Connect with Source


Connect with Source


Coming Home Community is a place of connection and spiritual teaching. Created to bring people together to explore and understand the guided messages from Source given to Rochelle & SandraJ, it is a place of healing, transformation and change within an inclusive and nurturing community.

The aim of Coming Home Community is to bring people home to all of who they are. Connecting to not only the three physical areas of who we are (physical, emotional and intellect) but to the energetic/spiritual/intuitive part and to the purity and beauty of self.

Guided messages filled with healing, change, acceptance and connection have formed the foundation of the personal and business transformation journeys offered, and carry all that is taught. Non-religious, accepting, non-judgemental pure messages carrying energy that heals, connects, reconnects and transforms.

Each event is unique as it is guided and specific for the people who attend. The words spoken, the format, including the music and discussions, follow the messages, guidance and direction given to Rochelle & SandraJ . The energy that flows is pure, filled with acceptance, healing and gentleness.

People attending the events are looking for change, for inclusion, a connection to self and others. Many feel stuck, unloved, unheard, lost and in need of change, and have a desire to become the best person they can be.

“Many people ask us I am good enough, will I ever be good enough. So many of us are confused and feel alone and lost in the busyness of all that we do. We have been asked, does God really care, will I ever be any good. We all carry hurt and pain and the words of others that chip away and we sit in a ‘less than place’.

The reason we have started The Coming Home Community, is to give people the messages we have been given, and to speak the truth. It is a simple truth… you are good enough, you are perfect, you are a reflection of Source, and you are not a mistake. Who you are, is perfect. In accepting who we are, and seeing the beauty that is within us, we begin to heal, change and transform and become all that we are meant to be. It is coming home, coming home to self, and to the beauty of all of self”.

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