Eat Well   Be Well   Live Well  Reuse Well 


You are powerful when you take action. You do make a difference.

With over 3 million Australians living with depression or anxiety and an aging population   more and more people are becoming health conscious.

On May 19 – 20 at the Living Well in WA Expo, the Claremont Showground Exhibition Centre will become a one stop shop filled with local and international  teachers, authors and practitioners of  holistic and natural health. The program consists of  52 talks, workshops, demonstrations and  experiential sessions.

The Food Court

Taking care of yourself, and eating well can make a  real difference to your health.

The food court is the place to eat well and taste gluten free paleo pasta salad or delicious Canadian style healthy vegan bagels as well as organic and preservative free wines.



Kids Corner

Parents and grandparents can bring their kids to participate in nature based Earth Play activities and have fun at the magic show with Conny the Clown.




FREE Health Talks

Not only will there be great food and fun, there are solutions for stress, anxiety and depression, weight gain, brain and gut health.

Paul Mavor  is a pharmacist who has been researching the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for several years. Paul will discuss his journey from a cannabis sceptic several years ago to being a major advocate for the medical use of cannabis as a treatment option.

Simon Cairns is one of Australia’s leading gurus of gut health having cured himself of Crohns Disease . His talk focuses on the natural herbs that can restore digestive disorders and  eliminate chronic inflammation.

Organic and fermented foods help to restore gut bacteria.

Carla Weir will demonstrate how to make kombucha and sauerkraut  as well as giving a workshop on foraging for edible weeds.

Art Exhibition – “Dare TO Be Different”

Our local artists are joining together to create an exhibition to raise awareness about mental health.  Beautiful pieces of art will be sold to raise money for community groups who provide support and education for people facing the challenges of depression, stress and anxiety.

“Pilbara Country” by Jackie Peach

Looking after our Environment

Reducing land fill and plastic pollution in our ocean and waterways is one of the aims of this Expo so visitors are encouraged to bring their own keep cups or  purchase at the Expo . Envirobren have a great range of  reusable eco-friendly  products  such as bamboo toothbrushes, keep cups, reusable bread  bags, sandwich wraps, produce and shopping bags, stainless steel water bottles and straws.

The Living Well in WA Expo 2018 is the only locally promoted and supported Expo focused on creating change, raising awareness and providing healthy and sustainable options to live well.

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