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 Celestial Singer Sound Priestess

 Lou Van Stone was again a headline attraction at this year’s Conscious Living Expo.

Here Lou talks about why she is referred to as a Celestial Musician in this Q & A session.

CL: You are a formally trained soprano and you cover many musical genres, including jazz, yet you are described as a Celestial Musician, What does that mean?

LV: ‘Celestial’ means I am able to connect into higher realms when I sing. I can therefore bring forth music of a high frequency that will have a direct physical effect on the listener.

What I’m doing is more than singing.  It’s a form of energy transmission.  I’m a conduit, or ‘pipe’ for Source energy to flow through.  When I sing, I open myself up, step out of the way and allow divine music in Light Language form to flow through me.  It’s a wonderful feeling and completely effortless.  From a state of pure channel, the most exquisite melodies emerge so easily, like water flowing.  There is an everlasting supply of music and it is always different.

CL: Do you use a different approach when you write a song?

LV: I now use the same process for songwriting.  I guess it has always been a form of channeling, but I didn’t realise this was happening earlier on in my career.  I find now that the songs come through effortlessly too.  It’s more a question of ‘downloading’ them from Source, than writing them.

I will get a melody line and chord progression instantly.  Then the words come through in ‘Light Language’. After this, I allow some time for the English lyrics to emerge from the Light Language and the message of the song to become clear.  I don’t plan to write a song about a specific theme, I wait for that to evolve. It’s great fun. I also get songs coming to me in dreams.  I make sure I record the ideas straight away before the melody fades.    

CL: What is Light Language?

LV: A very good question and one that’s hard to answer with the intellect.

Light Language doesn’t function on a linguistic level.  It’s energetic and works at a high vibration level.  It’s not something to be understood by the mind. Our higher self recognises the sounds and can use it as a key for energy activation, clearing and to raise our own vibration.  Light Language resonates deep within our souls because it is our own universal language

Whether it’s spoken, sung, written or expressed in any way, Light Language can be a powerful healing tool, working on a cellular level. I love the spontaneous perfection of singing in light language. I’m free of judgment about what comes through, because there are no rules. I can feel its rightness throughout my body. Not something I can truly articulate, but rather something to which my soul says a deep, resounding ‘YES’. It’s a big thumbs up, and sometimes that’s the only way I can convey it.

CL: How did you discover that you could channel?

LV: I believe I have been channeling music for many years, but it has only been in the past 10 years or so that I’ve been more conscious of what I am doing. It has been something that has evolved naturally with growing awareness. I’m now also expressing through channeled artwork. The music is expressing itself in paintings, drawings and artworks on natural objects like seed pods and stones.

Meditation has played a very important part in nurturing and expanding the channeling. I have a twice daily meditation practice. I also do best when I walk in nature every day. I find it easy to be distracted with all the duties required to be an Independent Artist, so I need to put this first. This conscious life requires dedication, diligence and discipline. I know when I put my practice first, everything falls into place easily. If neglected, things start to get sticky.

CL What inspires you?

LV I get so much inspiration from nature. I live in a beautiful rainforest with my son Max and our three dogs. Right now, I can hear the new waterfall created by the recent rains. There is a dam right in front of the house and I can see three turtles sunning themselves on a log in the water. The breeze is singing through the wind chimes, accompanying the beautiful birdsong all around. This setting permeates all of my music. It is present when I compose and record and it comes with me wherever I perform. I bottle it up and take it with me wherever I go. I feel my music is a direct extension of this energy.

Even though I classify myself in the ‘Conscious Music’ category, I am inspired by music of all genres. I passionately study music documentaries on artists from a wide range of music. I’m fascinated by the imperfection in everyone’s journey.  We are so used to seeing a highly polished final product, that we can often be unaware of the struggle behind the art. I love hearing about the human aspect of their journeys. It inspires me to keep going on mine.

CL: How did you find yourself in this line of work?

LV: In the past, I worked as a creative in the advertising industry. I loved the creative aspect of the job, making TV commercials and so on, but I realise now that I was far too sensitive for that kind of work. I started yearning to sing and began lessons.

This gained momentum and one day I had an epiphany moment, where I wanted to fall to my knees and declare that I was going to give up advertising and study singing full time.

I didn’t know how I was going to achieve this, but knew with every cell of my body that this was what I had to do.  The universe duly responded and shortly after, I became very ill, was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was unable to work.  Long story short, I left advertising and did a Music Degree.

I’m very grateful for the formal musical training I had, because it has given me such strong foundations to build from and a more interesting platform through which the music can flow. I also really appreciate everything I learned in the advertising world as I use it in my music business now.  It’s a very exciting time to be an Independent Artist; there are so many incredible online tools and courses to help us reach a worldwide audience.  In order to be musicians, we need to be entrepreneurs too.  I’m loving the learning and expanding.

CL: What is coming up next for you?

LV: I have many songs lined up and ready to go for my next album that I’m naming And There is Beauty. This is a light-language inspired collection of songs. I’m launching a crowd funding campaign for this soon. I’ll also be recording a range of channeled healing CDs and guided meditations. I have a new Blissful Baby Sleep CD too. I have had many people ask me to make an album especially for sleep. I set the intention to channel the best music to help babies and children sleep. I love the result and have had some really good feedback from parents.

Lou has an extensive festival schedule coming up as well as a UK tour in 2018. She will also be running her Celestial Sound Healing Voyages and Light Language Activation Courses Australia-wide and offering One On One Skype Sound Healing Sessions.  Exciting times.

For further information, visit  www.louvanstone.com  FB:  Lou Van Stone Music;

e: l[email protected]

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