YOUR HOROSCOPE – September 2018 STARS with Francis Bevan


September of each year, since it is the 9th calendar month, begins to finish the influence that has prevailed since January 1st and to forecast the one of the new-year; it is on the cusp, not quite through with the old, not yet assuming the new, but giving us a combination of both. From then on, until the 31st of December, the old vibration grows weaker and the new one stronger, until the old year is finally seen out and the new one ushered in. Therefore, it is very important to take notice of what happens in September as it will give you a good indication of what the next year holds. What is fascinating is that Australia has just seen the ushering in of a new Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison and the end of Mr Malcolm Turnbull’s era, how interesting that it should occur as we near the month of September.

September is a Universal Month Number 11/2
– Neptune.
Neptune is the planet of Idealism and matters of religion come to the fore. Teachers of psychology and the metaphysics spring up like mushrooms and all their classes are crowded. Much interest will be shown in Spiritualism and all forms of the occult. Dreamers of fantasies will take their theories to Soap boxes and everybody will listen and think it over. Old inspirational inventions are dusted off and reconsidered. New ones are dreamed about for the betterment of mankind.

Business conditions may not be improved, but resolutions are made to put them on a more altruistic basis, which may improve them later. You need to forget business, as the pursuit of money and to expect a slow down in active work. Give yourself time to look for the vision ahead and get focused on a revelation. Express your ideas, know your own strengths and weakness, keep at peace and don’t force any issues. Give your knowledge freely to assist others, spend some time in the clouds, but don’t become a nuisance by missing appointments.

Be a comfort to others if anyone seems to need it or want it. Keep a positive outlook and put aside the practicalities for another day and be a dreamer or visionary of the things that others may not have noticed.

The Number 11/2 is a master number and this month may mean a big step forward or it may throw you, according to the way that you handle it. It is not easy for it has little to do with practical affairs. It stands for a new start in a higher cycle or a deeper sinking into an old rut.

The Number 11/2 relates to the Hanged Man from the Tarot deck and demands sacrifices and a letting go of old ways of doing and thinking. It offers new visions of Utopian fields, opens doors to new attainments, brings inspiration for greater achievements that can be handed onto others. It brings no personal rewards except through service and healing. It demands the expression of your best as it shows you up exactly as you are.

I always enjoy reading for new clients and reconnecting with established ones, and especially my fans from Psychic TV and the Fitzy and Wippa Breakfast Show NOVA.

Saturn turns direct in Capricorn September 7th 2018 till April 30th 2019 and conjuncts Retrograde Pluto, and Mars, trines Retrograde Uranus, The Sun and Mercury and Sextiles Jupiter and Retrograde Neptune.

Saturn demands order and structure, you will have extra responsibilities and very little time to rest and life will feel restricted. It is imperative that you take the time to look after your health and that of loved ones. There could be problems connected to your home, your parents or other elderly relatives. Business matters will go slowly but plans which are made now will work out well in the long run. Dealings with people in positions of responsibility or with older people could be awkward and you will need patience and tolerance to sort them out. It is important that you look at long-term outcomes and not short-term results.

There could be a need to make some far-reaching decisions with regards to your parents and their well being. This is a good time to do some long-range planning and to chat with knowledgeable and responsible people about your plans for the future.

Your friends and contacts are going to be extremely important, it’s a particularly good time for teamwork and anything where you need to rely on back up from others. You may change your objectives and ambitions and if so, this is an ideal time for doing so.

Once the Sun moves into Libra on September 23rd, it is those who are involved with investigations, research work or anything which is behind the scenes in general who will be doing very well for themselves. People who you meet casually will be passing on useful tips, so keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Full Moon – September 25th Aries.
New Moon – 
September 9th Virgo.Mercury in Virgo Sextiles Venus and Jupiter; Trines Saturn, Uranus and Pluto; and Opposes Neptune from September 7th to September 22nd.
You can’t put off dealing with your family any longer they are finally driving you to the edge of sanity and it is time to bring them back under control. That takes time, but you can do it, Mercury and Jupiter in are in a favourable aspect which indicates that you have the diplomacy and strategy to create a win-win situation for all concerned. You will perform precise and delicate tasks whilst analyzing and checking your work carefully; these jobs could include DIY tasks, gardening, decluttering, cooking or car maintenance. If you are not skilled at these types of jobs, you will soon learn the ropes. At work, you will fall into a sensible routine and follow a strict set of rules.

