll find a connection with someone in an unexpected place. With Mars in Pisces issues of control, insecurity and jealousy are likely to raise their ugly heads. Be careful of destroying a relationship through possessive behavior and an inability to trust your partner. You could be experiencing a strange phase, in which you feel cut off from your feelings and normal sexual expression. You may be frightened of letting yourself become emotionally involved or you may be unwilling to let go of painful memories. Time spent alone may help to resolve these difficulties in a positive way. The New Moon on the 7th heralds a thrilling success or breakthrough along with an interesting business or work offer.
LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rdThis month you may feel out of sync with those around you, so make a conscious effort to stay in touch with friends and family. Around the 27th you will start to feel any disruptions settling down and things will begin to fall into place. Your partner will be your number one supporter when things start to get stressful. With Mars in Pisces, you may feel that you are working hard for a scant reward, you may wonder why you are alone and feel unloved. Some of you may try to fill up your time with activity, people and events, but such efforts cannot bring you the comfort you seek. Your solitude is serving a purpose and must be endured if the next stage in life is to be appreciated. The New Moon on the 7th indicates that there will be numerous financial transactions to attend to and unusual purchases. The Full Moon on the 23rd indicates a turbulent emotional patch with inlaws and you will need to be careful of others trying to manipulate you.
SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22ndHappy Birthday, Scorpio! Your money planet Jupiter will remain in your financial house from November 9th 2018 to December 2nd, 2019 and you will be lucky especially with work and personal endeavors. Lucky breaks will enable you to crash through barriers that have held you back. Special opportunities will come through associates or contacts. You will gain things that you want i.e. openings, results or conditions and you will be able to use them positively. You will take massive steps forward with a project close to your heart. Your romantic relationships will be on your mind, you will reflect on the past, analyze events and the interaction of you and your partner and gain fresh insights. Mars is in Pisces and trying to stay centered will be a major challenge. Everything may seem tenuous and you may be tempted by people or situations which are illusory or insincere. The New Moon on the 7th brings a rush of social invitations and plans along with an unusual or tempting offer. The Full moon on the 23rd indicates that spontaneous spending could land you in hot water! Also, do not give in to the demands of a demanding person!
SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21stYour passion for a project or cause will see you overflowing with enthusiasm. Be careful, though as your passion could be mistaken for pushiness if you act too quickly. Think through your ideas before bringing them to fruition. Your partner’s advice is important, listen closely as they are looking out for you. Mars in Pisces indicates that you are tormented by restlessness, you are particularly tense, unable to settle to anything and your mind teems with stray thoughts. During such an unstable time you are likely to give anyone close to you a hard time. You may resent criticism, or regard any attempt at making plans as boring or threatening to your sense of self. The New Moon on the 7th indicates a need to take care of your energy as there will be hectic pressures with work or personal commitments. The Full moon on the 23rd indicates that a big family occasion or outing will require delicate handling!
CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20thLooking for a major change in your personal plans? Now is the time to act! Whether it’s in your career or home life, an opportunity for you to implement your skills and experience will arise. Also, it’s time to sort out uncertainties in your relationship. Have it out with your partner to get to the bottom of it all. Mars in Pisces indicates that overcoming inertia is never simple, but this is your challenge at the moment and you may need help in order to achieve this goal. You need to get in touch with your inner feelings, because the further away you drift from your true centre, the more depressed you are likely to become. The New Moon on the 7th indicates spontaneous fun and captivating social companions. The Full Moon on the 23rd indicates that a massive commitment at work proves quite an endurance test.
AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19thWork will be a major focus this month, and your single-minded focus could lead to feelings of frustration and stress, so be sure to utilize your team to share the workload. On the personal front don’t neglect your partner as they are there to de-stress you. Mars in Pisces denotes an overwhelming feeling of chaos. Encounters with others are fraught with misunderstanding, dates may be canceled at the last minute and sudden partings are likely. Try to see where your life and relationships have become stagnant, as you may have unconsciously attracted the changes you are experiencing. The New Moon on the 7th indicates a thrilling accomplishment and strong advancement on the job. The Full moon on the 23rd indicates that you need to be patient with both your children and partner, as there could be a tendency for clashes or confrontations to flare suddenly.
PISCES: February 20th – March 20thIf you are single you need to be open to meeting someone new, you might be pleasantly surprised! With Mars in your own sign, your ability to assert yourself is on the rise. Your worldly ambitions are especially important at this time and you are likely to be directing a great deal of energy towards achieving success. Issues might arise within your relationship which is likely to cause misunderstandings, that you need to probe in order to get much needed clarity. November will be a full on month and you will need to be focused and disciplined as the pace will be strenuous and constant. Ambitious targets at work will be in your sights and you will achieve plenty of recognition, and praise, which will give your confidence a strong boost. The New Moon on the 7th sees a prestigious social gathering with charming people where you will meet stimulating new people. The Full Moon on the 23rd indicates that a turbulent domestic emotional patch will need careful negotiating!