Program of Events Conscious Living Expo November 3-5



The program of speakers is truly inspirational  featuring  the leading practitioners and authors in the fields of health and healing, spiritual growth, personal development, nutrition and natural medicine.  The 3 Day Program includes  32 Free Talks , 13 Keynote Seminars , and 6 Featured Events with our Keynote Speakers as well as experiential meditations .

Our speakers address  a wide range of topical subjects from Gut Health and the effects of Vaccinations on the immune system to Toxins in Personal Care Products and how to stay healthy on a plant based diet.

Celestial Sound Healing Voyage    Lou Van Stone

3.30-4.15 Friday Saturday Sunday  EB Tickets $30  $35 at Expo

Sound Priestess, Lou channels conscious divine music from deep in the earth and high in the heavens and sings it gently into the core of your being.  This transcends singing, it is Sonic Surgery. Penetrating deep into your cells, leaving them dancing and vibrating with light . In her Celestial Sound Healing Voyage sessions in the Sound Temple  Lou Van Stone channels personal messages for each person through the language of light and sound. A hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, from which you will emerge transformed.


Messages from Heaven with Anthony Grzelka

Sunday 12pm-1.30pm  Tickets EB $45  $55 at Expo

Considered to be one of this country’s leading Mediums, Anthony Grzelka is recognised for his unique talent to connect those seeking confirmation that life exists after death with a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate approach. In a live awe inspiring performance Anthony Grzelka will entertain and enlighten, while at the same time having audiences questioning what they think about heaven and the afterlife. Anthony will answer questions about spirituality; give messages from loved ones passed and help with real life decisions. The accuracy and level of detail given to him is spellbinding.

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Divine Mothers  Soul Activation

Friday & Sunday 2.30-3.15pm  EB Tickets $25  $30 at Expo

Dr Cushla Lovejoy  and Johnny Garcia  channel the Divine Mothers who will take you on a journey to experience and open your heart energy. Receive a personal inspirational card and messages as you immerse yourself in the Divine Mothers’ energy in a deeply healing meditation.

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Sound Alchemy Journey with Julian Silburn

Saturday  12.30pm-1.15pm  Sunday 11.30am-12.15pm

EB Tickets $25  $30 at Expo

Julian has devoted his life to sound healing and is known for his work nationally and internationally. He  learned Yidaki, (Didjeridu) directly from Aboriginal people around Australia including Arnhem land (where the Yidaki originates), and has been playing and healing for more than 20 years. Julian Silburn’s sessions will activate and open your heart energy raising your vibrations and lifting your energy. In this space healing often happens.

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Vibrational Sound Bath with Kyela

Friday 11-11.30 and 12.00-12.30

Saturday 10.30-11.00 and 11.30-12.00

Sunday 12.30am-1.00 and 1.30-2.00pm

EB Tickets $10  $15 at Expo

Miranda and Karl are co-creators of the  Australian College of Sound Therapy, Together they play Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, Solfeggio pipes, Fibonacci chimes, Koshi bells , Wuhan wind gong and a Symphonic gong.  The sounds of the instruments are both enchanting and captivating .  Being in a session feels like a deeply relaxing vibrational massage for your whole being.  Kyela are offering  three sessions each day at the Expo.

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Discover the Secret to Sleep with Dr Melissa O’Shea

Saturday 2.30-3.15pm  EB Tickets $25  at Expo $30

Having experienced her own journey through insomnia, stress-related illness and chronic pain, Melissa has found a solution in the ‘ The Sounder Sleep System™, the only modality created specifically to combat insomnia. Thirteen years as a yoga and meditation teacher has enabled her to train over 10,000 people in the art of relaxation.