Singles – Be more accepting, open-minded and forward-thinking, embracing the world gives you a better chance to embrace that special person when they cross your path. In fact, opposites attract you the most right now.

Couples – You might be happy to let your partner take the lead, but the planets indicate that it is important for you to have your say in what route the two of you are going down. For best results work as a team, communicate and map it out together.

Career and Finances:
Project an aura of modest confidence and you’ll be able to get almost anyone to agree to almost anything. Your boss and those from other countries will be especially impressed, avoid going over the top. Everything in moderation.

Don’t take anything on face value there is no harm in getting a 2nd opinion, especially if a health issue does not seem to be getting any better. Tread warily in all domestic matters and DIY renovations, make certain that you follow all safety instructions before using power tools or anything electrical. On the personal front keep out of matters that don’t concern you.

ARIES: March 21st – April 20th

Venus is in the area of your chart devoted to relationships until September 11 and if things have been difficult in a partnership, either personal or business then this is your chance to put everything back in its proper place. It’s obvious that the significant other in your life deserves respect and affection and that is just what you’re now prepared to give. Teamwork is the key to success and a remarkable new beginning is in store. The Full Moon on the 25th falls directly in your own sign and indicates all is not well with one personal relationship. You may find someone close to you acting in a particularly awkward manner, or you may find that it is impossible to get through to them. Your emotions will seem to take on a life of their own making you more moody than usual and you could find yourself involved in a series of family arguments. The New Moon on the 9th indicates a win-win outcome with a difficult personal or work situation. You may become involved with hospitals, either because you yourself need treatment or those close to you do. Jupiter in the next few months will bring you added bonuses with your financial affairs, Superannuation or taxation.

TAURUS: April 21st – May 21st

Venus in Libra until September 11th indicates that there could be some great news about your job and you could receive the recognition that you have been working for. However, don’t take things at face value whilst the outlook may be optimistic there are hidden pitfalls so tread warily. Therefore, keep out of matters that don’t concern you. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that family troubles are likely to make you some-what insecure. Some decisive action is required, tension in the home could be caused by a frank statement that trespasses into tactlessness. Forthright speech is acceptable in some situations, but this isn’t one of them. Timing is always crucial! The New Moon on the 9th is the ideal time to start a new diet or health routine. dedication and discipline will help you achieve success! Romance is on the agenda and there may be some good news re one of your children. You will enjoy a more youthful attitude toward life, possibly joining in sporting activities and youthful pastimes. You might take an interest in amusing hobbies such as skating and dancing. Jupiter in your partnership zone for the next few months is the ideal time to plan something special with your other half.

GEMINI: May 22nd – June 21st

You and your other half will share a milestone decision and children or young people will be bringing you a great deal of pleasure, either because they make some kind of achievement or simply because you enjoy doing things together. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that something is going to be more costly than you bargained for and that affordable luxury is likely to be a real drain on your resources. One or two members of your family will need your help, perhaps they have been struggling on alone, but now really do need a helping hand. At work, you will need all your communication skills to resolve certain issues. The New Moon on the 9th is the ideal time to get together with friends and family. You will be surrounded by friendly, chatty people and everyone is cooperating with everyone else for a change. You will also be able to get on the right wavelength with your partner and family creating a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere at home. Your home circumstances are going to play a major role in your life, this may include a move of home or buying new furniture. Jupiter in your work zone for the next few months sees a promotion or other recognition coming your way.

