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Rewylding the Divine Feminine. Circle and Soul-Journey

Dear-Hearts, too long have we been disconnected from the Earth and from one another. Pitted against each other in competition and separation. The drive to have it all, to be everything to everyone, has seen those personal threads of connection to each other, to our planet & to sistahood unravel, fray & even break completely.

Today even with unlimited access to information and people, too many of us hear the heartbeat of loneliness, of being ultimately lost within our selves. The .. Who am I? .. Is this what I visioned my life to be? .. I feel disconnected!

So what can we do?

We are at the precipice of great change in humanity. We are searching for that reSOULution for this disunion. That Dear-Heart starts with you, within you, lead by YOU. For we are beings of immeasurable knowledge, & healing, all that you require for your own greatest expansion into your truest self.

Our collective rewylding begins with you. As the Wyld Tribe, we invite you to explore what it is for you. The rediscovering of your true soul essence, who you are, what your beliefs & values are & how you choose to be seen.

When women gather, judgement released, open hearts and open minds sit circle, our internal world, our inner’verse shifts. We are witnessed in our story, we are held, honoured and supported for where we are in that moment. When we collectively gather, we remember our innate gifts, those that course through our blood & are held within our cellular memory.

Through ritual and ceremony, movement & sound, voice & story, we remember. We awaken those long forgotten shards of self, the past lives we have lived, our divine feminine aspects. When we sit in sacred space, walk the pathways of long ago, we remember.

You dance within stone circles & temples, watch the breeze upon the leaves within ancient groves, hear the trickle of water running through the wells & springs, the words of the Goddess held within we remember.

An Invitation

We invite you to explore through sound journey and meditation, sacred retreat or even upon the ancient lands themselves in Soul Journey’s, always within Sistahood.

When we remember the divine within us, we awaken, we witness the divine in another and the ripple expands into the cosmos. You and I are the reflection of one another. we are stars, sun & moon.

I SEE you Beautie for you and I, WE ARE AS ONE


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