Career Pathway in Counselling



a Career Pathway in Counselling

Counselling is acknowledged as being one of the most personally and professionally rewarding careers. Today the need for counsellors in Australia has never been greater. Increasing societal pressures and eroding values have created a massive need in our communities for qualified counsellors

The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors specialises in providing high quality counsellor education, with a particular focus on highly supported external education. AIPC is the largest provider of counselling courses in the country over the past twenty years.

AIPC courses are a journey of self-discovery, providing deep insight into the whys and means of people’s thinking and behaviour. Participants will  be well prepared to pursue a career in counselling – employed or self-employed – enjoying a strong industry reputation and linkage.

Since its inception, AIPC has been a leader in the area of flexible learning. They have a strong focus on making their programs as accessible and flexible as possible.

APIC courses are self-paced, allowing participants  to progress at a speed that suits the individual,  either moderately according to lifestyle commitments, or faster to graduate more rapidly. The courses can be completed externally by working through course material at home. This is particularly useful when participants have other obligations in life that occupy their  time.

No matter  the location or the amount of time available , it is  possible for  anyone  to achieve the goal of becoming a qualified counsellor.

The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors is proud to offer the following courses:

Diploma of Counselling,

Diploma of Financial Counselling

Diploma of Youth Work

Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)

Bachelor of Counselling

Master of Counselling

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