CANCER: June 22nd – July 22nd

Jupiter in Scorpio places the focus on pregnancy, children, godchildren, young relatives and young adults. Energetic, intellectual conditions are looking good when it comes to the realization of your hopes and dreams. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates a need to be careful when dealing with paperwork or administration matters at work. Also be careful not to tread on the egos of bosses or other colleagues. The frustrations and problems affecting your work life will spill over into your personal life as well. The new Moon on the 9th indicates that you have the ability to impress others and you will earn the respect of those who matter. Opportunities for advancement are all around you. This is going to be a very busy time and a rather restless month for you. You will be taking many short distance trips if you haven’t got the hang of how your public transport works or learned to drive this is the ideal time to do so. This will also be a time of passionate intensity, so take the phone off the hook and settle down to some serious entanglement with your lover. It is the ideal time to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you and if you can accompany your remarks with a surprise gift, so much the better!

LEO: July 23rd – August 23rd

A special project, idea or concept will depend upon your ability to negotiate with an important man in your world. He needs to delegate or share his ideas and you must decide how much energy and commitment you can give. The planets favor wise handling of money, with security very much in mind. The Full Moon on the 25th warns of a power struggle on the home front and of someone with an explosive temper. There is a chance that you will have to deal with people who’s views are biased or bigoted regarding race, sexuality or religion. Any travel plans are likely to be delayed or be full of complications, therefore before you jet off into the wide blue yonder be certain to check that everything is running to plan. Jupiter in Scorpio puts you in a vibrant social mood. There will be a couple of lucky breaks that help you to sort out a number of sticky family or relationship problems. The New Moon on the 9th is a good time to think long and hard about career moves as there is an opportunity to put something new into motion and to learn new skills which should stand the test of time. Also, you may have a win or a fresh source of income is possible. This would be a good time to buy a property, as The Sun is in your second house, which rules all things to do with real estate.

VIRGO: August 24th – September 23rd

Happy Birthday Virgo! Jupiter in Scorpio indicates that your family tree, heritage or friends who are your substitute family will leave you feeling happy in September. An artistic mood will take hold and this will be nourished and nurtured by getting out into the open to check out your environment with new eyes. With The Sun in your sign until September 24th life will be full of action and it is time to explore a different side to yourself. The Full Moon on the 25th is making you feel a little inadequate, but you can’t always be in top form. You are being plagued with joint financial problems. It may be a good idea for you and your partner to review the way you deal with money and to put a new plan into action. You will reach out and make changes which will set the pattern of your life for many years to come. If you have been traveling towards a potential divorce, this is when you may bring it about! The new Moon on the 9th falls directly in your own sign indicates that cash opportunities could help you to reorganize your life in a more constructive way. It is also time to spoil yourself and your loved ones to something special perhaps a special meal and a great night out!

LIBRA: September 24th – October 23rd

Venus is in your own sign until the 11th and you are likely to be swept off your feet by a new attraction. Someone you meet at a social setting may give you palpitations and this could be the start of a passionate whirlwind romance. Jupiter in Scorpio indicates that some Librans will receive a windfall, others will benefit from an endowment/insurance policy. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that you need to be careful of being your own worst enemy in personal relationships, as it will be easy to think that others are out to cause trouble for you. Be careful of over-reacting above all else keep your insecurities in check. There could be major confrontations especially with women at this time. Your emotions will be strong which will make it hard to be detached and objective. The New Moon on the 9th is a time of reflection and retreat from the hurly-burly of life, events seem to be in the hands of fate and there doesn’t seem to be much that you can do about it. There is some evidence that you will find yourself involved in a secret kind of relationship this doesn’t have to be a love triangle but it could be something much odder, such as keeping in touch with a ‘black sheep’ relative the rest of the family ignores.

SCORPIO: October 24th – November 22nd

Jupiter remains in Scorpio until November 11th and a very special relationship will unfold and life will start to move forward in a new direction. An inheritance may come through or money may land in your lap unexpectedly. However, it is imperative that you don’t take anything for granted where finances are concerned. Avoid taking on projects or commitments unless you are very sure you know what you are doing. Be very careful of other people who approach you with ‘get rich quick’ schemes! The Sun in Libra from the 24th suggests that you will tire easily or become a little jumpier than is usually the case, so make certain to rest up, because let’s face it, you tend to go to extremes, mainly due to the fact that you think you are superhuman. The New Moon on the 9th is an ideal time for starting a new fitness routine or seeking help on a medical front. Friends will be very supportive and so, if you need any favors from them, this is the time to ask, so shelve that Scorpio pride. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that there may be some tensions at work, as your behavior might irritate others. There will be some irritating nervous ailments to put up with, although not dangerous, could make life difficult at times.

SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd – December 21st

The planets are focusing your energy and time on furthering your social life, you can be certain that friends and acquaintances are going to have a powerful influence on your prospects. The Sun’s harmonious angle gives you optimism and vitality. You will be a popular and much sought after person. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that there could be some misunderstandings with teenagers, children or younger people, however, do not go out of your way to be difficult or apologies will become necessary. Alternatively, a child is needing some extra guidance, you may need to teach them how to be confident and think positively. The New Moon on the 9th is the ideal time for having fun with your friends, but try not to overload your schedule. It is also time for you to shine career-wise. This will be a time of hard work but also of ultimate achievement. You will receive a great deal of useful help from others at work. Some of those who help you will have some specialized knowledge which they are willing to pass on to you. Jupiter will be bringing you luck from behind the scenes. You are going to be made aware that you need to think carefully about your finances and expenditures!

CAPRICORN: December 22nd – January 20th

The emphasis is on your career life and worldly progress which is going to achieve absolute priority. Should you be considering a new training course, then this is the ideal time for leaping into action. Jupiter indicates that you are about to make a bid for freedom making this is a good time to travel overseas, to plan a holiday or to explore new neighborhoods. You may find yourself keen to read about religious or philosophical subjects. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that you could suffer from a bit of tension around the home. Older family members may be making one set of demands upon you, while your partner or children will be making another. You cannot tear yourself in two and no matter what is happening you need your rest and relaxation. The New Moon on the 9th indicates that it is an ideal time to make changes at work. You may receive a tax rebate or an insurance payment. New opportunities will arise and useful new contacts can be made. It is also the ideal time to plan a long distance trip. You could go back into training or just study for fun and the subjects you choose will be of a philosophical or mind-broadening type rather than of a purely practical nature.

AQUARIUS: January 21st – February 19th

The planets are certainly creating positive happenings in connection with legal matters or possibly money coming in from something to do with contracts or documents. The Full Moon on the 25th indicates that you must let go of old resentments and difficulties from your past, if you are to avoid arguments. Also be especially careful when driving use patience in order to avoid road rage or accidents. You will have to find the middle ground at some point where relationships are concerned, be careful of being your own worst enemy at the moment and above all else, you must hang on to your wonderful sense of humor. The New Moon on the 9th indicates that this is an ideal time for joint ventures and joint finances, as you are likely to be highly curious and if you suggest something unusual to your partner you will be delighted by his or her response. Contact with the police or private detectives is possible and health issues or legal matters may enter your private life. Jupiter will bring you luck on the career front making strategy and financial planning favored activities. It is time to assess your finances and to focus on refinancing your mortgage, organizing your taxation or joint properties and possessions.

PISCES: February 20th – March 20th

Jupiter in Scorpio your house of adventure urges you to push ahead with new projects. You are in a self-confident mood and feel that you can tackle anything the world throws your way. There is a lure of the exotic as well, far off places exert a powerful attraction. The Sun in Libra from the 24th urges co-operation with other people, it is a time when you should learn how to share, not only your possessions but your thoughts and feelings also. The Full Moon in Aries on the 25th indicates money may be the root of all evil but it’s worse still not having any! You really should sit down and work out a sensible budget for the coming months. You will have to watch your temper as your feelings will run high and you will be feeling rather stressed. You may become ill, feverish or even have an accident. The New Moon on the 9th indicates that partnerships and relationships are going to be of paramount importance. Whether you are at the dating stage or even contemplating the end of your present partnerships, new relationships made will have an air of freshness and a strangely experimental feel about them. At work, the communication side of the business will be important and you will need to be up to date.