Grow Connect Profit – Business Masterclass Series: The Sacred Sales Process –


Bringing the Science of Business together with heart centred business, honouring and celebrating the authenticity of who you are.

GROW – you and your business

CONNECT  – to all that is you, your dreams, your desires and your purpose and from this place, connect to others

PROFIT –  from the growth and connection and create an energetic exchange of time, money and outcomes

Conscious Living Co-Creations is offering an outstanding workshop to their exhibitors and businesses who are exhibiting at expos and trade fairs. These workshops are supported by follow up group mentoring calls and individual consults with  business coach, Rochelle McDonnell who is working with Patricia and Jacquie, Conscious Living event organisers. These workshops and mentorship calls were  developed primarily for exhibitors at the Conscious Living Expo and Living Well Expo,


The Sacred Sales Process:

Do you feel like selling you and your product/service is a struggle?

Do you question your authenticity when selling?

When you think about the sales process and setting your prices, do you want to run and hide?

The Sacred Sales process changes this mindset and is specifically designed for practitioners and business owners who work in an intuitive/energetic/spiritual connected place in their business or in the product and service they offer.

Join us for a day of exploration, guidance and understanding in the five key principles in the Sacred Sales Process, and move to a higher connected place when selling.

Stay true to your message and offer;

Engage and excite potential clients;

Close a sale without feeling ‘icky’.

Explore the energetic exchange of the sale and the selling process when aligned to the intuitive/energetic/spiritual purpose of your business.


About Rochelle McDonnell Coaching.

Founder of Rochelle McDonnell Coaching and Jewel House, Rochelle provides support, business counselling and consulting, and business development skills, bringing together the science of business and heart centred, client driven practitioners to create the business, connections and profit they desire.