Summit of Awakening


Receive energetic  transmissions from Source that are channeled through Sandra J and Rochelle, permeating all your  layers shifting and clearing whatever is in the way of awakening to who you truly are!    Enjoy music, light, love and healing energy.

Experience what it is like to be in the Core of your being.

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  Guided and carried on the energetic flow of Messages from Source, this transformational day will surround you in the energy of light, love, purity and healing.

Keynotes, music, and Messages from Source, along with the guided messages of Five Songs will gently bring you to a place of being in the moment, connected to the pure essence of ‘who you are’, standing in the energetic and physical and open to receive all that is being held for you.

Received energetically, with clear guidance and direction on how the day should unfold, the Summit of Awakening is the beginning of newness, a place of healing, understanding, transformation and awakening, and filled with joy and the ‘laughter of life’.

You will experience a sense of newness that will continue to grow in you, connecting you to all that is yours to walk in, and releasing the abundance that is being held for you.

Where and when

This event will be held in Perth, Western Australia, in August or September 2018 and will be the first of many.

Through messages received from Source by organisers Rochelle and SandraJ, each part of the event is clearly defined. And each part carries a specific message.  What has been shown by Source is the need for healing and transformation that extends past an initial event or healing session.

Summit’s key focus

Understanding all of who you are and the connection to All that is, Source, God, The Divine, Source Energy (which ever name you choose), carries the messages given and is the key focus of the event.

Connecting the pure essence of who you are and opening all of you to the healing and transformation energy that holds all that is being held for is the message that has been given.

The keynote speakers, musicians, artists and others who will gently guide, teach and nurture you will be open energetically to the purity of ‘All That Is’. They will hold that space for you until you can give to you all that is yours to have.

Rochelle and SandraJ have been shown that there will be spontaneous healings, a strong gentle flow of energy that will create change and transformation in those who attend, guided messages, and an awakening of self during the event.

 How Rochelle & SandraJ work

The energy that flows in and from the connection Rochelle and SandraJ have with Source guides, teaches, and carries transformation and change.

In a guided message from Source they were told:  “The space you stand is one of guide and teacher. It is the holding of all that is to be given to the one who stands before you with an openness to receive. It is a place of healing, of giving and receiving of all that is being held until the one is ready to give to self.”

 In workshops or private sessions with Rochelle and SandraJ, first there is awakening across the physical, the emotional, the intellect and the energetic parts of who we are.

Next there is a physical manifestation or awareness of the energy.  People usually feel this as a tingling, or a sense of heat or cold, or an awareness of the energy swirling or settling like a blanket around them.

Then there is personal transformation and healing.

What is experienced is the connection to Source, to the energy to ‘All That Is’. It is in this energy and connection that change, growth and transformation begins.

Experience a sense of newness… releasing the abundance that is being held for you’

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