Dare to Be Different


Living Well in WA Expo  May 19-20 

The 2018 Expo at the Claremont Showground is all about embracing difference – promoting inclusion, acceptance and building community. With one in 4 people affected by some form of Mental Illness such as anxiety and depression we think it is time to go beyond the stereotypical medical response . Dare to Be Different is an Art Exhibition including Clothing and Make Up in a Conversation Cafe at the Expo. We hope to engage people in discussion , exploring what is Mental Health, showcasing creative expression and breaking down barriers of gender , ethnicity and dis-ability.

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Innovative health and wellness enterprises are transforming lifestyles and culture in Western Australia’s capital city of Perth, enhancing its global reputation for being one of the top 10 liveable cities in the world.

During the past 10 years, against the background of a dynamic global economy and expansion of the state’s minerals and energy sectors, Perth has experienced an economic, social and cultural transformation.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects that by 2020, Perth will surpass Brisbane to become Australia’s third most populous city, a result of migration from overseas and other parts of Australia. With the population growth, there is a shift in lifestyle trends, contributing to WA’s  vibrant and growing health, wellness and sustainability movement.

Celebrating Perth’s Thriving Culture

‘It is expected that by 2020, Perth will become Australia’s third most populous city’

 Living Well in WA is a long overdue innovation which provides a one-stop destination for families and their children, young adults, seniors and people of all ages and cultures to discover the best of what’s available in the state for sustainable health and wellness.

There will be ‘ah ha’ moments for many, when they meet inspirational local business owners and practitioners they will not find in their local shopping centres. They will discover quality products and services that are not mass-produced or profit-driven, yet have the potential to reshape their future in a positive and sustainable direction. They will connect with who is doing what in their communities and learn how they can participate.

Health for the Mind

 Three million Australians are dealing with anxiety or depression and every day seven take their own lives.


Living Well in WA provides a safe environment where people who are experiencing challenges can discover ways to creatively overcome any difficulties or problems in obligation-free encounters with businesses and groups. They will be exposed to knowledge that will help them meet the challenges of a rapidly changing technological world.

‘New approaches to managing difficult family issues are available’ Positive Parenting   


Western Australia is a wonderful place to grow a family but in some cases social and family fragmentation could be ruining the experience. Support beyond the family is available, and can encourage positive parenting. At Living Well in WA, parents will find helpful new approaches to managing difficult family issues.

Exploring reasons for autism and ADHD and discussing their treatments will be extremely helpful for parents dealing with these two disruptive conditions. Bullying online and in schools is a problem for many families. Strategies that work can be discussed with educators specialising in parenting.

Ageing Well

A recent study by the ABS revealed that 30 per cent of West Australians are resigned to working at least until they’re 70.

Last year’s Committee for Perth projected that from 2015 to 2050, Perth’s population of people aged more than 65 is expected to be 22 per cent, almost doubling the current 13 per cent.

Currently, 42 per cent of Perth’s seniors are entering retirement with a mortgage and this is expected to increase. Homelessness is on the rise, particularly among low-income aging women.

An ageing population demands innovation in terms of affordable, sustainable housing, including small dwellings with floor plans and interiors designed for their safety in their final years.

From home builders to those caring for the ageing and supplying equipment to make their lives more comfortable, lifestyle options for ageing well will be showcased.

Connecting to the Land 

A major focus of Living Well in WA is the state’s natural environment, recognised worldwide for its extraordinary diversity, especially its unique native flora and fauna. In WA, there is an increasing awareness of a need to care and respect the environment. Just as important as land, is maintaining healthy waterways. Chemicals that impact negatively on human wellbeing and the environment can be eliminated through switching to earth friendly products.

At Living Well in WA products and services developed for healthy, sustainable homes and gardens will be on show.

Organic and Local

A big part of Living Well in WA is food. Healthy food chefs will demonstrate their skills and the public will have an opportunity to sample locally grown organic produce and cuisine. Whether vegan, vegetarian or allergy sensitive, visitors will be able to enjoy delicious and nutritious fare.

Real Health

The thrust of the Expo  is to encourage all who attend to be proactive in taking charge of their own health and wellbeing, and improve the quality of their lives.

Educational talks and workshops bring together leading WA authors, health and nutrition experts and accomplished health practitioners. The public will have the opportunity to meet these leading authors and experts, who will address the key challenges individuals and families are facing in a rapidly changing economic and social environment. Health issues to be covered include: anxiety, depression and stress-related diseases, obesity, diabetes, addictions, and more.

 Becoming ‘all that we can be’

New therapies, supplements, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, relaxation, stress reduction are areas of major interest in WA today. The trend is toward make choices that lead to fulfilment and purpose, and becoming ‘all that we can be’.

A wide range of natural therapy treatments can be sampled at Living Well in WA. There will also be opportunities to experience mindfulness sound meditations, relaxation and yoga.


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