Right Voice For You


 A class with Christopher Hughes


For most of his life Christopher (Chris) Hughes studied to sing and had determined that his purpose in life was to be a professional opera star.

As a young child he would tell people an opera singer was what he wanted to be when he grew up and would offer his very best impression by puffing out his chest to belt out a few overblown tones for anyone he could amuse.

Chris pursued this dream to university where he studied to pronounce languages he didn’t understand, learned to breathe the way he was told to, and honed his craft on a daily basis.

Once Chris got to the upper echelons of that world, he found no joy in it at all. He saw few people doing it for the fun of it and the magic it could be. For most, it was about proving something, getting it right and being perfect.

Once a week he had to sing for his peers in a master class and when he finished his performance, each one would take their turn critiquing his ability. Instead of offering the generosity of encouragement, they would tear him down. The professors encouraged this process, saying:  “To succeed in the real world, you need to develop the skin of a rhino.”

The energy of words

Chris knew something quite different was possible. He loved what using your voice and playing with the energy of words could be, and the amazing pallet of energies available with it.

Chris saw that with our voice we invite people to all sorts of things. Channelling through our bodies, glorious sound could create all kinds of feelings, ranging from a sense of engagement to happiness, and even a sense of peace.

Something Chris never saw taught in traditional singing school was “vulnerability” ­– which he’d  noticed was the greatest tool in singing – to just be heard (on and off stage). It’s the willingness to just be there and be present with no agenda at all. It’s the courage to show up in the world without barriers or pretence and share part of you with everyone else.

This is what Chris would like to invite everyone to experience in his Right Voice for You classes.

“It isn’t about getting anything ‘right’ – it’s about allowing your voice to come forward and contribute to the world,” Chris says.

“It’s about finding your voice and sharing it in a way that is right for you. It’s not about singing or being a star, but instead it is about allowing the gift that is you to be shared with the world.”


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